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Pronunciación Un Repaso Pronunciación Un Repaso Y Vocabulario del Verano.

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1 Pronunciación Un Repaso Pronunciación Un Repaso Y Vocabulario del Verano

2 Entrada # 1 La Fecha – La Información – Pronunciación

3 I.Vocabulario Viejo de Español I. – TPR *I do the action/You say the word

4 II.El Alfabeto – La Canción (The Song)

5 III.Preguntas de Comprensión *I say the letter in Spanish./You tell me which letter.

6 IV. Práctica Diaria *Orally spell the following words from Spanish I.with Spanish letters. 1. Tuesday – martes 2. blonde – rubio 3. notebook – cuaderno

7 V. Repaso de la Tarea de Ayer (Review of Yesterdays Homework) *Answer the following questions about my grade rationale.

8 VI.Pronunciación de las Vocales (Pronunciation of the Vowels) Letra (Letter) Sonido (Sound) Palabra en Inglés (Word in English) A - __________________Stop E -__________________ Day I - ___________________Free O - __________________Joke U - __________________Stew ah ay eee oh ooh

9 VII.Pronunciación de los Diptongos (Pronunciation of the Dipthongs) *¿Qué es un diptongo? 1.A _____ + ______ vowel combination 2.A _____ + ______ vowel combination 3.It is a blend of sound 4.It counts as one syllable/a single jaw movement weak strong

10 Los Diptongos OI – oyAI – eyeUE – wayUI – we UA – waAU – ow EI- Blend it!IA – Blend it!

11 VIII.Rules of Oral Stress 1.If a word ends in a vowel, n, or s, the stress is on the second to last syllable. *silla 2.If a word ends in a consonant other than n or s, the stress is on the last syllable. *Bailar 3.If a word has an accent mark, stress the letter over which it appears. *lápiz

12 IX.Pronunciación de las Otras Letras (Pronunciation of the Other Letters) *See Ditto! *A-G – anteojos, bolsa, cielo, nadar, traje, golf *H-M – hace, brillar, traje, alquilar, campo *N-RR – nadar, pelota, palo, alquilar, verano, raqueta *S-Z – sol, toalla, nube, llueve, actriz

13 X.Lista de Vocabulario – Capítulo 11 El Verano (Chapter 11 The Summer) *Repitan Uds. las palabras nuevas.

14 XI.Actividad *Ask your partner the interview questions below, and write the answers in report form using your partners name. 1.¿Cómo te llamas tú? (What is your name?) 2.¿De dónde eres tú? (Where are you from?) 3.¿Cómo es tu familia? (Whats your family like?) 4.¿Qué prefieres tú hacer? (What do you prefer to do?) 5.¿Cuáles son tus clases este año? (What are your classes this year?)

15 Voluntarios *Hechos de la Activiad 1.S.N. es de New York. 2.La familia de S.N. no es grande.

16 XI.¿Comprenden Uds.?*Read what you see!, pe, sa, me, li 2. bi, doi, dai, dau, ne, ni, no, nu *¿Qué? - I learned _________________ ¿Comparación? – The extra letters in Spanish are __________________. *¿Cultura? – Our pronunciation is the most common. Some letters are said differently in certain countries. It is similar to how someone from New York speaks a little differently than someone from Michigan. pronunciation Ch,ll,rr,ñ

17 XII.Práctica en Casa (Practice at Home) *Practice with my website. Go to my website and click on Dipthongs and vowels practice on my main page. Start studying your summer vocabulary too! * *Ask someone outside of the class what he/she prefers to do/internet buddy, peer, Mr. B, me

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