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Child Sponsorship Medical Education Nutrition.

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7 Child Sponsorship Medical Education Nutrition

8 Children’s Homes Hygiene Kits Schools and School supplies Atashinda Education Fund Water Medical and Dental Care Emergency Food Distribution Treated Mosquito Nets Project Sponsorship

9 Agape in Action provides hygiene kits to Sunday School children across Kenya; good personal hygiene is the most effective means of preventing infectious disease

10 Access to clean water is extremely limited in some parts of Kenya. Two engineers are travelling to Kenya to research water solutions for our Brethren and sisters living in the worst affected areas.

11 Agape in Action supports Christadelphian nursery schools in Kenya; school materials are donated and sent to these schools.

12 Agape in Action runs the Bukigai Day Nursery School in Uganda. There are 90 children in the school, 3 Christadelphians teachers are employed. A Nutrition program is provided to all the children.

13 Agape in Action support regular medical and dental check-ups for sponsored children and other needy Sunday School children & their families

14 In malaria and dengue endemic regions of Kenya, Agape in Action distributes insecticide treated bed nets to brethren and sisters and their children

15 Food has been distributed through the local Agape in Action representatives to brethren and sisters living in the areas worst affected by the food shortage in Kenya.

16 Agape in Actions Atashinda Fund is used to ensure all sponsored children complete high school or pursue a trade. (‘Atashinda’ is Swahili for ‘he/she will succeed’)

17 Agape in Action supports the Lela Children’s home; this orphanage will be the home for 60 orphaned children in Kamukuywa, Kenya

18 Agape in Action is building a home for 40 teenage girls and boys who currently living with Brother Justus, and sleep outside!

19 Through child sponsorship, Agape in Action supports the ‘Christadelphian Faith Home’ in India


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