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LTAD Applied to STARSkate Status Update – and Next Steps.

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1 LTAD Applied to STARSkate Status Update – and Next Steps

2 Phases of LTAD Integration


4 Current STARSkate Program Skating Skills Tests Free Skating Tests Interpretive Tests Ice Dance Tests (includes Compulsory and some creative)

5 Recap: STARSkate LTAD Analysis Learn to Train (Below Senior Bronze) Many skaters over-competing and under- training External evaluation at this stage is too early in the athlete development Skating Skills program is not meeting the demands of the sport Athletes take too long to finish Learn to Train

6 Recap: STARSkate LTAD Analysis Learn to Compete (Senior Bronze to Gold) (or “Train to Train”) Athletes take too long to get here from Learn to Train Early maturation is a roadblock for female skaters Too many skaters are left behind at the stage –Rewards for good competition results and penalties for poor competition results are too extreme for this stage of development

7 Skating Skills - Status Changed name to “FUNDAMENTALS” Currently revising to be: –Support to multi-discipline Moving of stroking and field movements to Fundamentals as multi-discipline requirement –Skills to be aligned with requirements of Learn to Train and Learn to Compete skill progressions

8 Skating Skills - Status First Draft program designed (pre-preliminary to Gold). General Principles through program: –Skills introduced in isolation and then revisited integrated in exercises with more speed –Each level has the following components (A) Edge (B) Turn (C) Stroking (D) Field Movements –At higher levels more focus is on integrated/speed exercises. –Every level will have teaching progressions, training suggestions and standards of performance

9 Skating Skills - Status LEVELPassEDGETURNSTROKINGMoves Pre- Preliminary 7 of 9 S+FO Edges FI Edge Fwd three turns FI Mk + BO Ctw Fwd Basic Bwd Basic FO Spiral FI Spiral One optional FM Preliminary9 of 11 S+BO Edges BI Edges Fwd Circle-Circle Bwd three turns FO 3 + BI Ctw Fwd Tempo Bwd Tempo Russian Stroking BO Spiral BI Spiral One optional FM Junior Bronze9 of 11 S+Bwd Circle-Circle Fwd Change Edge Inside Quick Edge Fwd Brackets Fwd Double 3’s Multi-Turn Ex. Power 3’s 8-Step Circle Two adv. spirals One optional FM Senior Bronze7 of 9 S+Bwd Change Edge Outside Quick Edge Loops Bwd Double 3’s FI + BO Ctw 3-Change-3 Waltz Circle Step Sequence FM ½ Sequence Junior Silver5 of 7 S+Rkr-Change-RkrRocker Turns Twizzles COE-Ctw Bow-Tie Step Sequence FM Sequence Senior Silver5 of 6 S+Ctr-Change-Ctr Lo-Change-Lo Counter TurnsBWD double 3/ /change double 3 Step Sequence FM Sequence GOLDPASSCreative Exercise (as current)

10 Skating Skills - Status Turn Example: Fwd Mohawk/ Choctaw –PRE-PRELIMINARY

11 Skating Skills - Status Turn Example: FO Three-Turn/ Choctaw –PRELIMINARY

12 Skating Skills - Status Edge Example: Rocker Edges –JUNIOR SILVER

13 Edge Example: Counter Edges –SENIOR SILVER Skating Skills - Status

14 Stroking Example: Fwd Perimeter –PRE-PRELIMINARY Skating Skills - Status

15 Stroking Example: 2x3 Change 2x3 –SENIOR SILVER

16 Free Skating - Status Stroking and Field Moves removed from Part A Pre-preliminary test being constructed Elements re-aligned –To match LTAD skill progression definitions –To match CPC language and requirements

17 Free Skating - Status Pre-PreliminaryPreliminaryJunior Bronze Part 1: Jump Bunny Hop Waltz Jump Toe-Loop Salchow Loop Flip Waltz+ToeLoop Flip Lutz Axel Loop+Loop Part 1: Spin Two Foot Spin Fwd One-Foot Bwd One-Foot Sit Spin Camel Spin Change Upright Spin Bwd Camel Spin Change Sit Spin Flying Camel or Sit Spin Combination Spin Part 2 Program N/A 2:00 ± 0:10 Content as current test

18 Free Skating - Status Senior BronzeJunior SilverSenior SilverGold Part 1: Jump Single Lutz Single Axel Double Salchow Double Toe-Loop Combination incl. Double Single Axel Double Salchow Double Toe-Loop One of: 2Lo; 2F; 2Lz Combination incl. 2 nd jump double Single Axel Double Salchow Double Toe-Loop Double Loop One of: 2F or 2Lz Combination (2+2) Single Axel Double Salchow Double Toe-Loop Double Loop Double Flip Double Lutz Combination (2+2 or 3+2) Part 1: Spin Bwd Sit Spin Layback or Bwd Camel+Sit Combination Spin Camel or sit with DV Bwd Change foot Layback or Crossfoot Flying Sit Spin Combination Spin Change foot spin with change of edge One foot combination (with 2 DVs) Flying Spin with DV Combination Spin Change foot spin with change of edge & DV Layback or Usp with DV Flying Sit Spin Level 2 Combination Spin Part 2 Program As Pre-JuvenileAs JuvenileAs Pre-Novice FSAs Novice FS

19 Ice Dance - Status There are no major changes anticipated The following open questions remain, and need to be resolved: –Is there a need for a Pre-Preliminary Dance Test? –What is the role of partnering in the testing of compulsory dances? Is it important enough to accept all of the road blocks it creates –Should we consider the development of a solo free- dance (interpretive) stream aligned with CPC that could be tested and competed?

20 Interpretive - Status No major changes anticipated –Evaluation language to be changed to match program component language Interpretive program primarily services athletes in the participatory and Active for Life streams

21 General Open Questions The following important questions will be discussed at the meeting on May 30: –The role of coach evaluation at the Learn to Train stage (pre-preliminary through jr. bronze) –Competition alignment with program structure –The role of the Juvenile and Pre-Novice competitive tests (all disciplines)

22 Next Steps Full discussion/ consultation with section representatives on May 30 th This first draft to go to a larger group of STARSkate and CompetitiveSkate coaches for feedback – Jul/Aug 2010 Second draft developed based on consultation – Sept/Oct 2010 Pre-Preliminary through Junior Bronze stages to be integrated into a Learn to Train program testing (target date: January, 2011)

23 Questions/ Comments

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