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Gion Matsuri.

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1 Gion Matsuri

2 What is Gion Matsuri? A festival held in Kyoto, Japan for the entire month of July. All events are funded, arranged, and performed by the citizens on Kyoto. The festival is to celebrate a Shinto priest who appeased the gods, and ended the plague of 869 A.D.

3 Yasaka Shrine Home of a Shinto priest, whom in led a parade of people through Kyoto to appease the gods, and end the plague. Today the shrine helps to organize the festivities of Gion Matsuri and ward off evil diseases.

4 Parades of Gion Matsuri
There is a different parade every night over the course of the one month festival. Each night a new theme of Japanese history is portrayed.

5 Hoko and Yama Thirty-one large floats are paraded through Kyoto.
Each float provides its own music and music and entertainment.

6 Sagi-Mai A male and female swan dance together in a holy ceremony.
At the end of the dance a third performer dressed as a serpent is chased from the stage.

7 Noh Performance A without dialogue
Very little scenery or props are used. Performers were a mask so that all emotion is told through motion, narration, and music. Often Religious inspired stories.

8 Kyogen Plays Comic plays entirely based off of dialog.
Many more props and scenery are used. Plays are often very short, and can be used as a break to serious Noh performances.

9 Common treats of the Festival
Takoyaki – Flaky pastry around chunks of Octopus meat. Tomorokoshi – Grilled corn on the cob, basted in soy sauce.

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