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Scotland University of Stirling (Teran Frick- Summer 2012)

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1 Scotland University of Stirling (Teran Frick- Summer 2012)

2  Program Provider- IFSA-Butler  Program- University of Stirling International Summer School summer-school/

3 Benefits of IFSA-Butler  Contact with office personnel in US through application process- they also help with VISA applications if applicable.  Group contact- Possible to meet online other IFSA students before leaving.  Orientation and group bonding starting at the airport!  Scotland Office personnel contact through email during entire stay, plus visit to the university. The girls are happy to help with everything from schoolwork to planning trips!

4 University of Stirling

5 International Summer School  2 Blocks of courses- each 4 weeks long Option of doing 1 or 2  Variety of courses- 1 or 2 courses per block  (3-12 credit hours)  Internship Option

6 Course Format  Each course is 4 weeks long.  Courses include a mix of lectures and workshops and/or discussion times.  Typical work includes a excursion reflection and final paper. (Some classes have a project as well)

7 Experiential Excursions  Each course includes a mandatory excursion (field trip) that takes students to a relevant location and addresses course content.  Many are local as well as to Edinburgh and Glasgow.  Free transportation and instructor attends in addition to an intern.  If space is available, students may attend other classes excursions as well.

8 ISS Staff  Full-time Coordinator and Asst. Coordinator  Resident Assistants for living quarters  Interns- available during the day as well as going on all excursions  University Porter (24 hour guard/help desk at residence)

9 ISS Extras  Day trips to Glasgow, St. Andrews, Edinburgh  Free Transportation!!!!  Recommendation list of sights, food, and shopping  Free walking tours of the cities  Optional activity options arranged, such as sea kayaking

10 ISS Extras, ctd.  Dumyat Hill Walk- walk with group to one of the highest points and spectacular view of Stirling and surrounding areas

11 ISS Extras, ctd.  “Darn Walk” – group walk on trail off of campus to see the cave of inspiration of Treasure Island, conclusion of walk ends in the village of Bridge of Allan for ice cream (and if desired, the award winning fish and chips!) 

12 ISS Extras, ctd.  Ceilidh- university sponsored dinner and traditional Scottish dancing with guides and fiddlers. (My favorite experience!)

13 ISS Extras, ctd.  Highland Bagpiping and dancing display  Calendar with local events on them  Interns provide social activities, such as movies and game nights.  Suggestions for travel- tours, tips, presentation and Q & A.  Weekly “tastes of Britain”- Samples of novel items

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