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Contents About Yuvadarshan About Yuva Jallosh

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2 Contents About Yuvadarshan About Yuva Jallosh
Event expenditure and sponsorship details Types of sponsorships Target audience Why should you sponsor the event

3 Yuvadarshan CBCI Commission for the Youth- Indian catholic youth Movement (ICYM) was established on 22nd July 1982 in the Diocese of Vasai. ICYM-VASAI was renamed as YUVADARSHAN. Yuvadarshan has a strong network in Vasai Diocese, catering to the youth of 37 (English+Marathi speaking) parishes and 8 mission centres. The catholic youth population of Vasai Diocese is approx. 40 thousand. Yuvadarshan organizes various programmes related to youth welfare like sports, seminars, rallies, contests, youth days, prayer sessions, participation at the National and International youth events, etc. to motivate the youth and become its integral part of the society.

4 Yuvadarshan VISION: Development of Youth to be the Future of Our Society. SLOGAN: Our Actions Speak Louder Than Words! GOALS: To build the youth in all aspects of life. To provide platform to the youth to develop their skills. To involve the youth in the development of our society. OBJECTIVES: To organize spiritual, educational, social, cultural and career-oriented formative programs. To channelize the potentials of the youth towards the upliftment of our society. To impart leadership skills and provide opportunities to put them to use. To organize the youth at Diocese, Parish and Village level. To organize one-act plays, cultural festivals and sports activities to promote the immense talents in the youth. Training youth leaders and animators. To create awareness amongst the youth in social, political and ecological issues. To reform the youth in faith.

5 Yuva Jallosh Yuva Jallosh is the culminating event which marks the end of the functional year of Yuvadarshan. It is a four day extravaganza encompassing competitions based on various forms of performing arts. More than 1000 youth perform on stage to display their talents in fields of music, drama and dance. Yuva Jallosh has been providing a platform to the youth of Vasai Diocese since the past 31 years.  First two days of Yuva Jallosh comprise of One Act Plays. The third day is marked for Street Plays and Group Songs. The final day is the climax of the event, with spectacular Group Dance performances on display, followed by the concluding ceremony and prize distribution.   31st Yuva Jallosh was held at Thomas Baptista Junior College Ground, Papdy, from 11th May to 15th May More than 1000 youth from all over Vasai diocese participated and approximately 5000 youth attended the grand event.

6 Event expenditure and sponsorship details
The estimated expenditure for this event is approximately Rs lakh. A total or partial sponsorship from your esteemed organization to the event would be highly appreciated. We will be able to provide customer base to your products in form banners, live demo counters, audio-visual commercials with help of Projector and also distribution of brochures and pamphlets.

7 Title sponsor: main sponsor title.
Types of sponsorships Title sponsor: main sponsor title. Associate sponsor: partial sponsor title. Banner sponsor: publicity through banners.

8 Target audience The target audience for this event is youth.

9 Why should you sponsor the event
Benefits to your company: Increased sale: the company's sales will increase through brand promotion Distribute Samples or Trial Offers: Giving trial offers to the attendees in exchange for honest feedback. This will provide useful information and allow the company to adjust accordingly. Brand Awareness & Recognition: Logo placement in a variety of places such as flyers, brochures, websites, marketing campaigns, tickets, etc. will add to increase brand awareness. Tax Deduction & Write Off: events will be in the non-profit sector which would make a portion of the sponsorship a charitable donation

10 Contact us We look forward to a positive reply.
Yuvadarshan office: Yuvadarsan, Jeevan  Darshan Kendra,  Giriz, Vasai(w), Dist. Thane, Maharashtra   Yuva Jallosh Marketing head: us:

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