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Communication with Partners Topic #3 Tour Operations.

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1 Communication with Partners Topic #3 Tour Operations

2 Sequence of Reservation (group tour) 1.Objects / attractions 2.Accommodation 3.Meals (lunch, dinner – if any) 4.Coach 5.Other If game / concert / gala dinner included – start with these (Why?)

3 Accommodation Direct contact or local partner? Direct contact advantages –Additional information about surrounding area –Easy to change dates etc. –Easy to change number of tourists –Late payment, easy refund Drawbacks of direct contact –May be higher price (no extra discounts for one encounter, one deal) –More work input (if many accommodations are necessary)

4 Accommodation 2 Local partner (incoming tour operator, destination managers) Advantages –Knowledge of wider territory (for example, road conditions) –Offer of better price (not always) –Opportunity for discount for several unconnected orders –Opportunity to form business relations –An option for faraway destinations Drawbacks –Difficult to change orders, once placed –Earlier payment, 100% advance payment –Difficult to regain overpayment –Cheap accommodation and hostels inaccessible

5 Sequence of accommodation booking Address Alternatives – priorities or similar? Pricing: rack rate and group rate? –Discounts? –Seasonal prices –Breakfast included? Dinner enforced? Minimal stay? –Parking –City plan (distance to centre / object / hipermarket – beach) –Public transport –Other demands (HB, FB…), timing of arrival

6 Correspondence E-letter / fax: one by one or fan? –Nr of pax –Dates – arrival, departure –Number of nights –Type of rooms –Language choice –Breakfast –Discounts?

7 Correspondence 2 Their response: Confirmation [of Availability] –Rooms & Services –Terms of payment: advance / total, payment deadline, payment type –Additional info –Guarantee request (credit card) –Formular of agreement, rooming list (for hostel) –Cancellation terms and fees

8 Correspondence 3 Our response – –Confirm /modify our order, –Promise of payment (check of bank requisites), selection of payment type – E-mail AND fax –Demand of invoice if needed

9 Correspondence 4 Conduct of payment Internet banking –printout + companys stamp –Bank printout Bank transfer –Bank printout Both cases – Fax AND E-mail

10 Correspondence 5 Their response: Confirmation of Booking: Fax with type and number of rooms Additional – breakfast, other meals Check: timing of arrival! Further contacts: immediate when cancellation or change of group size

11 A Must: Remember: deadline of payment and deadline of cancellation (especially, if guaranteed by Your card!) Remember: rooms for our employees:)!

12 Other Correspondence Credit Card payment order Change Name (unaccompanied FIT clients) Charge-My-Card fax

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