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Stakeholder Consultation and Engagement February 2008.

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1 Stakeholder Consultation and Engagement February 2008

2 Purpose of today To inform you about what an Acadamy is and what is planned for Sidney Stringer To show you the timetable and what needs to be done To get your ideas for the project – what do you want this Academy to do and to be like?

3 Who are Place Group? (represented by Belinda and Helen) Place Group are Project Managers for the Academy We are working closely with the Sponsors who are taking the lead on developing the Academy proposals Part of our work is to ensure that people with an interest in the Academy are consulted on the plans It is our role to collect your views and to report them to the Sponsors so that they can be considered by them as they develop their proposals The Government (Department for Children, Schools and Families) are also overseeing the project, since they will fund the Academy, should it go ahead

4 What is an Academy? Academies are independent schools, funded by the Government, to enable first class education to be offered to students, free of charge They are supported by Sponsors who provide their own expertise to help schools raise students’ achievement and promote learning across the whole community An Academy and its Sponsors focus on providing the very best facilities and teaching and learning practices giving all students value and benefit from their education and to give them the right skills and opportunities for their future An Academy also extends these learning opportunities and use of its facilities to the whole community, so that they too can benefit from what it is offered

5 Why should Sidney Stringer School become an Academy? By providing the community with a brand new building with world class facilities AND the support and expertise of the Sponsors, we will be transforming the lives and life chances of the local young people It will be better placed to cope with the rapidly changing technological world we live in It will enable Sidney Stringer School to move from being a good school to being outstanding

6 Who are the Sponsors and what benefits will they bring to the Academy? Two lead Sponsors: Coventry City Council City College Coventry Two co-Sponsors: Coventry University Jaguar

7 Timetable and what needs to be done Feasibility phase starts September 2007 ‘Funding Agreement’ signed June 2008 Implementation phase starts Academy opens in existing buildings September 2010 Transfer to new buildings September 2011 10 months 25 months 12 months

8 Any questions?

9 How can you get involved? Please consider the following questions…….. What should be the name for the new Academy? What would you like the Academy to offer to the students? What are your thoughts about the specialism? What things do you think students should achieve? What type of school would you like the Academy to be? How can the Academy support people in the Community? Anything else you would like to add! Complete the questionnaire available and send it to us using the FREEPOST envelope provided Visit

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