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Cubist inspired Drawing

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1 Cubist inspired Drawing
Drawing will use most of the Elements of Art: LINE, SHAPE, VALUE, TEXTURE/PATTERN, SPACE Drawing will also emphasize the Principles of Design: UNITY, VARIETY, BALANCE, EMPHASIS, RHYTHM/ MOVEMENT

2 Cubist Stillife Colored paper, white & black added, line width variations, contour continuation

3 Large areas filled with value, white & black lines, fractured image
Cubist portrait Large areas filled with value, white & black lines, fractured image

4 Addition of pattern/texture
Strong black, shaded lines Solid value areas filled in Sense of overlapped shapes Expressive approach

5 Pattern & texture added
Straight lines drawn across the shapes. Used to fragment the forms. Colored paper used Well balanced use of all the Elements of Art Drawing fades before reaching the picture plane edge

6 Lots of value gradation within fractured shapes


8 Drawing could be cut into geometric shapes, reorganized, and glued back together so forms are rearranged and overlapped. Fairly realistic, shading within forms added. Light source is considered for shading

9 Overlapping contour continuation lines used to fracture forms
Balanced variety of values throughout Areas of solid and graded values

10 Slight Cubist feel due to contour continuation , overlapped shapes defined with shading only
Realistic approach to the subject

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