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Unbalanced Forces and Motion

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1 Unbalanced Forces and Motion
What happens when multiple forces act on the same object?

2 Net Force Net Force is the difference of two or more forces acting upon an object. 1000 N 2000 N Force from paddling Current from river

3 Unbalanced Force Unbalanced Forces happen when two unequal forces act on each other. Unbalanced forces set objects in motion. 100 N Force of Gravity Net Force 500 N up. 600 N Force from kickers leg.

4 Balanced Force Balanced Forces are two equal forces that cancel each other out. Balanced forces cause a net force of zero. Net Force Zero happens when two equal forces cancel each other out. The force of gravity pulls the vase towards the ground. 30 N Net Force Zero 30 N The force of friction from the table pushes up against the vase canceling out the force of gravity.

5 Which way will the objects move?
400 N Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 2000 N 220 N 220 N 200 N 140 N

6 Which Object Will Move Faster?
500 N Wind 5 N Kick 30 N Wind 20 N Kick 40 N Wind 40 N 600 N Engine 1990 N Wind 60 N Engine 2000 N

7 Questions You May See On The EOG?
What are forces that have a net force of zero called? A. balanced B. unbalanced C. equal D. accelerating What type of forces allows you to stand up from a chair? A. balanced B. equal C. unbalanced D. opposite A ball has two forces acting on it. One force is pushing it to the left, and a larger force is pushing it to the right. In which direction will the ball move? A. right B. left C. up D. down

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