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05/02/20101 Pilgrims and Puritans: Calvinism comes to 17 th Century America “From the Reformation to the Constitution” Bill Petro your friendly neighborhood.

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1 05/02/20101 Pilgrims and Puritans: Calvinism comes to 17 th Century America “From the Reformation to the Constitution” Bill Petro your friendly neighborhood historian

2 05/02/20102 Objectives By the end of this session you should be able to Trace the growth of religion in America Examine differences between Pilgrims & Puritans Detail distinctives of American Puritanism Outline the decline of New England theology

3 05/02/20103 Reformation Traditions Lutheranism Episcopal Anabaptist Congregational Mennonites English Separatists English Baptists } Reformed Presbyterian Scottish Presbyterian Dutch Reformed Lutheran 1517 Luther - Melanchthon French-Swiss 1532 Calvin - Beza German-Swiss 1519 Zwingli - Bullinger Swiss Brethren 1525 Grebel – Manz - Simonsz English 1536 Henry VIII - Cranmer Anglican Episcopal Church of England

4 05/02/20104 American Church History ColonialNationalModern 17871865 CalvinismArminianism Biblistic Rationalism Liberalism Subjectivism Existentialism Theocentrism Anthropocentrism Liberalism

5 05/02/20105

6 6 Pilgrims England → Holland → England → America 1620: Plymouth to Plymouth Rock 102 passengers Mayflower Compact Plymouth Colony: 1 st permanent New England settlement

7 05/02/20107 Plymouth Rock

8 05/02/20108

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11 05/02/201011 First Thanksgiving 1621 Gov Wm. Bradford proclaimed: “a day of thanksgiving and prayer” More:

12 05/02/201012 Puritans Non-separating Congregationalists –Each congregation independent Church of England: true church Repentant church membership England might imitate their “New England.”

13 05/02/201013 Puritan Grievances Marian Exiles returned under Elizabeth James I: a sympathetic Protestant? Charles I married Henrietta Maria, Catholic princess Catholic lords given important posts Archbishop of Canterbury, William Laud’s “Roman practices”

14 05/02/201014 John Winthrop 1630-1649 Governor of Massachusetts Bay Company Founder of Boston Sermon: “Model of Christian Charity” –“City upon a Hill”

15 05/02/201015 Colonies: 1650

16 05/02/201016

17 05/02/201017 Pilgrims vs. Puritans FewMany Early (1620)Later (1629-30) Poor classUpper middle class UneducatedEducated Separatists from state churchLoyal Settled in PlymouthSalem, Boston Wm. Bradford, Wm. BrewsterJohn Endicott, Miles Standish, John Winthrop

18 05/02/201018 Puritan: Myths vs. Reality “Haunting fear that someone, somewhere may be happy” Books, music, beer, rum, swam, skated, bowled Wore blackBlue, violet, green, yellow Narrow minded+100: Oxford & Cambridge “Dumme Doggs”Established Harvard after 6 years Women shelteredLiterate, well read, managed household Song-lessA capella, in unison Minority1776: 75% of Puritan roots

19 05/02/201019 The New England Primer (1683)

20 05/02/201020 Education in Puritan New England Private Education Reading, Writing Grammar School Grammar, Rhetoric, Arithmetic Latin, Greek, Hebrew College Arts: Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric, Arithmetic, Geometry, Astronomy Philosophies: Metaphysics, Ethics, Natural Science Also: Greek, Hebrew, Ancient History

21 05/02/201021 Cotton Mather 1663-1728 Best-known New England Puritan divine of his generation Published 450 books and pamphlets Accused, unfairly, of instigating the Salem witchcraft trials

22 05/02/201022 “Plain” Puritan Sermons Text Doctrine Uses Applications

23 05/02/201023 New England Bible Commonwealths Sought guidance of Scripture for all aspects of citizen’s lives Scripture authority in criminal statutes

24 05/02/201024 The English Bible in the 16 th Century Wycliffe1380 Gutenberg1450 Tyndale1525 Coverdale1535 Matthew1537 Taverner1539 Great1539 Geneva1560 Bishops’1568 Rheims-Douai (NT)1582 King James1611 Less than 100 years: 9 translations

25 05/02/201025 Geneva Bible 1560 in Geneva Leader: William Whittingham, sister of John Calvin Used by the Pilgrims & Puritans in New England 1560 – 1630: 200 editions Bible of Shakespeare, Bunyan, Cromwell’s Army

26 05/02/201026

27 05/02/201027 KJV Bible Committee of English scholars between 1607-1611 "Authorized Version” 1 st carried by John Winthrop to Massachusetts in 1630 Supplanted Geneva Bible

28 05/02/201028 Puritan Ecclesiastical Theory Grace Covenant Spiritual Invisible Church Covenant Physical Visible Church Privileges: Communion Church Offices Political Privileges: Elections Civic Offices

29 05/02/201029 Decline of New England Theology 1643: 11% church membership –Preaching of the “Jeremiad” 1657: Half-Way Covenant –Secularized state 1677: Stoddardeanism: Very open Communion –Secularized church 1691: Massachusetts a Royal Colony –No religious bans 1692: Salem Witch Trials

30 05/02/201030

31 05/02/201031 Salem Witch Trials

32 05/02/201032 1-Word Summary Catholic ChurchMerit LutherJustification ZwingliSovereignty AnabaptistsBeliever’s Baptism CalvinOmnipotence ArminiusAbility “Calvinism”TULIP KnoxThundering Henry VIIIMarried PilgrimsSeparatists PuritansSaints

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