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Leading People. Leading Organizations. Diversity Best Practices in SHRM Chapters & State Councils 2009 Office of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives.

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1 Leading People. Leading Organizations. Diversity Best Practices in SHRM Chapters & State Councils 2009 Office of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

2 Leading People. Leading Organizations. 2 How to use this document This “Diversity Best Practices” document is intended for volunteer chapter and state council leaders tasked with furthering the Diversity & Inclusion aims of their organizations. Each “Best Practice” is named and described, and a representative from each chapter or state council is noted (with appropriate contact information) so that they can be contacted with questions. This document is in no particular order and is not intended to be comprehensive; that is, many chapters and state councils did amazing work last year that will not be captured here. However, we believe that it is important to spread helpful information whenever possible, and not be constrained by the information we don’t know. That being said, if you have something you’d like to add to this year’s or next year’s document, please contact Eric Peterson (see last slide).

3 Leading People. Leading Organizations. 3 Mission Career Success Chapter or State Council: Garden State Council-SHRM Program/Project Description: In a quest to provide support for the brave women and men who served us and our country so well GSC-SHRM partnered with Fort Dix, Employer Support of the Guard & Reserve (ESGR), GI Go Fund and Tip of the Arrow to produce a career transition program designed to assist all service members with the successful transition from active service into civilian employment. Nearly 600 service members received personalized, one-on-one career coaching from over 140 professional Human Resource and Coaching volunteers. The event produced a videotaped SME panel discussion on job search, interviewing techniques and entrepreneurship. Workshops focused on networking, job search technology and ADA accommodation assistance. Resume lab services provided on the spot changes in preparation for the job fair (free to the 80+ participating employers with current openings) serving up job opportunities for over 800 veterans. This program fills the gaping absence of career transition preparation services for service members. Due to the success of this pilot program, the Garden State Council partnered with military leaders, mental health services, employers, colleges and other groups to take the program nationally so service members returning to all demobilization units across the country to gain support of their goal to become employed. Contact: Sherrill A. Curtis, SPHR Contact Information: 2009 Pinnacle Award Winner

4 Leading People. Leading Organizations. 4 “Transitioning Our Veterans into the Workplace” Chapter or State Council: Greater Miami SHRM Program/Project Description: The Greater Miami SHRM (GMSHRM) seized an opportunity to educate HR professionals on the special needs of the thousands of veterans returning to the workforce and the benefits available to their employers. GMSHRM offered a diversity and inclusion workshop entitled “Transitioning Our Veterans into the Workplace,” with speakers from Miami’s Veterans Center, the Veterans Benefits Administration, the Department of Labor, Florida’s Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve, and Miami-Dade College. The program covered topical issues such as: Federal programs and tax benefits for employers, employer responsibilities under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act, veteran readjustment challenges, business imperatives for hiring veterans, and available government resources. The program also offered attendees the opportunity to meet with representatives of Miami Dade College’s MEED program which assists disabled employees and their employers. The workshop successfully met SHRM’s stated goal to support President’s Obama’s directive to help transition returning veterans into the community and workplace. It also spotlighted the value of HR professionals in the community, and improved relationships with veterans’ organizations. Participants reported that the workshop’s information and materials were well-received within their organizations. Additionally, this program inspired other chapters to develop similar events using the GMSHRM model. Contact: Zoe Wolfe Contact Information: 305.490.0478,

5 Leading People. Leading Organizations. 5 Asian-Americans as “Model Minority” Chapter or State Council: Kalamazoo Human Resource Management Association Program/Project Description: The Myth of the Asian-Americans as the "Model Minority." The term "model minority" has often been used in describing the Asian Americans. They are often described as the bright, shining example of hard work and patience that other minority groups should politely follow. Mr. BD Wong (performer and featured actor on NBCs Law and Order: SVU) presented a variety of diversity issues to the audience, including: 1. Achieving success in the entertainment business, which is fraught with racism and stereotyping of Asians. 2. Racial self-image, self-hatred and acceptance 3. Asian-American parental pressure 4. The "model minority" myth attached to Asian-Americans The program successfully added to the Human Resource body of knowledge in the following areas: 1. Employee and Labor Relations-workplace behavior issues/practices 2. Core knowledge required by HR professionals-diversity concepts and applications as well as human relations concepts and applications. Contact: Wendy Ballast Contact Information: 269.321.4737,

6 Leading People. Leading Organizations. 6 “Charm School” Chapter or State Council: SHRM Columbus GA Program/Project Description: SHRM-Columbus partnered with the Business Resource Center and the Springer Opera House to present an entertaining and educational diversity play named “Charm School.” The play centers on a warehouse worker who is required to attend ‘Charm School’ because of his racial and sexist jokes. The SHRM-Columbus chapter identified an opportunity to address the racial stereotypes and sexism that exists in the workplace and in the community by providing a forum for HR professionals, business leaders and anyone interested in discovering more about the importance of diversity and sensitivity to have serious dialogue. The play was presented at the historic Springer Opera House. After the play, two facilitators led a discussion of the issues that surfaced in the play around race-relations and sexism in the work environment. Discussion topics ranged from defining discrimination to combating it. The interest of HR professionals was how to build relationships and prevent this type of behavior in the workplace. The play was advertised through numerous resources and highlighted on a local television morning show "Business Break." This collaborative effort was a success as measured by the survey results from the attendees. SHRM HR professionals who attended this performance received 2.5 hours of CEU credits. Contact: Brenda Mullins Contact Information: 706.660.7351, 2009 Pinnacle Award Finalist

7 Leading People. Leading Organizations. 7 Employment Assistance Programs Chapter or State Council: SAHRMA (Texas) Program/Project Description: Despite facing difficult times, it is imperative that the professional world not be caught off-guard when the economy recovers. The workshop gave employers the tools they need both now, and in the future, to reach out to the men and women who have served our country so bravely. For the first time in San Antonio, SAHRMA brought together all of the FREE government services providing employment assistance programs to our veterans in ONE location! These programs work to provide employers with respectful, dedicated and committed employees. There is no better group than the Human Resource professionals in SA to help place our veterans returning from active duty. Don't miss the opportunity to learn how your company can tap into some of the city's best human resources! Contact: SAHRMA Representative Contact Information: 210.797.5850,

8 Leading People. Leading Organizations. 8 Please contact us If you have a Best Practice that you’d like to tell us about, please contact Eric Peterson, SHRM’s Manager of Diversity & Inclusion As always, thank you for all of the great work you do! Eric C. Peterson, MSOD Manager, Diversity & Inclusion Society for Human Resource Management phone: 703.535.6417 e-mail:

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