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Www.petrelrob.comWorldwide Petroleum Consulting CORPORATE OVERVIEW Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd.

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1 www.petrelrob.comWorldwide Petroleum Consulting CORPORATE OVERVIEW Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd.

2 PRCL – Corporate Profile Canada’s leading petroleum geoscience consultancy Founded in 1985 in Calgary, Alberta Predecessors Robertson Research Canada and Petrel Consultants Employee-owned, 18 employees Experienced core of petroleum geoscience professionals, augmented by a network of supporting consultants Access to multidisciplinary teams tailored to solve a variety of projects and challenges Extensive Canadian and international experience 2

3 Management & Advisors Brad J. Hayes (PhD, PGeol) – President >30 years – Shell, Canadian Hunter, Dorset, Chauvco Alula Damte (PhD, PGeol) – Chairman 20 years – Mobil, Central European Petroleum Kathleen Dorey (B.Sc., PGeoph) – Chief Geophysicist 30 years – Texaco, Conoco, Ulster, BG International Peter E. Putnam (PhD, PGeol) – Advisor >30 years – Husky, OSUM, Central European Petroleum Tony Fogarassy, M.Sc., LL.M. (VP Business Development) 25 years – Shell, Chevron, Mobil, KazCanadian 3

4 Key Business Areas Exploration Advice, Assessment and Planning “Exploration Department for Hire” Exploitation / Development Planning Integrated / Multidisciplinary Reservoir Studies Operational Support Property Evaluations Petroleum Geoscience Consulting Services Advanced Petroleum Geoscience Training Expert Witness Services 4

5 PRCL Clients Multinational oil companies Large independents Industry producer groups Junior producers National oil companies Aboriginal corporations Banks/investment houses Canadian and international government and regulatory agencies Law firms 5

6 Geoscience Skills Subsurface Mapping Core Logging Stratigraphic and sedimentologic analysis Petrography Structural Geology Field Mapping Geological database construction and management Hydrogeology Reservoir characterization Seismic Acquisition Seismic Interpretation Geostatistical Reservoir Modeling Quantitative Petrophysical Analysis 6

7 Operations and Strategic Support Extensive operating company experience Geoscience and business advice supporting exploration and development strategy, land, drilling, and completions activities Current projects: Canadian shale gas exploration East Germany (exploration onshore and offshore) Chile (exploration) New Zealand (oil development) Hibernia (offshore development) Kazakhstan (heavy oil development) Oil sands assessment and exploration (U.S., Canada, international) 7

8 Geophysics 2D/3D seismic survey design Land/Marine acquisition Seismic processing Anisotropic Depth Migration AVO/Inversion 2D-4D seismic interpretation Attribute Analysis Fracture Analysis/ AVAZ Synthetic Forward Modeling EM/Gravity/Magnetics SeisWare, Kingdom, Winpics Data conversion 8

9 Unconventional Reservoirs Regional assessment of tight gas and shale gas and oil opportunities in Western Canada, Northwest Territories, and Yukon Non-exclusive and proprietary studies Reservoir characterization – mapping, petrography, resource potential Shallow gas and coalbed methane reservoir analysis Fractured reservoir evaluation Senior advisory role Nova Scotia Expert Panel on Hydraulic Fracturing 9

10 Aquifer Characterization Characterize and map deep saline and shallow non-saline aquifers Water supply and disposal for unconventional oil and gas development Major regional projects in western and northern Canada Support development of regulatory regime for unconventional development Strategic water planning for industry Information for stakeholder support Part of Integrated Water Resources team, providing comprehensive water characterization operations support 10

11 Geocellular Modeling Petrel (Schlumberger) software Sophisticated geostatistical models, suitable for export to reservoir simulation software Construction of new models from field data Seismic, petrophysical (well log) data, core Interpretive geological input Extensive heavy oil experience Application to reservoir simulation modeling Cooperative work with affiliated consultants 11

