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1 Phosphorus

2 Biogeochemical Cycle cycle.jpg

3 Phosphorus  Phosphorus is a vital nutrient necessary for plants and animals in the form of PO 4 3- and HPO 4 2-.  Phosphorus is the building block of important parts of the body such as bones and teeth.  About 80% of the world’s phosphorus is used in fertilizers and soft drinks.  Phosphorus does not entre the atmosphere it stays in rocks and soil minerals.

4 Phosphorus  Unlike other cycles of matter compounds, phosphorus cannot be found in atmosphere as a gas.  It usually cycles through water, soil, and sediments.

5 Phosphorous Cycle  First phosphorus is eroded off of rocks and deposited in the soil.  Now in the soil, phosphorus is absorbed into the clay and other organic material within the soil.  Next plants dissolve the ionized phosphates in the soil.  Then the phosphates are absorbed by herbivores when they consume the plants and then into carnivores when they eat the herbivores.  Finally phosphorus is deposited back into the soil when plants and animals decay or through animal waste.


7 Human Effects  The mining of phosphate ores for fertilizer affects the time cycle of the phosphorus cycle.  Mining results in the premature release of phosphates into the cycle which can cause an abundance of algae to form and cause hypoxia.  Normal levels of Phosphorus in surface water.01 to.03 mg/l

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