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The Black Plague.

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1 The Black Plague

2 The Plague: Primary Source Quotes Taken from Jackdaw’s The Black Death Packet     “So great was the want of laborers that a third part and more of the land throughout the entire kingdom went uncultivated [unfarmed].”   - A chronicler in England (The Economic Effect, Broadsheet VI)    “…with constant fever, there were external carbuncles, or buboes [swollen, red, puss-filled lump beneath the skin], under the arm or in the groin and the disease ran its course in five days. The contagion was so great, especially when there was blood-spitting, that even by looking at the sick, people seemed to take it.”   - Guy de Chauliac, physician to Pope Clement VI (Diagnosis, Broadsheet II)   By April, 1348, “more than half the people at Avignon [French village] are already dead and within the walls of the city there are more than 7,000 houses shut up. In three months…62,000 bodies have been buried in Avignon.”   - Anonymous writer (Rules and Regulations Broadsheet III)

3 What is the Black Plague
A plague caused by the bacterium Pastuerella pestis

4 Multiple names Multiple names How do you think these names formed?
The Bubonic Plaque The Black Death The Black Plague How do you think these names formed?

5 Three types of the Black Plague
Pneumonic plague Attacked the lungs Septicemic plague Rarest form and most deadly Traveled in the blood stream Bubonic plague Most common Egg-sized swellings called buboes Appreared on the neck, armpits, and groin Caused fever and delerium

6 Where did the Plague come from?
Plague originated in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia Spread through Europe on trade routes such as the Silk Road

7 What carried the plague
The plague was hosted by fleas The fleas were hosted by rats Rats were on the ships that were used to trade goods

8 Consequences of the Plague
One-Third of Europe’s population died as a result of the plague Estimated to be 25 million people Who was effected by the plague? Everyone Priest Skilled workers Common man

9 With so many deaths… With so many deaths what did people do?
What happened to skilled positions?

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