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An initiative of the ACP Group of States funded by the European Union Global Climate Change Alliance: Intra-ACP Programme Training Module Mainstreaming.

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1 An initiative of the ACP Group of States funded by the European Union Global Climate Change Alliance: Intra-ACP Programme Training Module Mainstreaming Climate Change General Introduction Ms Isabelle Mamaty Senior Expert Climate Support Facility

2 Workshop objectives  Learning objectives: o To be aware of the benefits and the challenges of mainstreaming climate change adaptation and mitigation in national development planning and budgeting o To be familiar with a framework and tools available for mainstreaming climate change  Expected outcomes: o To convince key decision makers about the need to mainstreaming climate change into national development planning and budgeting o To share your views, knowledge and experience o To be able to identify country needs for follow-up actions 2

3 What is the GCCA ? Two complementary pillars 3

4 Enhanced dialogue with developing countries on climate change (Pillar 1)  Convergence of visions on a post-2012 climate regime  Regional conferences and declarations  Asia, May 2010  Africa, October 2010  Pacific, March 2011  Caribbean, March 2011  Side events at UNFCC Cop  National policy dialogues (see pillar 2) 4

5 Increased support for climate change  Second pillar of the GCCA  € 206 million (2008-2011)  € 83 million (2012-2013)  Promote approaches to integrate climate change into development planning and budgeting  Focus on integration of climate change in poverty reduction efforts, adaptation in water and agriculture, REDD, CDM and DRR o Mainstreaming programmes and workshops o Implementation of NAPAs  Budget support as preferred modality 5

6 Technical and Financial support (Pillar 2)- What are the priorities ? 1.Mainstreaming climate change into poverty reduction and development efforts 2.Adaptation actions in particular water and agriculture sectors 3.Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest degradation (REDD) 4.Enhancing participation in the global carbon market 5.Disaster Risk reduction (DRR) 6

7 Technical and Financial support (Pillar 2)- What are we working on? 7

8 Distribution of aid modalities used by GCCA interventions to 2012 8

9 Technical and financial support (Pillar 2) – Where does GCCA work ? Belize, Guyana, Jamaica Regional: CCCCC and OECS Mozambique, Mali, Tanzania, Senegal, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Gambia, Benin, Uganda, Lesotho, Sierra Leone, Mauritania, Tchad, Djibouti, DRC, Burkina, RCA, Seychelles, Mauritius Regional: COMESA, ECOWAS/CILLS, ClimDev Africa Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Laos, Maldives, Nepal, Bhutan, East Timor Regional: Mekong River Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Samoa, PNG Regional: University of South Pacific, SPC Mainstreaming programmes Mainstreaming workshops Budget support Sector programmes 9

10 Lessons learned: aid effectiveness, mainstreaming & budget support  Ownership: supporting developing countries’ agendas o National development or sector strategies o National adaptation programmes of action (NAPAs)  Alignment: using country systems o Promoting CC integration into national dvpt planning & budgeting Country programmes Training workshops with ministries of finance o Budget support for climate change  Harmonisation: improved coordination (within EU, with other partners) o Joint financing (e.g. GCCA with IE, CY, CZ, SE, Estonia) o Joint programming (e.g. GCCA with DK, GE, UN)  Paving the way for scaled up climate change response through dialogue, capacity building and actions 10

11 Joint management, programming and financing under the GCCA 11 GCCA interventionManaged with/byCo financed by BelizeUNDP BeninUNDP Burkina-FasoWorld Bank Central African RepublicAFDFonds Français pour l’Environnement Mondial DR CongoCIFORn/a EthiopiaAFD and GIZn/a JamaicaUNEP MaldivesWorld BankWorld Bank, AusAID MozambiqueDANIDA NepalDFID Papua New GuineaFAOUN-REDD Timor-LesteIFAD, GIZn/a VanuatuWorld Bank

12 What is the Intra-ACP Programme ?  Part of the GCCA  Period: 2011-2014  All activities linked to sustainable development and achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs )  6 components o 5 geographical components: o and 1 support component  Overall coordination by the ACP Secretariat 12

13 Modalities of support from the Climate Change ACP Programme ATTENTION  Both the country-based consultations and the provision of short term technical assistance are DEMAND-DRIVEN, priority will be given to LDCs and SIDS. 13

14 Workshop methodology  Each module is presented as follows: o Part 1: Presentation session o Part 2: Turning words into action session discussion on the presentation, exchange of experiences and identification of specific needs of the country related to the subject presentation of case studies; practical exercise 14

15 Finding the entry points and making the case Mainstreaming CC into policy and planning processes Meeting the implementation challenge Preliminary assessments Understanding the science Understanding CC– development linkages Understanding climate- related uncertainties Raising awareness and building partnerships National consensus and commitment to climate- resilient, low-emission development Strengthening institutions and capacities Needs assessment Working mechanisms Collecting country-specific evidence and influencing policy processes Mainstreaming CC in (sub)national and sector policies, strategies, programmes Costing, assessing and selecting adaptation and mitigation options and measures Strengthening institutions and capacities Learning by doing Budgeting and financing Mainstreaming CC in the budgetary process Mainstreaming CC in monitoring systems Performance assessment frameworks Supporting policy measures National, sector and sub- national levels Strengthening institutions and capacities Mainstreaming as standard practice Engaging stakeholders and coordinating within the development community Mod1 Mod4 Mod8 Mod3 Mod5 Mod6 Mod7 Adapted from: UNDP-UNEP (2009) Figure 3.1, p. 15 Mod2 Mod8 Mod10 Mod9 15

16 Thank you Contact: Dr. Pendo MARO, ACP Secretariat or +32 495 281 494 16

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