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1 Handtowel rolls The dispenser enMotion EM DISTRIBUTEUR ENMOTION.

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1 1 Handtowel rolls The dispenser enMotion EM DISTRIBUTEUR ENMOTION

2 2 . enMotion SYSTEM is an electronic dispensing system where innovative technology has been put to good use to improve: Hygiene Cost control Comfort of use Image ANIMATION DISTRIBUTEUR

3 3 Advantages for the user Thick, absorbent hand- towels Paper uses Hydratek™ technology to improve the thickness & absorbency of the towel Electronic sensor Allows automatic dispensing without touching the machine, for greater hygiene Design  For an attractive environment ANIMATION DISTRIBUTEUR enMotion SYSTEM

4 4 Advantages for the buyer Automatic roll transfer Reduces maintenance and avoids out-of- stock Adustable settings Allows you to adjust the sheet length, time delay between 2 sheets, and sensor range. Settings can be adjusted to type of use. Optimises control of costs Standard long-lasting batteries Easy,no electric connection required (batteries last for 18 rolls) Roll usage is visible Helps maintenance staff ANIMATION DISTRIBUTEUR enMotion SYSTEM

5 5 Easy to install The recommended height for the machine is 1,40 m from the bottom of the dispenser to the ground. The fixing panel ensures that the screw holes are located in the same position as many existing dispensers, simplifying the replacement of dispensers The system uses 4 LR20 batteries, no need to connect to the electricity circuit. The batteries last for 18 rolls. A light flickers when the batteries need to be replaced. As soon as the light flickers, the machine can still dispense 2 rolls. ANIMATION DISTRIBUTEUR enMotion SYSTEM

6 6 No more empty dispensers Loading a new roll When you load a new roll above the reserve roll, the old roll will continue to be used and then transfer automatically to the new one. No empty dispensers. Hand- towels are always available. Two sheets at a time will be dispensed for 5 to 9 sheets. Reserve roll transfer When the roll diameter has dropped below the rim of the blue holder, you simply drop the roll down in the dispenser and add a new roll. The top roll will activate when the reserve roll has run out.The system need never run out. ANIMATION DISTRIBUTEUR enMotion SYSTEM

7 7 Life long guarantee The enMotion dispenser is guaranteed for life. This means that we will exchange or repair the dispenser. All parts can be individually replaced. ANIMATION DISTRIBUTEUR enMotion SYSTEM

8 8 The benefits of the The buyerThe user Control of costs:  You can adjust the length of sheet and dispensing time delay between 2 sheets. Innovative image:  Elegant design for an attractive environment. Hygiene:  The electronic sensor activates automatic dispensing without touching the machine. K90000 LES + DISTRIBUTEUR enMotion SYSTEM system

9 9 Hand-towel rolls The rolls enMotion EM ROULEAUX ENMOTION

10 10 enMotion rolls  The rolls are made from 2 ply hand-towels, glued together across the complete surface.  The hand-towels benefit from the new Hydratek technology : they are embossed, thick and absorbent.  One roll contains 143 metres, depending on the sheet length setting, this corresponds to: - 40 cm long= 357 sheets - 30 cm long = 476 sheets - 20 cm long = 715 sheets ANIMATION ROULEAUX

11 11 The buyer The user Autonomy:  One enMotion rolls dispenses upto 715 hand-towels. Hygiene:  The enMotion rolls are well protected inside the machine Comfort:  Embossed, thick and absorbent hand- towels: HYDRATEK technology K90225A K90000 LES + ROULEAUX ENMOTION enMotion rolls The benefits of therolls

12 12 Product specification sheet FICHE TECHNIQUE ET CLIENTÈLE enMotion Hand-towel rolls

13 13 PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Rolls Product Code- K90225A Paper-2 ply Hydratek ™ Roll length-143m Sheet width-247mm Sheet length min-200mm= 715 sheets std-300mm= 476 sheets max-400mm= 357 sheets Rolls per case-6 Cases per pallet-32 Dispenser Product Code- K90000 Dimensions (W x H x D)-335 x 360 x 250 mm Dispensers per case-1 Cases per pallet-42 enMotion SYSTEM FICHE TECHNIQUE

14 14 CUSTOMERS: Hotels - Premium hotels - Conference centres Restaurants- Premium restaurants Hospitals - Operating theatres - Wards Businesses- Offices Public places- Airports - Bowling alleys, casinos - Trade fairs, theatres CLIENTÈLE enMotion SYSTEM

15 15 Summary TABLEAU DE SYNTHÈSE enMotion Hand-towel rolls

16 16 SYNTHÈSE Description: - Colour: white -Roll length: 143 m - Sheet size (cm): 24,7x 20 / 24,7x 30 / 24,7x 40 - Number of sheets: 715 / 476/ 357 - Number of plies: 2 - Embossing : line effect - Grammage: / - Units per case: 6 rolls Description: - Colour: ABS white with blue cover - Contents: 1 roll + 1 reserve - Dimensions (WxDxH): 35,5x 25x 36 cm - Units per case: 1 dispenser - Power: 4 batteries LR20 - Battery duration: 18 rolls (approx) - Low battery alert: enough for 2 rolls Benefits: - Autonomy: one roll of enMotion can dispense upto 715 hand-towels. - Hygiene: enMotion rolls conform to « food contact » regulations. - Comfort: embossed, thich and absorbent hand- towels: HYDRATEK technology. Benefits: - Hygiene: no contact between user & machine. With the wave of a hand, the electronic eye automatically distributes a towel. - Control of costs: adjustment of the sheet length and the dispensing time delay between 2 towels. - Modern design & innovative technology. ENMOTION: Hygiene & absorption for hand-towels of the future EN M OTION dispenser - EN M OTION: Hôtels, restaurants, hôpitaux, administrations, lieux publics. EN M OTION roll K90000K90225A Summary Usage sectors

17 17 SYNTHÈSE Also available, to match the décor EnMotion touchless hand-towel system SmartOne centrefeed toilet tissue system Compact coreless toilet tissue system Anti-bacterial foam soap system

18 18 SYNTHÈSE Clear blue ….?

19 19 SYNTHÈSE Or pure white ….?

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