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All Saints Episcopal Church introduces A Firmer Foundation.

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2 All Saints Episcopal Church introduces A Firmer Foundation


4 What is A Firmer Foundation? A Firmer Foundation is a three-year no frills fundraising campaign to repair and revitalize All Saints’ existing buildings and grounds, along with related systems and facilities. The total campaign fundraising goal is $350,000.

5 Why does All Saints need a fundraising campaign?  Over the years, a number of maintenance, repairs and upgrades have been deferred, as other parish priorities have required attention.  Our annual budget, which provides funding to pay only for the necessities, could not cover the cost of these projects.

6 When will A Firmer Foundation start its fundraising and projects?  The Firmer Foundation Campaign officially organized in January 2014, and projects will be done during the years of 2014, 2015 and 2016, as money is available.  A six-person campaign executive committee is leading the effort, assisted by five subcommittees.

7 What does A Firmer Foundation hope to accomplish? The Firmer Foundation Campaign has four goals: 1)To repay the All Saints Endowment Fund $28,000, borrowed for three emergency roof repairs in 2013. 2)To raise $187,000 for over two dozen buildings and grounds repair and revitalization projects. 3)To build a $100,000 reserve in All Saints’ Tomorrow Fund to ensure financial stability. 4)To donate 10 percent of all monies raised to outreach and charity work, with a total outreach donation goal of $35,000.

8 What projects will be part of the Firmer Foundation Campaign? The All Saints Building and Grounds Committee and parish members identified over two dozen repair and revitalization projects that are essential to the current or future well-being of our facilities, and to ensure that the needs of our youth are being met.

9 How can I learn more about a Firmer Foundation?  A detailed list of projects may be downloaded from the All Saints website at  Pick up the eight-page illustrative and informational packet of materials that will be distributed to members at the campaign launch event.  Attend the official campaign launch event on March 2!

10 SAVE THE DATE! What:A Firmer Foundation Celebratory Launch When: Sunday, March 2 Where: All Saints Undercroft All Saints is planning very special coffee hours following the March 2 worship services and everyone is encouraged to attend! Campaign committee members will be available to answer your questions. You will know them by their “ASK ME” lapel badge.

11 LET US PRAY Gracious God, we gather united in this parish home we call All Saints Episcopal Church. We thank you for your love and wisdom that provides us with the strength to work together. You always provide us with all we need. We ask for your guidance about our buildings and grounds needs, and trust that you will show us the way to be good stewards. As we go forward with the Firmer Foundation Campaign, please help us continue to work together as a family built on your gifts of faith, hope and love. This we ask through Christ Our Lord. Amen

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