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CLASS BANQUET A Guide to healthy and delicious foods A Guide to healthy and delicious foods.

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1 CLASS BANQUET A Guide to healthy and delicious foods A Guide to healthy and delicious foods

2 Milk is good for…?

3 Why do people drink coffee?

4 Hot chocolate is best at what time of day?

5 What ingredients are usually found in soda?

6 Does beer have nutritious value? Why or why not?

7 Does anyone in your family drink wine? If yes, who? For what occasion?

8 What, if any, are the benefits of drinking lemonade?

9 What is the recommended amount of water you should drink every day?

10 What are the positive and negative factors for eating eggs?

11 What nutrition does butter provide our bodies?

12 What are the positives and negatives of eating cheese?

13 Name two main food ingredients in ice cream. Positives? Negatives?

14 Which dairy product has the most positive value: Milk? Cream? Cheese? Butter? Ice cream?

15 How many servings of fruit should you eat every day? One? Three? Five?

16 What vitamin do lemons provide? What disease does this vitamin prevent?

17 What mineral do bananas provide? Have you ever eaten a banana and peanut-butter sandwich? Very good!

18 Strawberries provide the same mineral as bananas.

19 Cherries have many health benefits.

20 Eating orange-colored vegetables is good for your eyes!

21 Nutitionists recommend eating yellow or orange-colored vegetables every day.

22 Which of these do you eat the most often?

23 Grapes are a wonderful source of anti- oxidants, so good for your circulatory system!

24 Cucumbers help to remove waste and toxins from our body.

25 Rich in iron, green beans serve as a very good source of energy.

26 Mushrooms are an excellent source of potassium, a mineral that helps lower elevated blood pressure.

27 Eating more seafood is one way that most of us can help improve our diets—and our health.

28 Healthy ways to enjoy fish include baked, poached, grilled and steamed.

29 Shrimp is a good source of vitamin D. which helps our body use calcium and phosphorus, essential for strong teeth and bones.

30 Sushi, like other fish, is both a brain and a heart food.

31 Grass-fed beef is a major source of Omega 3 fats.

32 Which is healthier, baked or fried chicken? Why?

33 Is there such a thing as a healthy hamburger? Why? Or…Why not?

34 Prepared meats are filled with toxic chemicals. Stay away!

35 As a source of protein, chicken is one of the best.

36 Bacon is dangerous! Full of cholesterol and carcinogens!

37 Sugar and butter can be killers!

38 Do you eat fresh bread every day? Why or why not?

39 Wheat is the most important cereal crop in the world.

40 Which is better for you, fresh apples or apple pie? Why?

41 Can pie crust meet your body’s need for benefits of wheat?

42 What is unhealthy about this picture?

43 What is the best food in this picture? Why?

44 A balance of color means a good balance of nutrition.

45 What’s good about this picture? Why?

46 What kind of nutrition value do you see?

47 What nutrition can you see here?

48 And here?

49 Describe the positives and negatives here?

50 Positives? Negatives?










60 Are you hungry? Why? Why not?

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