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HCMS Information for parents of rising 6 th graders.

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1 HCMS Information for parents of rising 6 th graders

2 Office Staff Ms. Cassidy (Principal) Ms. Hardin (Assistant Principal) Ms. Hudler (Secretary) Ms. Barbour (Data Manager) Ms. Henderson (Treasurer) Office

3 o This is where you take doctors, absences, and bus notes o Call home (must have a good reason) o Signing in or out - student will not be released to anyone but a parent or legal guardian unless written approval by parent. o You can also find the nurse here

4  Arriving Car rider – you get dropped off and picked up at the main entrance Bus- you get dropped and picked up at the back parking lot.  Times 7:05 –students should be in homeroom 7:10 –morning announcements will count tardy after that 7:15 –homeroom ends and students move on to next class Morning Routine

5  Morning Checklist Locker Go to breakfast (before class) Return books and magazines Restroom on your hall

6  Guidance Staff Ms. Miles  Location The guidance is located across the main office Guidance

7  What is Guidance? The guidance helps children with problems that they have in and out of school. And if you desire to change classes you can at the guidance (have to have a good reason). Let them know if you are moving so they can mail your files. A better time to come in is at tutorial You may need to fill out some paper before you come in

8 Lockers

9 What can kids have in their lockers? Instruments (if they fit) School books Accelerated Reader books Book bags Lunch (if your child brings their lunch to school) Gym bag Cell phones

10 Can you have locks for gym? You can have a lock for gym, BUT you must buy it yourself and take it off everyday.

11 Teachers 6 th Grade and Encore

12 Who are the 6 th grade teachers? Penguins Team Ms. Rogers Mr. Hensley SeaHawks Team Ms. Doyle Ms. Oliver Herons Team Ms. Hill Ms. Keim Ms. Marley Ms. Seidel Owl Team Ms. Jones & Ms. Godfrey

13 Encore Teachers Visual arts- (Semester)- Ms. Perritt Keyboarding- (Semester)- Mr. Cornell & Ms. Peterson Physical Education- (Semester)- Ms. Jones, Mr. Davies, Ms. Schroeder Spanish- (Semester)- Ms. Lemke Chinese- (Semester)- Ms. Lei

14 Encore Teachers cont. Chorus- (Year long)- Ms. Thompson Strings- (Year long)- Ms. Piper Career Education- (Semester)- Mr. Appleton Band- (Year long)- Mr. Edmonds Some Encore courses are year long. Semester Encores change after 18 weeks

15 Media Center Librarians and Procedures

16 Media Center  How to check in and check out of the library. You will go to the podium and put your first name, last name, teachers name, the date and the time you came in into the check in book. To check out you will write the time down that you are leaving.

17 Media Center  How to fill out your planner You will put your first name, last name, and the book title on the due date. This information should be written in purple pen. The panther paws located on the front desk will show you the due date.

18 Media Center  How to check out a book You will have to stand between the chairs and wait till one of the librarians to help you out.

19 Media Center The Library Staff Ms. Light Ms. Young

20 School Procedures

21 Students walk on the green part of the hallways. Different punishments for breaking rules are: After School Detention In School Suspension Out of School Suspension Backpacks must be kept in lockers!

22 School Procedures cont. Students must have their planners with them when moving around on campus!

23 Cafeteria Procedures No food or drink allowed outside of cafeteria without a teacher’s permission. To get food from the ala cart line, you must not owe lunch money. This line is different from the regular lunch line. Do not touch the Cafeteria windows, unless you want to clean them!

24 Dress Code Sleeves and Knees! Students must have sleeves going past the shoulders Shorts may not be above the knees, including slits going up the side or backside of the shorts No tight or form fitting clothing permitted!!!

25 Extra- Curricular Activities

26 Chorus, Band, and Orchestra Chorus, band and orchestra are year long choices for Encore. All of these offer you various opportunities such as All County and All State. If you are in band you also have the option of pep band and jazz band in 7 th and 8 th grade.

27 Fundraisers & MADD Some fundraisers are Pasta for Pennies, Candy Man, BoxTops and the Panther Feast. We encourage participation in fundraisers and community service activities!

28 SGA & NJHS Students who have met certain criteria may be inducted into the NJHS at the end of their 7 th grade year. Students must have an “A” average, show leadership qualities and be willing to participate in community service. A group of students, representing 6 th,7 th and 8 th grade, who show leadership qualities and are willing to participate in community building activities. Student Government Association National Junior Honor Society

29 AVID & Cheerleading Advance Via Individual Determination AVID is a program that helps build organization skills and supports students who may need extra guidance in order to prepare them for college. Cheerleading Cheerleading is an activity boys and girls may try out for. This group supports the athletic program while also participating in competitions.

30 Sports You must be in the 7 th or 8 th grade to participate in sports. You must pass reading & math, social studies or science and 1 Encore rotation. You can’t be over 15 years old by mid October. MUST have a current physical. Softball, Football, Baseball,Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Cheerleading, Track & Field and Wrestling.

31 Battle of the Books, Odyssey of the Mind and Academic Derby Battle of the Books is a competition based on 27 books. Students compete against schools and answer trivia questions about the books. Odyssey of the Mind is where you show off you imagination and creativity while working with others. Academic Derby is where you are asked trivia questions about all areas of academics while competing against different schools.

32 Welcome to Hunters Creek! If you are interested in volunteering with SGA activities supporting our entire school this year, please contact Ms. Jones or Ms. Light.

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