12 Quantitative Petrophysics Extensive experience in field acquisition of log data, and interpretation in various software packages HDS 2000 and Prizm (Geographix) in house Conventional play analysis Incorporate interpretive geology Tie to core analysis data Unconventional play analysis Tie to specialized core and sample analysis, including mineralogy and geochemistry / maturity data 12

13 Mapping / GIS Systems Western and Northern Canada: geoSCOUT Mapping grids Comprehensive well database Raster and digital log data GeoGraphix Comprehensive mapping and database capabilities ESRI / ArcGIS Customized map creation Petrel Geocellular modeling; spatial representations 13

14 Petroleum Geoscience Training Field Seminars Field relationships illustrate reservoir models and stratigraphy in modern and ancient environments Core Seminars PRCL uses core to illustrate reservoir facies, quality, and stratigraphic relationships in a variety of settings Seminars are designed to meet specific client needs, and can be customized for single clients 14

15 Expert Witness Services Regulatory Issues Gas over bitumen hearings Determination of P & NG ownership by geological criteria Civil lawsuits Valuation of exploration / development acreage Geological / operational issues Financial / valuation advice 15

16 “Worldwide Petroleum Consulting” Western Canada Extensive experience in conventional reservoirs throughout the basin Non-exclusive regional exploration studies Heavy oil and bitumen Regional SAGD screening studies Reservoir modeling and property assessments Strategic planning, land sale evaluations Unconventional Gas Deep Basin tight gas resource assessments Shale gas exploration and reservoir characterization Characterizing subsurface aquifers to supply water needs for drilling and completions 16

17 “Worldwide Petroleum Consulting” Canada – Northern and Frontiers Northwest Territories Regional exploration studies – Mackenzie Valley and Delta Regional unconventional gas assessment Regional shale gas resource characterization Nunavut Exploration assessment – Baffin Island / Lancaster Sound Eastern Canada Development / operational support, Hibernia Field Regional exploration assessment – Labrador Shelf Regional and local exploration assessments – Scotian Shelf through Jeanne d’Arc Basin Unconventional gas – Maritimes 17

18 “Worldwide Petroleum Consulting” International South America Argentina – San Jorge Basin mapping and resource assessment Chile – Andean foreland exploration mapping Australia Exploration assessment of major basins, offshore and onshore New Zealand Onshore development support, offshore exploration evaluations Europe Germany – onshore and offshore exploration support Poland – regional exploration assessment France/Spain – Exploration assessment of Pyrenees and Paris Basin Albania – Resource assessment, Patos Marinas Field UK North Sea – Exploration assessments 18

19 “Worldwide Petroleum Consulting” International Asia Kazakhstan – Exploration assessment and operations recommendations India – Geological model assessment, east coast offshore Africa Tanzania / Mozambique – Exploration support, reserves assessment Libya – Field modeling Cameroon -Rio del Rey basin, prospectivity evaluation Algeria – Exploration assessment Berkine and northern Algeria basins Tunisia – Ghadamas Basin exploration assessment, and operations support Egypt – onshore/offshore Nile Delta North America (United States and Mexico) Exploration opportunity assessments – several states Exploration support and analogs – Montana Mexico – Exploration assessment, Gulf of Campeche 19

20 Affiliated Consultants Petroleum Engineering RPS Energy Canada Deloitte ELcral Ltd. GLJ Petroleum Consultants Hydrogeology Waterline Resources Geoscience and Related Specialists JC Consultants – Reservoir Characterization Foundry Spatial – Surface Waters and GIS Integrated Water Resources – Water Assessments Forward Energy – Upstream Analysis Sherwood Consulting – Structural Geology Dr. Ed Klovan – Carbonate Reservoirs Dr. John Lorenz – Fractured Reservoirs Dr. Graham Dolby – Biostratigraphy 20

21 Brad Hayes, President Direct: 403-218-1607 Kathleen Dorey, Chief Geophysicist Direct: 403-218-1627 Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd. Suite 500, 736 – 8 th Avenue S.W. Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 1H4 Main: 403-215-7950 Fax: 403-262-9135 21

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