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Beating The Heat The Heat Reduction Solution Made in Australia Since 1986.

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1 Beating The Heat The Heat Reduction Solution Made in Australia Since 1986

2 Insulpaint ® Index One Paint Introducing INSULPAINT ® Introducing INSULPAINT Summary Properties Heat Reduction Recapture Savings FAQ Distributor One Solution Heat Reduction Save $$ Energy

3 What is Insulpaint ® ? Internal temperature reduction of 6 to 14 O C Insulpaint ® is a water based, high quality paint, that is impregnated with a special proprietary insulating ingredient called Acrad 8. The Acrad 8 gives the coating an unusual ability, to block and reflect heat transfer, from the outside of the surface to the inside of the building

4 Insulpaint ® Summary Main characteristics that make Insulpaint ® so good: H eat Reduction S ound Insulator M ade in WA.since 1986. D rinking Water Safe R educes Maintenance G reenMark Product S ustainable Energy E co Specifier 1 0 Years Guarantee G overnment Passed

5 Why Insulpaint ® Is So Good? Insulpaint has been independently tested, and conclusively proven, to be very effective in reducing internal temperatures, on all types of surfaces and building structures Insulpaint ® is a preventative coating, that has thermal and acoustic properties, keeping buildings cool in summer, and warm in winter.

6  Insulpaint ® clients in extreme and normal conditions, are still reporting substantial reductions in energy costs, after coating their roofs and walls, up to 10 years ago!  Independent testing by engineering firms, and energy saving consultants, from 1986 onwards, has confirmed what these clients had found, through experience.  In practical tests, Insulpaint ® consistently recorded a 30% to 60% saving in air-con costs.  Cost reductions such as these often mean Insulpaint ® has paid for itself in ENERGY savings,within the first year or two! Remember!!  THE HOTTER IT GETS THE BETTER IT WORKS!!

7 Insulpaint ® will keep on Looking Good. TTraditional heat reflecting paints use ceramic bead fillers, which within several years lose part of the thermal performance. TThe reason this occurs is because thousands of ceramic beads in the surface coating create an abrasive surface that collects dust and dirt through acid rain and pollution. IInsulpaint ® on the other hand contains ACRAD 8, a plant fibre based insulating ingredient, made in Australia, that helps Insulpaint ® retain a completely smooth surface. Why Insulpaint ® Is So Good?

8 IInsulpaint ® is available in 18 standard colours and custom tints, allowing you colour of choice, to suit your roof and walls at home, or commercial building. IIf you really want that high gloss finish, and even longer life, your roof and walls, can be finished with our A800 Insulglaze ®, this is a clear and robust coating,that stands up very well, to abrasion, and the elements, making it an ideal top coat over Insulpaint, if required. Insulpaint ® brightens up your life.

9 IInsulpaint ® continues to work effectively every year, having no discolouration, in addition to having insulating fibres that don’t break down. IInsulpaint ® ‘s ACRAD 8 fibres are also protected by the 100% Styrene Acrylic resin. CClients have reported containers up to 22celsius cooler, when coated with Insulpaint. Insulpaint ® works effectively for the Life of the Coating.

10 IInsulpaint ® ‘s resin is completely impervious to airborne pollution & extreme weather conditions, and is also non flammable, non toxic and contains no hazardous fibres.  I Insulpaint ® is waterproof, but at the same time is micro- porous, allowing the substrate to breathe, avoiding cracking in ceiling masonry, or render, and saving money, on long term maintenance costs. Why Insulpaint ® Is So Good? Insulpaint ® keeps you clean and breathing.

11 AAfter 23 years of commercial success, Insulpaint ® has stood the test of time, and continues to delight private clients, and commercial building owners, worldwide. TThis high performance surface coating, has now been applied to buildings throughout the globe, including,the Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, China, India, and Japan. TTest 1/01/06 ASTM C1549 Chinese Goverment TTest 1/01/06 ASTM C1371 Chinese Goverment 330/05/05 Approved for Australian Goverment TThousands of very happy, client testimonials. Insulpaint ® is time tested and proven to work.

12 Insulpaint ® Reducing Heat Loads KKey ingredient of Insulpaint ® is Acrad 8,and the 100% Styrene Acrylic Resin (SAR). AAcrad 8 acts as an insulator and functions as a thermal barrier to prevent heat transfer. oToThus Arcad 8 prevents the conduction of heat through the coating. oToThis causes the inside of the painted surface, to be much cooler than the outside.

