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ServiceMix future Jean-Baptiste Onofré, Talend 2011-11-10.

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1 ServiceMix future Jean-Baptiste Onofré, Talend, 2011-11-10

2 Summary  SMX versions  Current state: architecture and NMR features  Short term: SMX 4.4  Middle term: SMX 5

3 My Background  Jean-Baptiste Onofré  Software Architect at Talend  ASF member  PMC for Karaf and ServiceMix  Committer for ACE, Camel, Kalumet

4 ServiceMix ?  Apache ESB  Reliable messaging  Routing/messaging/EIP  WS/REST  WS-BPEL  Production ready feature (provisioning, cluster, etc)

5 SMX 3: old stable Spring ActiveMQ ServiceMix JBI Components CamelCXF  Very popular in production  Powered by Spring, and JBI oriented

6 SMX 4: current stable Karaf ActiveMQ  OSGi/Karaf powered  NMR layer  JBI backward compatible CamelCXF NMR JBI ServiceMix JBI Components CamelCXF

7 Pro/Cons ServiceMix 3ServoceMix 4 + Great adoption+ Very stable + Documentation- Poor documentation/website - Only JBI and Spring+OSGi/Karaf, highly extendable - Production tooling/features+ Provisioning, failover, enterprise feature

8 Short term  SMX JBI Components 2011.02: dependencies upgrade (ActiveMQ 5.5.0, Camel 2.8.3, CXF 2.5.0)  SMX Specs 1.9.0  SMX Utils 1.5.0  SMX 3.4: last SMX3 release, just dependencies upgrade

9 Short term: SMX 4.4  Dependencies upgrade: Karaf 2.2.4, ActiveMQ 5.5.0, Camel 2.8.3, CXF 2.4.4  Documentation/website  Improvement on build and remove the JBI layer by default  Focus on the NMR 1.5.0 features

10 Current NMR status  NMR is a feature: core bus of SMX4  NMR is highly plug and play  JBI is just a subset of the NMR

11 NMR security  Users authentication  Endpoint access authorization  Exposed as OSGi services:  Configured as service properties: endpoint, operation, type, roles, rank

12 NMR JNDI  Provide a JNDI context factory  Expose OSGi service as JNDI using osgi:services/ [/filter] InitialContext context = new InitialContext(); ExampleService = (ExampleService) context.lookup("osgi:services/com.example.ExampleService");

13 NMR Interceptors  Intercept messages between NMR endpoints using: – NMR events (global) – Wires (specific from/to)

14 NMR Events  API receiving notifications  EndpointListener public interface EndpointListener { void endpointRegistered(InternalEndpoint endpoint); void endpointUnregistered(InternalEndpoint endpoint); }  ExchangeListener public interface ExchangeListener { void exchangeSent(Exchange exchange); void exchangeDelivered(Exchange exchange); void exchangeFailed(Exchange exchange); }  Registration as OSGi services

15 NMR Audit  File or JBDC auditor  Store all exchanges including mep, status, role, properties, in (content and properties), out (content and properties), fault (content and properties)  Shell commands to manipulate the audit log: audit/find “status: error”

16 SMX5, Karaf Karaf 3 with profiles, OSGi subsystem, etc Karaf Cellar cluster support (especially around DOSGi) Karaf Cave as default repository/registry Provide a complete pro console (leveraging the new Karaf WebConsole sub-project)

17 SMX5, from NMR to Camel Promote Camel as the premium solution for routing (replacement of the NMR) Refactor most interesting NMR features to be Camel oriented (audit, events, tracing, etc) Leverage Camel new features: support of async transactions, unified statistics, improvement of the ThreadPoolProfile for thread management, etc

18 SMX5, CXF Leverage new CXF features: Better OSGi/Karaf integration (new shell commands, etc), including config admin to configure CXF workqueues Better management capabilities Better performance especially around WS-Security Security: STS, WS-Trust support, JAX-RS security (OAuth 2, SAML, etc) Update to WS-RM 1.1 Update to use CXF WS-Notification

19 Sources  Links – – – – –

20 Contact  Jean-Baptiste (JB) Onofré Q&A

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