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Begin by drawing long, gentle curved lines across a two page spread.

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1 Begin by drawing long, gentle curved lines across a two page spread.

2 Now, to work some Principles of Art into these lines: Right now they are all the same, they have UNITY but we would like some VARIETY. So, choose a few lines (keeping it BALANCED of course) to add more weight to, in other words – carefully trace over them until they are fatter. The lines that have been traced to be bolder automatically command your attention first, this gives them EMPHASIS.

3 The goal for today is to glue the terminology about Principles of Art to the black paper. Choose a way that you would like to attach your words, it is advisable to put the headline “Principles” on black and the definition box on black for EMPHASIS. You can cut or tear the paper, you don’t have to make it be all in rectangles. Save the individual words for tomorrow! Glue the headline and definition into your page in a place that looks good to you.

4 Now you have some choices to make! You will need to add the list words for the seven principles of art. You can simply cut out the words and glue the white paper directly to your page. You can glue the words to black and then arrange them on the page. You can decoratively write the words within your line design.

5 VALUE is an element of art that deals with lightness and darkness. In your rodeo art you created value with shading. In our first portrait, you will create value with PATTERNS. Follow these step-by-step instructions to make two different patterns within the spaces of your lines in the sketchbook entry begun last week. USE A THIN MARKER! The great thing about patterns is that they repeat, there is no need to practice with a pencil first, it’s just a waste of time.

6 Question: Between these two patterns, which one is darker in value and which one is lighter? Observation: Did you see that there are three values in the Candy Corn pattern?

7 Today there are two more patterns to learn. While you are drawing them, decide which one is darker and which is lighter. Think of ways you could change either pattern to make a new one with a value halfway between these two.

8 Here are two more to add to your sketchbook. Ask yourself the same questions about their values. By now you should be getting familiar with patterns and have probably figured out that we will create the values in your posterized portrait using these and many more patterns. Don’t be afraid to change the weight of your lines if needed.

9 Today there is not a new objective to add to these pages. They will be graded on these things:  The lines, some with emphasis, that we drew the first day  All of the terms from the cut-out sheet added to the composition.  The seven patterns that show differences in value that we have worked with this week  All of these done with controlled line quality and care – no scribbles, lazy lines and rotten glue jobs. Leave this page open on your table for me to come by to grade.

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