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SUDAN Igniting Economic-Development© © Dr Rajesh M. Khajuria BBA, MBA, PhD, CMC, FIMC - CEO & Director TEAMPro Limited, London TEAM Projects & Consultants.

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1 SUDAN Igniting Economic-Development© © Dr Rajesh M. Khajuria BBA, MBA, PhD, CMC, FIMC - CEO & Director TEAMPro Limited, London TEAM Projects & Consultants (1983), India

2 (c) Dr R.Khajuria, TEAMPro.org2 President: His Excellency Omar Hassan Ahmed El Bashir Sunil born 1959 Rajesh born 1958


4 (c) Dr R.Khajuria, TEAMPro.org4 Enterprising SUDAN My Father Mansukhlal Hansraj Khajuria set up an Enterprise in SUDAN in 1930

5 (c) Dr R.Khajuria, TEAMPro.org5 OLDEST CULTURE SUDAN culture dates back to 4,000 years BC, found North of Nile at Bajrawiya, Naga and Merao (National Museum, Khartoum) Dinder National Park of Wild Life is one of the largest in the World (6,475 KM) on North bordering Ethiopia Strategic Location between Arab and African nations makes it a perfectly friendly nation

6 (c) Dr R.Khajuria, TEAMPro.org6 SUDAN Economy & Trade Area: 2.5 million Sq KM –Largest in Africa, and 9 th largest in the world. Population: 37 Million only GDP: 49 Billion Exports: USD 2.1 Billion only Imports: USD 1.6 Billion SUDAN offers tremendous potential for Global Trade and Investment

7 (c) Dr R.Khajuria, TEAMPro.org7 International Memberships United Nations - One of the 77 Developing and Less Developed Countries. COMESA – Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa’s 21 nations. COSMEA – COMESA Small & Medium Enterprises Association. Several Others.

8 (c) Dr R.Khajuria, TEAMPro.org8 INTRA-COMESA TRADE SUDAN USD 3.5 Bn only –Egypt USD 22.6 Bn –Kenya USD 5.3 Bn –Zimbabwe USD 4.5 Bn –Mauritius USD 5.3 Bn –Namibia USD 2.5 Bn –Ethiopia, Swaziland & Zambia USD 2 Bn each –Total COMESA USD 52.6 Bn (Y 2002)

9 (c) Dr R.Khajuria, TEAMPro.org9 TRADE COMMODITIES Exports: Oil & Petroleum, Cotton, Sesame, Livestock, Groundnut, Gum Arabic, Sugar… Imports: Refinery & Transport Equipment, Medicals, Chemicals, Textiles, Wheat etc… Promote International Trade & Investment!

10 (c) Dr R.Khajuria, TEAMPro.org10 TOURIST ATTRACTIONS Confluence of Blue & White Niles Wild Life and Pure Fresh Environment Marine Parks and Coral reefs Camel Market Desert Safari (to be developed) Exotic Foods and Herbs for Vitality and Life Hotels & Restaurants

11 (c) Dr R.Khajuria, TEAMPro.org11 LOVELY NATION Friendly Government Friendly People Friendly Business Friendly Tourism Friendly Food! –FoolAsh, Tamiya, Tahaniya, Jibna, Zaitoon… Wildlife! Promote Tourism to earn Foreign Exchange!


13 (c) Dr R.Khajuria, TEAMPro.org13 SUDAN – 7 NEEDS 1.Infrastructure & Energy Base 2.Industrial - Manufacturing Base 3.Agro-Processing Base 4.Export Base 5.Technology Base 6.Education & Skill Base 7.Export Base

14 Part III SUDAN – SWOT Strategic Analysis

15 (c) Dr R.Khajuria, TEAMPro.org15 Strengths / Weaknesses Abundant Natural Resources & People… 1. Oil 2.Water 3. Minerals 4. Agriculture 5. Manpower But… 1. No Downstream Oil Processing Industries. 2. Not many Hydro- Power Stations. 3. Less processing Indus. 4. No Food Processing. 5. Low Education, Skills and Manufacturing.

16 (c) Dr R.Khajuria, TEAMPro.org16 Opportunities / Threats 1.Infrastructure Dev. 2.Agro-Processing Dev. 3.Mineral Processing 4.Manufacturing Dev. 5.Export Dev. 6.Technology Dev. 7.Skills Development 8.Education Dev. 1.Large Scale Imports satisfy local needs 2.USD 21 billion External Debt (higher than GDP) results in Vicious Cycle 3.Competition from other Nations 4.Lack of Technology, Finance, Skills and Education makes it local manufacturing uncompetitive

17 Part IV Strategic Choices with SUDAN

18 (c) Dr R.Khajuria, TEAMPro.org18 What Would SUDAN Choose? (Sorry for plain Qs!) Make or Buy / Import? Produce or Perish? Export or Extinct? Develop or Drag behind? Open or Outdate economy? Invite or Envy Expertise? Invest or Intricate? Internationalise or Intermingle?

