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Emile Pandolfi By: Amanda, Sarah, and Romana 11/11/03.

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1 Emile Pandolfi By: Amanda, Sarah, and Romana 11/11/03

2 Promising Beginnings Emile Pandolfi was born in New York on April 12, 1946. At age five, he began his training in classical piano. Ten years later, he moved to Greenville, SC, where he attended Greenville High. He went to college at Furman University, Baylor, and Texas Tech. He continued his training in the performance arts all through graduate school.

3 A Budding Career His talent for musical performance took him around the United States, and soon the world. He played in Los Angeles nightclubs with such famous young comedians as Jay Leno, Robin Williams, David Letterman and Jerry Seinfeld. He was also one of the eighty-four pianists chosen to perform “Rhapsody in Blue” at the 1984 Olympics opening ceremonies, and one of the four pianists chosen to record it to CD.

4 Return Home Thirty years later, Emile moved his family back to Greenville, where he began recording albums. Since then, he has made over 20 albums, with over 2,000,000 sold. He remains one of the most talented and best- selling artists in the business.

5 Greenville High Academic Excellence Emile Pandolfi’s Greenville High experience promoted his career in the performance arts. - He was the president of the Music Appreciation Club. - He was the president of the National Honors Society. -He was a member of the French club. -He had a chorus teacher who “taught [him] how to accompany other players, singers, and how to be part of a team.” This led him to the decision of becoming an accompanist.

6 Solo Works By Request White Christmas An Affair To Remember Once Upon a Romance Remember Me Please Welcome… Sleigh Ride Nights on Broadway Country Impressions Some Enchanted Evening It Might As Well Be Spring

7 Solo Works Continued Winter Wonderland Do You Hear What I Hear? Secret Love Chopin My Foolish Heart The Second Time Around Unforgettable Love Songs Evening in Venice What A Wonderful World Rhapsody in Blue Malaguena * Ritual Fire Dance

8 Interview 1)Was there anything about your Greenville High experience that influenced your musical career? 2)Tell us about your family. The companionship of other musicians and teachers - most dynamically, Mrs. Uldrick, my chorus teacher, helped me to learn how to accompany other players, singers, how to be part of a team. Participating in school productions, likewise made me aware of all the different aspects of art and tech that go into making a complete production on stage. I have three daughters. the eldest is a goldsmith, makes beautiful jewelry in a shop in St. Thos. Virgin Is. She just - 2 month ago - had her second son, so i am a double grandfather. My wife, Judy, and I have two daughters, one, an 8th grader at League and a fine dancer; the second, a sophomore at Davidson and quite a scholar. She was valedictorian at Greenville High, class of '02. My wife, Judy, runs our business, which is a record label (we record my CD's in our studio) and a management company. My wife arranges all my concerts and does PR work, etc. Without her I would be a good pianist without a job!

9 Interview Continued Describe the most memorable concert experience you’ve had. One performance in Banner Elk was particularly rewarding because after the show was over, I went to meet some audience members. Among them was a man in his 30's in a wheel chair. He told me he was a rock climber and that a few years ago he had a fall which put him in the chair, couldn't walk. Well, being a real fighter, he was naturally working very hard to walk again. That night he told me that he stood up for the first time in four years -- in order to give me a standing ovation. It was truly a gratifying experience for me and a testament to the therapeutic power of music. Have you ever had any stalkers or crazy fans? If so, please elaborate! As for crazy fans, once, years ago, we found out that a guy in Arizona was going around to shops telling the owners he was Emile Pandolfi, the pianist. We found out about him because his then fiancé (!!) told us that that is who he said he was and she just broke off the engagement having found out he was a pathological liar. We had to send a cease and desist order to get him to stop. What a fruitcake! Many people aspire to be performing artists but never get the chance. What allowed or inspired you to make it? I always assumed I would be a performer. I think that anyone can - or has to - perform if it is in their blood. That in no way guarantees a career, but there are opportunities everywhere for performing. You just have to want to. Then, to make a career out of it, it helps to have a "Judy". That part is just business, and goes by the rules of business.

10 Review of Emile Pandolfi’s 2001 Christmas Spectacular The act opens with a magic trick involving a box and a disappearing man. Emile is funny and friendly, astonishing the spectators as he makes a grown man vanish into thin air. But that isn’t nearly as astonishing as his next act, a rendition of Good King Wensceslas on the grand piano. The music flows from his fingertips like wine, the selection is a masterpiece aged to perfection and played by a performer of profound skill. The Christmas Spectacular is a yearly production of the Greenville Little Theater, and this year it happens to be hosted by Emile Pandolfi. It is divided between small skits performed by local actors, Emile’s Christmas songs, and magic tricks performed by the multi-talented musician. Although the actors and the tricks are entertaining, the act was humorous and magical enough by itself. “People tell me at the end of a concert that they laughed, they cried, they felt deep emotions,” says Pandolfi. “…in concert I like to give 200% so the audiences know that nothing’s being held back.” After this particular performance, I am inclined to believe him.

11 Bibliography Emile Images, Background Information and Quotes from Articles CD cover images Interview with Emile Pandolfi taken by email Additional Facts allofFame/EmilePandolfi/james.ppt

12 Group Members Amanda – secondary research, help with Power Point Romana – compiling of Power Point Sarah – primary research, help with Power Point

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