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Balanced and Unbalanced Force

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1 Balanced and Unbalanced Force

2 What is a force? A force is a push or pull that causes an object to move, stop, or change direction In physics a force is anything that makes an object accelerate

3 Force and Net Force Net force is the total force on an object.

4 Balanced and Unbalanced Forces Forces occur in pairs and they can be either balanced or unbalanced

5 Unbalanced Force Balanced Force Unbalanced Force can cause an object to move, stop moving, or change direction. The balanced forces are the forces in equal and opposite directions.

6 Balanced Forces Balanced forces do not cause change in motion They are equal in size and opposite in direction If your calculations result in zero, then its balanced.


8 Unbalanced Forces An unbalanced force always causes a change in motion When unbalanced forces act in opposite directions you can find the net force –Net force Magnitude –The difference between the two forces Direction –Direction of the largest force

9 Unbalanced Forces 3 N, right – 6 N, left = 3N, left

10 Unbalanced Forces 4 N, left – 10 N, right =6N, right

11 Unbalanced Forces 5 N, right + 10 N, right =15N, right

12 HMM…. Can you see the unbalanced force here?

13 Phet Simulation s-and-motion-basics s-and-motion-basics

14 Force Worksheet Complete force worksheet with your partner.

15 Exit Ticket On a sheet of paper answer the following question: Calculate the force And share the direction Of the force.

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