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Sílabas, Acentos, y Diptongos

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1 Sílabas, Acentos, y Diptongos
(Syllables, Accents, and Dipthongs)

2 Syllables cla-se sá-ba-do mú-si-ca Ma-ris-cos Fres-co En-cien-do Par-que Can-tan-te In Spanish, you divide words into syllables after a vowel sound or between most double consonants. Listen to and say these words:

3 Sílabas cont… However, you do not separate most combinations of a consonant followed by an “L” or “R”. Do-ble Re-fres-cos In-gre-dien-tes Vi-na-gre

4 Strong Vowels The strong vowels in Spanish are “A”, “E”, and “O”. When two strong vowels appear together, each is pronounced individually forming two syllables. Pa-e-lla Tra-e-mos Fe-o To-a-lla Hé-ro-e

5 Weak vowels or Sticky vowels
The vowels “I” and “U” are weak vowels or sometimes called “sticky vowels”. When there is a two vowel combination and one of the letters is a sticky vowel, then the two vowels stick together and form one syllable sound.

Sticky Vowels “I” ai or ia - farmacia ei or ie - seis oi or io - violín ui or iu THESE ARE CALLED DIPTHONGS

7 Sticky Vowels “U” au or ua –auto agua eu or ue –eugenia, que iu or ui-

8 Accents The pronunciation of a word in Spanish is determined by the last letter of the word

9 Regla #1 If a word ends in a vowel, the letter “s” or the letter “n”, then the strong syllable is on the 2nd to the last syllable. La piscina El centro Estudioso gracioso

10 Regla #2 If a word ends in any other consonant (besides s and n) then the stressed syllable is the last syllable. Comunidad Profesor Papel reloj festival

11 When do you have to write the accent?
When the pronunciation of the word is contrary to rule #1 or rule #2, you have to write in the accent mark. Rule #1 Rule #2 Plátano lápiz Patín fútbol Cómodo césped

12 Listen to the word and tell me if you need to write in an a
Payaso Ciudad Abrigo Zapato Camisa Papel Amigo primavera Articulo Detras Aqui Almacen Magnifico Leccion Publico Limite

13 Answers Payaso Ciudad Abrigo Zapato Camisa Papel Amigo primavera
Artículo Detrás Aquí Almacén Magnífico Público Límite

14 Dipthongs and Accents When you want to divide a dipthong (or unstick a sticky vowel, then write an accent over the weak vowel of the dipthong. panería Alegría leíste

15 Another purpose for Accents
Accents are also used to distinguish words si, sí el, él mas, más mi, mí se, sé

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