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A new stage play and social drama by Joseph Morley

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1 A new stage play and social drama by Joseph Morley

2 Set in the entertaining and gritty backstage world of professional musicians Dal Segno is both powerful and funny It’s Friday night at the gig!

3 “ Full of fresh and convincing insights into the lives of a professional musician” Sonia Friedman Productions (West End Producer) “Charming and wonderfully entertaining” Curve Leicester “Has real merit” Nottingham Playhouse

4 Dal Segno presents a unique sponsorship opportunity, providing direct international access to theatrical, cultural, entertainment and tourism markets reaching out from London UK Opportunity

5 Project Development Phase 1: The premiere showcase production of Dal Segno is a four week presentation at a leading fringe theatre in London UK Phase 2: Twelve week UK tour playing prestigious city centre theatres Phase 3: Transfer to London’s glittering West End

6 How much do we seek? Phase 1: A single Principal sponsorship partner who would be branded across all marketing materials and websites for the cost of £50k. Alternatively you could be one of 4 separate sponsors sharing the benefits equally for the cost of £15k Phase 2: Opportunity TBA Phase 3: Opportunity TBA

7 Benefits to Sponsor Your Logo and Branding prominently displayed throughout… A specialist entertainment PR company will obtain features and appearances on TV, radio, magazines and social media sites Display and banner ads plus features on third party theatrical, cultural, entertainment and tourism sites All marketing and promotional materials including programmes, posters, flyers and brochures distributed via extensive mailing and email lists All marketing and promotional materials distributed to all West End theatres, all fringe theatres and via a network of retail outlets The show programme will feature a whole page advertisement plus additional article about the sponsor

8 Additional benefits to Sponsor Some complimentary seats reserved at every performance Privileged access to certain rehearsals Opportunities to meet the actors at exclusive social events Enhanced profile of the sponsor through its links to The Arts in general and contemporary live theatre in particular

9 Joseph Morley Joseph Morley was born and grew up in Nottingham. He trained in both classical and jazz piano before moving to London to pursue a career as pianist, keyboard player and Music Director in all forms of commercial and popular music Joseph has worked in concert with artistes including Lulu, Lenny Henry, Des O’Connor and Helen Shapiro plus West End musicals including Blood Brothers, Dirty Dancing, Saturday Night Fever and We Will Rock You The wealth of personal experience of working in the ‘music biz’ has inspired Joseph to write Dal Segno

10 More details from: Joseph Morley 07973 820163

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