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On the Move Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four Day Five Daily Practice Phonics Lesson High Frequency Words Additional Resources.

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1 On the Move Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four Day Five Daily Practice Phonics Lesson High Frequency Words Additional Resources

2 Question of the Day How do people in different parts of the world travel?

3 Main Idea When we read a selection, we think about what it is all about and what the writer wants us to know. This is called the main idea.

4 Amazing Words

5 The dog ran to nick

6 The dog ran to Nick.



9 drum grin reddrop get mud Jan sattub hit will hop cup big bus Word Practice

10 High Frequency Words where come a go they for lookto see the islike has she




14 Nouns Remember, nouns name people, places, and things. Tim saw a tiger at the zoo. What are the nouns in this sentence?

15 Let’s Write- Nouns I would like each of you to think of a place you would like to visit. We are going to write a sentence that has two nouns in it. The first noun will be your name; the second noun will be the place you want to visit.


17 Question of the Day Where is your favorite place?

18 the dog can sit on the mat

19 The dog can sit on the mat.

20 Shared Reading Pages 2–3 What is the girl looking at on this page? What is the girl thinking about? Pages 4–5 What form of transportation is the family going on? Pages 6–7 Where does an airplane travel? Why do you think everything looks so small when you are on a plane?

21 Shared Reading Pages 8–9 How many wheels does this truck have? Where do you think this truck is going? Pages 10–11 What is this train traveling on? Have you ever been on a train? Pages 12–13 What kind of animal is this? Where could a llama go that a car or bus couldn't go?

22 Shared Reading Pages 14–15 What kind of a boat is this? How hard would it be to stay on this raft? Pages 16–17 What is the best way to travel in a swamp? How is an airboat different from other kinds of boats? Pages 18–19 What kind of bus can carry many people? How is a doubledecker bus different from a regular bus?

23 Shared Reading Pages 20–21 What allows a helicopter to stay in the sky? Can you think of other forms of transportation that fly in the sky? Pages 22–23 What is this picture showing? What color is the land where we live? Page 24 These are some more facts about things we heard about when we read today. What are the pictures showing? Which one of these forms of transportation travels the fastest?

24 Main Idea The author tells us about many ways to travel in On the Move! What are some ways the author tells us about? What do you think On the Move! is all about? Do you think it is about one way to travel or all of the ways to travel? I think On the Move! is all about many ways to travel around the world. What do you think?

25 Word Work Bev

26 Val

27 and

28 Mom

29 van

30 will

31 Word Work top

32 zap

33 has

34 red

35 can

36 it

37 in

38 Word Practice cometheylookfor seethelike has





43 Let’s Write- Main Idea and a Detail Start by writing the main idea. Then add one detail.


45 Question of the Day Where can you zip through a town in a van?

46 can you go in A van?

47 Can you go in a van?

48 Cause and Effect Why doesn't everybody in the world travel by land? Why does a truck need more wheels than a car? Why do camels carry people in the desert but llamas do not? Why do some buses have two levels and other buses only have one?

49 Main Idea Of the many ways that people around the world go places, what ways have you traveled? What way of traveling would you like to try? What other animals can you think of that help people travel?

50 j a zz

51 Jan

52 and

53 Dad

54 zip

55 up

56 get

57 in

58 van

59 Jem

60 next

61 can

62 us

63 went

64 will

65 Bev

66 st op

67 bus

68 band

69 big

70 fun

71 did

72 wherecome they see with have

73 likeseeatomeis

74 dowherewewastheyou




78 Let’s Write In On the Move! people sometimes use animals to help them get from place to place. Some people travel on a camel, a llama, a horse, or even a donkey. What animal would you choose to ride? I want to ride on a camel.

79 Question of the Day What are some ways people travel on water?

80 he is on a Camel.

81 He is on a camel.


83 High Frequency Words come where here is a do with




87 Let’s Write Today we are going to make posters for our favorite forms of transportation. Your poster should get other people to want to ride that transportation just like an advertisement on television or in a newspaper. Go by _________________! Better than _________________!

88 Question of the Day How do people in different parts of the world travel?

89 a man can go to the moon

90 A man can go to the moon.

91 High Frequency Words where

92 High Frequency Words come

93 High Frequency Words yellow

94 High Frequency Words said

95 High Frequency Words was

96 High Frequency Words blue

97 High Frequency Words what

98 High Frequency Words green

99 High Frequency Words like

100 High Frequency Words see

101 High Frequency Words do

102 High Frequency Words that

103 High Frequency Words one

104 High Frequency Words they

105 High Frequency Words you

106 High Frequency Words of

107 High Frequency Words two

108 High Frequency Words look

109 High Frequency Words she

110 High Frequency Words three

111 High Frequency Words we

112 High Frequency Words me

113 High Frequency Words for

114 High Frequency Words we

115 High Frequency Words he

116 High Frequency Words my

117 High Frequency Words four

118 High Frequency Words has

119 High Frequency Words five

120 High Frequency Words is

121 High Frequency Words have

122 High Frequency Words little

123 High Frequency Words I

124 a

125 the

126 High Frequency Words with

127 High Frequency Words go

128 Resources Starfall- letter Vv Starfall- letter Zz Cookie Monster- letter Vv Cookie Monster- letter Zz Letter Bugs Word Spelling Interactive Maps Kindergarten Kove

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