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LIVE INTERACTIVE YOUR DESKTOP Thursday, March 8, 2007 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern time NSDL/NSTA Web Seminar: Chemistry Comes Alive!

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1 LIVE INTERACTIVE LEARNING @ YOUR DESKTOP Thursday, March 8, 2007 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern time NSDL/NSTA Web Seminar: Chemistry Comes Alive!

2 1.Introductions 2.Tech and help info 3.Web Seminar training 4.Presentation 5.Evaluation 6.Chat with the presenters Agenda:

3 How many web seminars have you attended? A. 1-3 B. 4-5 C. More than 5 D. This is my first web seminar. E. I don’t know what is a web seminar. Use the letters A-E located at the top left of your actual screen to answer the poll

4 Al Byers Assistant Exec. Director NSTA Flavio Mendez Program Manager NSTA

5 Jeff Layman Tech Support 703-312-9384 NSTA Susan Hurstcalderone Science Teacher Volunteer Chat Moderator Tech Assistance

6 What grade level do you teach? (a) Elementary School, K-5. (b) Middle School, 6-8. (c) High School, 9-12. (d) I teach college students, 13-16. (e) I am an Informal Educator.

7 Screenshot

8 Pull down menus: View: Window Layouts, Lock Windows Tools: Audio, Edit Profile Top buttons: Your current layout, Polling tools Participants’ window: Names of participants, Tools’ icons, Raise hands, Emoticons, Step away door Direct Messaging window: Show, Send Audio window: Talk button, microphone and speaker volume level


10 Where are you now?

11 LIVE INTERACTIVE LEARNING @ YOUR DESKTOP Thursday, March 8, 2007 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern time NSDL/NSTA Web Seminar: Chemistry Comes Alive!

12 -NSDL Pathways for specific content -Newest Pathway: Chemistry -Rich variety of materials found in one place


14 Our Presenters Dr. Lynn DienerDr. John Moore Journal of Chemical Education (JCE)

15 Today we will explore the chemistry of taste and odor using selected JCE resources Classroom Activity Featured Molecules Video

16 To taste, which is most important? A.Tongue B.Touch C.Sight D.Smell

17 The nose can distinguish 10,000 different scents 1% of our genes code for smell

18 Many chemicals we smell when we eat or sniff a flower are like this one: What is this chemical called? A. KetoneD. Ether B. EsterE. Alkene C. Carboxylic acid

19 The mouth tastes only 5 things -Sweet -Salty -Sour -Bitter -Umami

20 Example structures Sucrose (sweet) Strychnine (bitter) (S)-Glutamic Acid (umami) Sodium Chloride (salty) Ascorbic Acid (sour) Wouldn’t it be nice to see all sides of a molecule at once?


22 Which is bitter? CaffeineMaltose

23 You can do this in your classroom Using JCE DLib you can find two different molecules and ask students to point out similarities, or differences. Molecules can be rotated to show similar views of each. Space filling or ball-and-stick can be shown. SucroseMaltose

24 Cells in the mouth have different taste receptors G-protein-coupled receptors Sweet Bitter Umami Ion channels Salty Sour lllustration by William Oldham Taken from: http://www.vanderbilt.ed u/vicb/Articles/LensSum mer2005/WhereAreTheN ewDrugs.htm Work by Rod MacKinnon Taken from: MacKinnon.htm


26 Fooling the tongue is easy… because there are only 5 tastes to mimic Sweet Sour Bitter Salty Umami A JCE Classroom Activity shows how.

27 Which is really applesauce? AB

28 Activity: making mock applesauce Need : –Cup –Crackers –Water –Sugar –Cream of tartar (or lemon juice)

29 Are you planning to do the activity along with us? A.Yes B.No C.Maybe

30 Try this Crumble 1 or 2 crackers into a dish Add 2 tsp water Add 1 tsp sugar Add 1/8 tsp cream of tartar (or lemon juice) Stir and taste

31 How do these ingredients simulate applesauce? Sweet (sugar) Sour (cream of tartar) Juicy (water) Texture (crackers)

32 Safety Matters All JCE classroom activities include safety considerations. For this activity make sure not to use lab equipment or perform the activity in a lab!

33 Variations Lemon juice or citric acid instead of cream of tartar Try adding cinnamon or nutmeg Use different crackers, saltine vs butter crackers Add vanilla flavoring

34 Extension: Bake a mock apple pie and a real apple pie Use the best filling recipe from the students Have a taste test, see who can tell the difference. Frozen pie crust works great!

35 Which one (or two) do you think was made with real apples? 13 24

36 Mmm, tastes like cherry! Artificial flavoring is big business.

37 Artificial flavoring Cheaper Purer and safer Often tastes just as good Active flavor is often chemically identical to the natural flavor Vanillin: artificial vanilla flavoring, taken from JCE DLib

38 Which product uses artificial flavor?

39 Another activity to try in class -sugar -vanilla extract -cinnamon -lime juice -club soda Have your students make cola using these ingredients: If you search for taste on the JCE index you will find more classroom activities and useful articles!

40 Chemical Education Digital Library (ChemEd DL)… is starting with resources from the JCE DLib, building on resources from the ACS Education Division and ChemCollective project, and will grow from there.

41 JCE QBank—Test Questions

42 JCE WebWare

43 JCE DLib Everything we used today can be found on the JCE DLib Please come and visit (after filling out the survey) Here is what to look for:


45 Go to and click on the K-12 audience page Download this seminar’s companion guide with resources from the seminar and more! Expert Voices blog with our presenters:

46 THANK YOU! Dr. John Moore Dr. Lynn Diener Dr. Jon Holmes

47 National Science Teachers Association Gerry Wheeler, Executive Director Frank Owens, Associate Executive Director Conferences and Programs Al Byers, Assistant Executive Director e-Learning LIVE INTERACTIVE LEARNING @ YOUR DESKTOP NSTA Web Seminars Flavio Mendez, Program Manager Jeff Layman, Technical Coordinator Susan Hurstcalderone, Volunteer Chat Moderator

48 JPL/NSTA: Using Earth to Explore Mars March 14, 2007 NSTA: Absolute Zero: The Cold Hard Facts About the Coolest Stuff in Physics March 22, 2007 6:30 PM Eastern Time

49 NSTA SciGuides: Provide tools to quickly and easily locate targeted science content information and teaching resources from NSTA-reviewed science web sites.

50 Web Seminar Evaluation

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