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Underwater Scene Painting

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1 Underwater Scene Painting
Watercolor Techniques








9 What do YOU need to have in YOUR Painting???
Fish (Figures) Landscape (Background) Water!

10 1. Fish Pick out a few fish that you like.
Sketch 3 THUMBNAIL sketches in your sketchbook to decide where you want to put your fish in the picture TRACE or DRAW the fish onto your watercolor paper using PENCIL Think about composition!!!

11 Trace Me!

12 1A. Fish Each fish must have 3 colors We will work on this together
A wash – light color Shadows – darker color 3rd color that is texture or layered color We will work on this together

13 2. Landscape (Background)
Is there sand or pebbles on the bottom? Are there plants? What type? Draw them in PENCIL

14 2A. Landscape (Background)
Think about your colors Have some variety I don’t want to see a flat painting



17 Sharpie! Once you have everything drawing in PENCIL you are ready for the next step… Outline everything carefully in sharpie marker

18 3. Water! Not just solid blue! Are there bubbles?
Try different water designs!




22 Painting Paint the entire picture using your BEST watercolor skills
Think about using different techniques to make different textures! Start with the fish. Then paint the landscape. Then paint water.

23 Have fun and have patience!!!
Painting Have fun and have patience!!!

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