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Polish food..

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1 Polish food.

2 Breakfast In Poland we often eat eggs , cereals , sandwiches and other things for breakfast.

3 A lot of people in Poland drink tea or cocao too.
Adults often drink coffee but children drink special coffee " inka” - it is chicory coffee. A lot of people in Poland drink tea or cocao too.

4 Our lunch is similar to British elevenses and we eat sandwiches or fruit.

5 Dinner For dinner we eat soup and a main course. It often consists of meat, potatoes and salads. In Poland we eat many things. For example in my area we often eat roast meat.

6 A lot of people cook soups like broth, borscht, white borsch and many others.

7 Tea/ Afternoon snack In the afternoon we eat something sweet for
example cakes, ice cream, cookies or just fruits. Of course we often drink coffee then.

8 For supper we eat sandwiches, sausages, salads etc.

9 In Poland we have a lot of restaurants
In Poland we have a lot of restaurants. You can eat dishes from all over the world! We have American fast food, Italian pizza and even Japanese sushi ! Of course we have traditional polish food too.

10 Traditional Silesian food.
Traditional Silesian food is associated with chicken soup and „żurek” (soup made from fermented flour). The main course is meat rolls or roast meat, cabbage, gravy and noodles.

11 Healthy eating habits A healthy diet should consist of healthy products and so called slow food. Our diet should be rich in proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. We can find them in milk products, vegetables and fruits, meat, fish or eggs. 


13 Everyday diet should be rich in fibre particularly at the tendency to constipations, when lying nutritional mass contaminates the body and it causes problems with the complexion.

14 We should drink 2.5 of litres of water per day, we should always eat 5 meals per day i.e. less but more often. Thanks to that we will look and feel better.

15 Healthy nutrition means eating breakfast every day, a portion of vegetables must also be eaten. Fruits should be fresh. Remeber that fresh fruits are better than tinned or frozen or juices.

16 It is necessary to eat sweets rarely since they contain lots of sugar.

17 Thanks for watching the presentation.

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