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About the Company Avenues to Wealth Opportunity. International Directors.

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1 About the Company Avenues to Wealth Opportunity

2 International Directors

3 Local Directors

4 Well it’s access to the following Extra Income Meeting New People Enjoying More Time Freedom Personal Development Financial Freedom Owning a Business Helping People Succeed Retiring to Passive Income Leaving a Legacy

5 The Privilege Pack is a service bundle that is… Local Mixed International

6 It contains the following categories of products and services E-books worth $3,000 Search Portals give you savings and lifestyle Short Stay Offers that blow your mind Complimentary Offers that are amazing Cooperative/Fractional Property Ownership Opportunities Amazing Health Deals – Medanta Deals Unbelievable discounts in Local Products Advertising and Business Development for your Products

7 It has over 100 e-books worth over $3000… some samples

8 The hotel search portals can make you savings up to 70% This same hotel was found for $133 on their website and by walking in.

9 Each of these vacation experiences cost over $1000 for one person… the prices below are for two PACKAGE INCLUSIONS Three Nights Accommodation in Dubai. Daily Breakfast Return Airport Transfers from Dubai Airport Desert Safari with Barbeque dinner and belly dance Half day Dubai city tour Dhow Cruise with dinner and transfers Optional Extra Top level of Burj Khalifa (World’s tallest Building) is US$60 per person PACKAGE INCLUSIONS Welcome drink on arrival 3 nights / 4 days accommodation on twin Meals as indicated in the Meal Plan column Airport/ Resort /Airport transfers (as indicated in the Transfer mode column) All taxes of the resort <$400 <$760

10 The Complimentary Offers are complimentary… FREE… bonuses This special "Vacation Package" includes 3 days and 2 nights in either the Excalibur hotel or the Golden Nugget hotel in fabulous Las Vegas, as well as show tickets and $100 in promotional slot play. Come and join us in Las Vegas for three fun-filled days and two exciting evenings of fun in the city that never sleeps... Day 1 Arrive at Suvanabhumi Airport Transfer to Pattaya Visit Alcazar show Dinner Twin Share accommodation 3+ Star Day 2 Breakfast at hotel Visit Coral Island by speed boat Lunch & Dinner Day 4 Breakfast at hotel Safari World & Marine Park Lunch at Safari World Dinner Day 5 Bangkok- Airport for Departure Breakfast at hotel Transfer to International Airport for Departure Day 3 Breakfast at hotel Visit Jewelry factory in Pattaya Transfer to Bangkok City tour; Visit the Golden Buddha temple, the reclining Buddha temple Lunch & Dinner

11 Access to Cooperative You Need Multiple Streams of Income ATM 20/40 – Best Funds Award Global Property Alliance – Fractional Property Ownership ATM 20/40 – Best Funds Award Global Property Alliance – Fractional Property Ownership

12 The Health Deals are something else…. Complete Haemogram Blood Group Blood Sugar Fasting & Post Prandial Urea, Creatinine Serum Uric acid Lipid Profile Urine Analysis Electrocardiogram Chest X Ray Dental Check Up Eye Check Up Health & Life Style Counselling Stress Echo Carotid IMT Consultation with Cardiologist Liver Function Test Thyroid Function Test Homocysteine High-sensitivity CRP Body Fat Composition Analysis Hepatitis B surface Antigen, Human Immunodeficiency virus, Hepatitis C Virus Pulmonary Function Test Creatine Phosphokinase Prostate Specific Antigen* Papanicolau Test Smear (Screening test for cervical cancer)** Mammography** Ultrasound imaging whole abdomen and Pelvis Consultation with ENT, Physician, Gynecologist, Ophthalmologist Medanta Executive Health Check Up Please click on the Specialty/Procedure you are interested in: BARIATRIC SURGERIES COSMETIC SURGERY ORTHOPAEDICS CARDIOLOGY NEURO AND SPINAL SURGERY KIDNEY TRANSPLANT 5,000 in US/UK <$8,000 Local Health Deal with 300 Hospitals

13 You also enjoy amazing Local Discounts on almost any everyday product. Electronics, FMCG, Laptops, Landed Property e.t.c. Laptops Mobile Phones Glo CUG Photography Studios Car Products Mcnichols Fashion Shops Thermocool products Hotels Transport Party Planners Furniture Travel and Tour Packages BringitBay This is what the inside of the site for local deals looks like

14 Advertising Opportunities

15 Let’s Make Profit Together!

16 Avenues to Wealth The Business Plan

17 Please Realize that… Though the company products are fantastic Though you get access personal development information worth $3,000+ Though you get complimentary vacation and short stay offers Though you have access to many privileges you can create wealth from And though you can be distributor of anything… None of these can make you financially free like doing the business!

18 Warning… Avenues to Wealth is a business, it’s one of the 5 business models in the world that has the capacity to make you free! Until you take your business as a business you won’t make the most of it. Action responds to thought… change your thinking… and your life will conform. Say this… “It is a privilege to hear about this now!”

19 Know you have a Choice Before you do the first thing, embrace the reality that your fate in this business is up to you! Understand that between what happens to you and what you do, you have one of the worlds greatest powers – the power of choice Understand that the journey serves the destination and failure happens when you give up!

20 Set Your Goals! Begin only when you have an end in mind What do you want to achieve – in 3 months, 1yr, 5yrs, 20yrs? What is your why for this business? If your why is big enough, your how will show up If you don’t know where you are going, you are not qualified for help. If you set your sails, God will send the wind

21 Simplify Your Operations Recruiting Sales Training = Sponsoring

22 Chose a Strategy Power of 2 will make you accrue Power of 3 can set you free Power of 4 can make you sure Power of 5 puts you in auto-drive

23 Power of 2 The Power of 2 will help you accrue Day/Week/Month/YearNew DistributorsIncome PotentialTravel Points 12$252 24$506 38$10014 416$20030 532$40062 664$800126 7128$1,600254 8256$3,200510 9512$6,400>1000 101024$12,800 Total2026$25,575

24 Power of 3 The Power of 3 will set you free Day/Week/Month/YearNew Distributors Income PotentialTravel Points 13$253 29$10012 327$32539 481$1,000120 5243$3,025363 6729$9,100>1000 72187$27,325 86561$82,000 919683$246,025 1059049$738,100 Total88572$1,107,137

25 Power of 4 The Power of 4 will make you sure Day/Week/Month/YearNew DistributorsIncome PotentialTravel Points 14$504 216$20020 364$80084 4256$3,200340 51024$12,800>1000 64096$51,200 716384$204,800 865536$819,200 9262144$3,276,800 101048576$13,107,200 Total1398100$17,476,250

26 Power of 5 The Power of 5 puts you in auto-drive Day/Week/Month/YearNew DistributorsIncome PotentialTravel Points 15$505 225$30030 3125$1,550155 4625$7,800780 53125$39,050>1000 615625$195,300 778125$976,550 8390625$4,882,800 91953125$24,414,050 109765625$122,070,300 Total12207030$152,587,750

27 Execute with Excellence PlanDeployCheckAdjust

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