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The Black Death, 1348 D e a t h The Plague occurred in 3 Forms P NEUMONIC P HASE Attacked the Lungs Caused fierce coughing & sneezing fits Chest.

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4 The Black Death, 1348

5 D e a t h The Plague occurred in 3 Forms P NEUMONIC P HASE Attacked the Lungs Caused fierce coughing & sneezing fits Chest pain, Bloody sputum S EPTICEMIC P HASE Rarest and Deadliest Traveled thru bloodstream Black spots beneath skin Victims choked on own blood, Excruciating Pain! B UBONIC P HASE Most Common Egg-sized swellings (buboes) Neck, armpits, groin (dark blisters) Headaches, Weakness, Nausea/Vomiting Severe Fever and Delirium The Whirligig was not that bad of a torture. It just spun the victim around in circles until he puked, mostly all over himself.




9 Myth or Fact? (Song) Ring around the rosie, A pocket full of posies, Ashes! Ashes! We all fall down!


11 WHY? Ignorance Surrounded Cause and Cure Europeans were Frantic Blames Alignment of Planets Infected Clothing, Humans God’s Wrath aimed at Sin Jews Cures/Remedies Pomanders Mixture of Molasses & Chopped Snake Repentance Flagellants

12 The Flagellant Brahren Singing hymns and sobbing, the men beat themselves with scourges studded with iron spikes. Blood gushes from their many wounds, and the spikes embed themselves in the torn flesh. The ritual is performed in public twice each day. Such exhibitions are highly influential. The establishment may focus their attacks on church corruption and their promotion of a wave of savage anti- Semitism. but the masses worship the flagellants as living martyrs. Their deeds are to be admired and their commands to be carried out. Many Followers massacred Jews believing they had poisoned society.

13 The burning of Jews in 1349 (from a European chronicle written on the Black Death between 1349 and 1352)

14 Black Death Carried by Ships throughout Europe Rats infested the goods on board



17 Origins Originated in Mongolia’s Gobi desert Moved along the Silk Road to Black Sea Bacteria carried by fleas, lived on black rats Major trade/commercial cities were good hosts Sicily in 1347, England 1348, culminating in Russia 1352 Unstoppable Force “Victims ate lunch with their friends and dinner with their ancestors in paradise."

18 Her keyser euch hilft nicht das swert Czeptir vnd crone sint hy nicht wert Ich habe euch bey der hand genomen Ir must an meynen reyen komen Emperor, your sword won’t help you out Sceptre and crown are worthless here I’ve taken you by the hand For you must come to my dance At the bottom end of the Totentanz Death calls e.g. the peasant to dance and he answers: Ich habe gehabt [vil arbeit gross] Der sweis mir du[rch die haut floss] Noch wolde ich ger[n dem tod empfliehen] Zo habe ich des glu[cks nit hie] I had to work very much and very hard The sweat was running down my skin I’d like to escape death nontheless But here I won’t have any luck Michael Wolgemut

19 Effect on European Civilization

20 DISASTER STRIKES Estimated population of Europe from 1000 to 1352. 1000 38 million 1100 48 million 1200 59 million 1300 70 million 1347 75 million 1352 50 million 25 million people died in just under five years between 1347 and 1352.

21 THE TRUE CAUSE OF THE PLAGUE The Swiss scientist Alexandre Yersin discovered the true cause of plague. The bubonic plague, an infectious disease, are caused by microbes that invade the human body. The microbes that cause the plague are a type of bacteria known as the Yersinia pestis. The bubonic plague, however, does not start in humans. Instead it infects only rats and cannot be spread directly from rats to humans. Fleas, which live on the rats for food, abandon the rat when the rat dies. If these fleas then find a human the, Yersinia pestis is injected into the bloodstream. Then the disease can spread from man to man.

22 How it was Transmitted Yersinia pestis seen at 2000x magnification. This bacterium, carried and spread by fleas, is the cause of the various forms of the disease plague

23 Flea which carries the yersinia pestis

24 History of Plague Justinian’s Plague (541-542) killed ¼ pop. of Mediterranean 6 th & 8 th C. breakouts 16 th, 17 th, 18 th C. Pandemics Italian, London, Vienna, Marseilles, Russia 3 rd Pandemic (Asian Plague) – 19 th, 20 th C. ~15 million dead (India, China, Russia) Biological Weapon (Japanese, WWII) Looked at Medieval Styles of Catapulting Infected Bodies into Castles Released Infected Fleas in China, Manchuria Studied Live Subject, Dissecting WhAt NeXt?



27 SYMPTOMS ~painful swellings called buboes which commonly appeared in armpits and groin area ~dark blisters and purple blotches appeared on skin ~fever ~severe headaches ~increasing weakness SYMPTOMS

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