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Write down the first words that come into your head when you hear the word chemistry…

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1 Write down the first words that come into your head when you hear the word chemistry…

2 Old men White fuzzy hair White coats Goggles Boffin Boring Poorly paid Socially inept Go about with “sad” people Lectures you rather than talks to you Create environmental problems The mad scientist image… Perceptions of chemists Very intelligent young men & women Involved in high tech industry Well paid- Chemistry graduates in the UK earn more than graduates from most other disciplines. Employed in a wide range of careers Key players in the drug industry Solving environmental problems Tackle exciting modern day issues Give exciting demonstration lectures with ‘flashes & bangs’ Good communicators Great at solving problems- highly numerate High level of practical skills

3  11 year olds – enthusiastic. Link chemistry to household chemicals, medicine and bombs  13 year olds- less enthusiastic. The theoretical side of science is boring!  15 year olds- big split of opinion most are significantly uninterested in science - subject is for “brainy” people and “swots” - most students cant see relevance to future careers other than doctor, pharmacist and veterinary science  17 year olds- science A levels are seen as difficult options. - students would only take chemistry as a prerequisite to their chosen career e.g. medicine - NOT because they want to study a degree in chemistry Taken from Careers Material research 2000 Young people and chemistry


5 The First Year of the Next Generation

6  £5 million pot, 42 bids  8 successful  RSC led bid- 20% of total  £941,446 (funded in full from HEFCE)  Duration 1 st August 2004 to 31 st July 2006- now extended to Dec 2006 £1 Million Awarded Target: 5% of students go on to HE in chemistry or chemistry- related subjects


8 To demonstrate the excitement of chemical sciences as a subject and demonstrate good career opportunities to students from disadvantaged backgrounds and from schools & colleges that are underrepresented in higher education. Objectives Initial regions  East Midlands (EM)  London (L)  North West (NW)

9  10,000+ students involved in activities  ~70% more likely to consider chemistry or the chemical sciences as a degree choice   Collaboration via operational group Over-subscribed activities, e.g.  Spectroscopy days  Murder in the laboratory  “Hands-On Hands Free”  Flash bang demo lectures Achievements See newsletters, website and RSC News for updates

10 Sharing good practice First National Conference June 2005 “Thanks for a useful conference!” “(the curriculum…) session was really good and we felt the day had been a great success

11 Demonstration lectures and Masterclasses “Everything was fine thanks, the pupils did enjoy the day and I thought that the organisation was very impressive.” “The explosions were the most enjoyable part because it was interesting and exciting and fun” “All of the demonstrations were spectacular”

12 Analytical Chemistry for Schools “A very useful and informative day” “A real insight to university (life) and careers in chemistry we may be aspiring to in the future

13 Spectroscopy Day “I didn’t expect the machines to look like that” “the demos were great”

14 Murder in the lab ““I can see the chemistry in CSI now” ““really interesting” ““The event was wicked- never thought chemistry could be so interesting” ““I thought the activities were really useful for my course. The practical and the theory made the learning process much easier”

15 Hands free and Hands on “It was a great insight into new technology, I found it informative and really interesting.” “It was great to meet real chemists”

16 Magical Chemistry - an event for Primary School student “My favourite experiment was when they froze a beaker to a piece of wood.” “It was excellent and because it is science it will be good for us at school”

17 CRAC Chemistry Insight Plus “…a really interesting break from normal lessons..” “I liked that we had to talk to the other experts to get the bigger picture”

18  National Roll-out  Sustainability (continuing sources of funding etc.)  Broadening the industrial base ‘Traditional’ chemical companies Small biotech companies, SMEs etc. The Future

19 Project Partners Companies: AstraZeneca GlaxoSmithKline Pfizer Sector Skills Councils: Cogent SEMTA Professional Body Royal Society of Chemistry Universities: Imperial College, London (L) Kingston University (L) Liverpool John Moores University (NW) Loughborough University (EM) Manchester Metropolitan University (NW) Nottingham Trent University (EM) The University of Greenwich (L) The University of Liverpool (NW) University College, London (L) University of Leicester (EM) University of Nottingham (EM) University of Manchester (NW) The RSC leads a consortium of …

20 Contact details  Kate Burrell- National Coordinator 0207 440 3330

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