13 white coating substrate transmitted heat solar radiationreflected heat TThis diagram shows how a white paint acts to reflect part of the solar radiation to reduce the amount of transmitted heat. TThe darker the colour, the less the reflection. Insulpaint ® Reducing Heat Loads

14 TThis diagram shows how a light coloured insulating coating behaves. IIt can be seen that some of the solar radiation is reflected and the remaining heat load is reduced because of the thermal barrier provided by the insulating coating. light colour insulating coating substrate transmitted heat solar radiation reflected heat Insulpaint ® Reducing Heat Loads

15 TThe diagram on the left shows a building without the coating on the roof. ->The entire roof space heats up. TThe diagram on the right shows an entirely different situation where the roof has been painted with Insulpaint ®.In Hotter climates walls should also be coated Heat Reduction Compared

16 NNormal light paints, reflects some of the heat load. TThe insulating properties of the Acrad 8, prevent the heat, from passing to the inside, roof or wall spaces CCooler surface = much cooler interior.  Less heat build-up inside, less energy required

17 This diagram shows results for Insulpaint ® when compared against the other conventional insulating systems. This result was far better than both fibreglass and polystyrene foam insulating systems.

18 Insulpaint ® Thermoscan Tests Roof without Insulpaint 60.2 ˚C House next door with Insulpaint 30.4 ˚C. Same day & time.

19 Recapture: Insulpaint Insulpaint ® has great strength coupled with flexibility Insulpaint ® is completely impervious to airborne pollution & extreme weather conditions Insulpaint ® is non-flammable, non-toxic & contains no hazardous materials (for example asbestos, glass or mineral fibres)

20 Insulpaints has 18 standard colours,and can be tinted, to Client requirements, for the roof and walls within reason. Insulpaint ® is completely waterproof and yet is micro- porous, allowing the substrate to breathe, and giving remarkable stability, particularly on concrete.

21 Properties of Insulpaint ® TTarmac Alawi lab test- Roof flooded with water for 2 days, result, NO leakage at all! TTaywood Engineering Australia, conducted water absorption tests, result, NO absorption at all!

22 The Importance of the Paint Base The base resin used in the manufacturing of the paint determines the quality of the coating. If a cheap base is used, then the coating will break down prematurely. Insulpaint ® resin is 100% Styrene Acrylic Resin (SAR). SAR is far superior to any other acrylic resin, combining: SAR properties ideally suit for roof/wall coatings. Water based allowing easy cleanup. SSuperior hardness SSuperior flexibility SSuperior durability

23 Savings with Insulpaint ® A.E. Smith Westair engineers, recorded temperatures and air conditioner usage, over a seven day period, inside 2 identical tiled roof houses at Karratha WA. in 1990. The house with Insulpaint used 51 units of air conditioner power,the house without Insulpaint, used 130 units a/c power. In this example the savings were $ 89 per month. The company who owned the houses conducted an Energy Audit in 2002, and found that Insulpaint was still performing at the same rate of savings, after 12 years.

24 Testimonials “Initially we had a problem that vegetable oil stored in steel tanks, was being constantly heated by the sun, and losing its intrinsic qualities. We were so impressed by the reduction in the temperature of the oil, after Insulpaint was applied to the tanks, we decided to coat our office porta-cabins. Since doing this, we have noticed a consistent 15% energy saving on air- con usage. We’re very satisfied with Insulpaint, and would not hesitate, to recommend it to anybody, to save money. Prem Maker Director

25 “I was involved in a project where we converted sea containers, into on site medical units, for remote desert locations. After coating the roof and walls of the containers, the interior temperature would always remain 10C - 15C below the ambient temperature. This allowed a much cooler working environment, for doctors and patients, and what’s more, Insulpaint required NO maintenance at all. Ray McNally Managing Director Ray McNally Builders

26 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS FFor the Best Result Insulpaint ® : PPaint the roof & walls, of all buildings that are for most of the day, exposed to the sun. WWith a little help from your Insulpaint ® distributor, you will be able to determine what would be the best surfaces to paint, and achieve the greatest reduction, in heat loading.

27 Application Thickness I nsulpaint® : GGenerally the Insulpaint ® is applied to a wet film thickness of 0.45 mm or 450 microns, resulting in 250 microns dry. TThis Equates To Half a Litre Per Square Metre, all up, so a 200M2 surface, requires 100Ltrs of Insulpaint.

28 What Surfaces can be Painted with Insulpaint ® ? Insulpaint reduces the internal temperature when applied to the external surfaces of the following substrates: AAll Metals TTiles BBrick FFibreglass RRender CConcrete TTimber AAsbestos

29 What are some Ideal Insulpaint Applications? Insulpaint dramatically reduces the solar radiation heat loading, when applied to all surfaces such as, RRoofs and Walls on all Factories/Houses ANY HOT SURFACE! CConcrete TiltPanels. Concrete Foundation Slabs. AAll Metals/Asbestos/Wood/ Fiberglass/Concrete Block/Render/Colorbond/All Roof Tile&Wall Types PPortable Structures/Boats/ Any surface material. WWater Storage Tanks/HOT Pipes / Railings / Gates / Driveways / Decking / Pools / Steps / Garage Doors / Trailers/Sea Containers/Trucks/Bridges.

30 Please contact the International Container and Road Transport Exclusive Distributor Mr Alastair Elliott. Managing Director. Elliott Containers Pty. Ltd. Ph. 61-7-49549954.Mob.61 0448172066. Email: The ULTIMATE in Insulating Coatings

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