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Biology 3A Professor Inez Devlin-Kelly 2012-2013 to.

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2 Biology 3A Professor Inez Devlin-Kelly 2012-2013 to

3 Student Success Decrease course load Reduce job hours Schedule family obligations Attend Class

4 Student Success Website Review Sessions Student Assistants Student Tutors Videos Field Trips Podcasts!!

5 Website

6 Your free e-mail account: Comp commons Student Operators in red vests

7 Review Sessions Before each exam Led by Student Assistants Practice lab practicals

8 Student Assistants Earned A or B in Bio 3A Always Glad to help Recommended by TAs Picked by me

9 Student Tutors Tutoring Center Sign up early Tutors all took THIS course Ask for a tutor who took my class Free

10 Videos Student ID Card Library Circulation desk Watch in Library Take home overnight

11 Previous Field Trips Tidepools in Monterey

12 Previous Field Trips Roar ‘n Snore San Diego Wild Animal Park

13 Previous Field Trips Body Worlds CA Science Ctr Details To Be Announced

14 Previous Field Trips Los Angeles Zoo Primate Behavior

15 Field Trips This Term Bird Watching On campus Hart Park Great Backyard Bird Count

16 Field Trips Desert ecology Mojave desert

17 PODCASTS!! Posted on website by date.mp3 format Downloadable to your computer Can be transferred to your iPod or other.mp3 player

18 Books Buy now Texts Lab Manuals

19 Textbooks BIOLOGY, The Dynamic Science, 2 nd ed., Russell, et al. Study Guide to accompany text A Life Science Lexicon, Wm. Marchuk (Out of print--buy used?)

20 Textbooks Used for both Bio 3A and 3B Read indicated pages Use Index and Table of Contents Use as reference Do questions in Study Guide

21 Lexicon 3 copies for use in lab Library Circulation Desk Use for 4 to 5 assignments Buy online used

22 Lab Manuals A Photographic Atlas for the Biology Laboratory, 6th ed. VanDeGraff & Crowley (5 th OK) INVESTIGATIONS: A Critical Thinking Approach to the Biology Laboratory, I. Devlin-Kelly, 6 th Ed., (Great American Antique Store, 19 th & R St, 10am- 6pm, 7 days, $25)

23 Attendance Grades are attendance related Labs are NOT optional more fun than the Dentist! No make-up labs Don’t leave room during lecture

24 Always Silence phones!! No Texting during class!!

25 Examinations Tests and Practicals announced Pop quizes not announced (no make-ups) No Lab Practical make-ups Lecture make-ups arrange within 1 week essay returned last week of semester

26 Exams Don’t even think of cheating!

27 Exams Pencil with good eraser Take off hat, sunglasses,.mp3, hoody Turn off cell phones & put away #882E scantron (6) Hand in to T.A. during lab Answer key available in labs

28 Your Grade Lecture = 50% Lab = 50% Keep all papers

29 To contact me: OFFICE HOURS: 43c S&E Bldg (Blue door in breezeway) Mon: 4:00-5:00pm Tues: 11:00am-12:50pm Wed: 8:30-9:30 am Sun: 7:00-8:00 pm Virtual Office Hour at home:

30 To contact me: OFFICE: 43c S&E Bldg (Blue door in breezeway) PHONE: 661.395.4449 EMAIL: school: home:

31 And On with your Biological Adventure...

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