19 Part V Development Strategies For SUDAN

20 (c) Dr R.Khajuria, TEAMPro.org20 CAPACITY BUILDING 1 INFRASTRUCTURE BASE Roads Shipping Railways Ports Airports Dams Large Enterprises Consortia / Funding Multi-lateral Assistance ENERGY BASE Hydro Power (Max. potential) Thermal / Coal /Oil Power Renewable Power – Wind, Solar, Tidal Atomic Power Transmission & Distribution of Electricity National Power Grid Multi-purpose Projects

21 (c) Dr R.Khajuria, TEAMPro.org21 CAPACITY BUILDING 2 INDUSTRIAL BASE Manufacturing of all types Micro Enterprises Women Enterprises Small Enterprises Medium Enterprises Corporate/Companies Cooperatives AGRI-BASE Food Processing... Milk Processing Vegetable Processing Fruit Processing Grain Processing Herb Processing Wild Seed Processing (e.g. Jojoba/Johubi)

22 (c) Dr R.Khajuria, TEAMPro.org22 CAPACITY BUILDING 3 SERVICE BASE Enterprise Management Development (EMD) of ITC-Geneva Management skills Consulting skills Exports eTrade / ICT Finance / Insurance Engineering /Accounting Project Management TECHNOLOGY BASE Power / Water / Air Renewable Energy Manufacturing / Food Mineral Processing Machinery / Equipment Environmental Strategic – Electronic, Bio, Genome, Nano, Chemical, Marine, Life Sciences… Defence Production

23 (c) Dr R.Khajuria, TEAMPro.org23 CAPACITY BUILDING 4 SKILL BASE Vision, Mission, Strategy Diagnostics Management eTrade / eBusiness Exports IT / Software / Computers Engineering Accounting Project Management EDUCATION BASE Pre-Schools Schools Adult Schools (Post 16) Polytechnics Colleges Universities Special Institutions for Medical, Engineering, IT & Management Education Culture, Religion, Sport and Life Studies


25 Conclusion What Can We Do?

26 (c) Dr R.Khajuria, TEAMPro.org26 Together, We Can Win! WE CAN… Carryout Strategic Review of SUDAN VISION 2025 Document Advise Right Strategies and Implementation for faster Techno-economic Development Assist in Resource, Market & Export capacity building and development Involve The UN, World Bank, UK, India & others in SUDAN’s development SUDAN CAN… Trust our Mega-TEAM for Economic Development, Projects & Consulting Advice Start with us for getting EMD Program of ITC (WTO-UNCTAD), Geneva, and… Strategic Evaluation, Expertise, Advice and Implementation Assistance Evaluate Results Proceed to Growth…

27 (c) Dr R.Khajuria, TEAMPro.org27 Who Are We? TEAMPro Limited London and India: 23 Years existence 200 Projects in 7 Nations Governments / Banks Approvals 42 Countries Recognition of Consulting Awards CMC, FIMC ITC-WTO-UNCTAD Program on EMD in Developing Countries… Mega Trading & Services Limited, London: Trade with SUDAN for about 10 years Machinery for Infrastructure and Oil industry European connection UN – Food Program Knowledge of Arabic language, people and markets…

28 (c) Dr R.Khajuria, TEAMPro.org28 Why We Chose SUDAN? Dr Rajesh M. Khajuria: Born in SUDAN Network in All-India, Asia-Pacific, Middle-East, UK, EU/UN for technology / technical, projects / enterprise and project finance Management, Viability & Funding Expertise Time to Give Back to SUDAN… Sunil B. Vaghani: Born in SUDAN Network in SUDAN, Africa, UK, Europe Trade and Machinery expertise Continue to give back to SUDAN…

29 (c) Dr R.Khajuria, TEAMPro.org29 Contacts TEAM Projects & Consultants 182 Sardar Nagar Nizampura Vadodara 390 002, India Mob: 094260 75402 Mega Trading & Services Limited 40 The Ridgeway, North Harrow Middlesex HA2 7QN United Kingdom Tel : + 44 20 8866 4345 Fax : + 44 20 8248 604 E:

30 God Bless SUDAN Thank You! Mega-TEAM is with You…

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