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H UMAN T RAFFICKING S ECTION Jason Sherman – Spring 2012.

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1 H UMAN T RAFFICKING S ECTION Jason Sherman – Spring 2012

2 L OGISTICS Office Hours 5-6pm in Greenhouse Café (by appt) DQ’s and Hypos

3 S EXUAL T RAFFICKING Causes, Apparatus, and Prostitution

4 S EX T RAFFICKING How are sex slaves acquired? Siddharth Kara Deceit Sale By Family Abduction Seduction or romance Recruitment by former slaves What would be a way to make prevent former slaves from recruiting future slaves? Megan

5 V ULNERABILITY What makes individuals vulnerable to sex trafficking? Poverty Gender Weak State Apparatus Migration for-work programs Conflict Race/Ethnicity and Discriminiation

6 A REAS FOR T RAFFICKING What structural factors make a particular region more or less likely to be targeted by traffickers? Poverty Globalization Attitudes of Gender Do you think modern women are trafficked because they are truly more vulnerable than men, or has singling out women simply become a pattern over time? Aria Demand for Prostitutes Labor Participation Why do you think female participation in the labor force is not a direct predictor of slavery? - Elisabeth

7 S EXUAL T RAFFICKING V IEWS 4.5M is Conservative Estimate Radical feminists and Liberal feminists How can a liberal feminist justify regulating prostitution? What about eliminating it? Is the fact that the opponents of sex trafficking hold differing political and social motivations a good or bad thing? Ivy

8 P ROSTITUTION AND T RAFFICKING Sex work vs. Prostitution What positive reasons do women state for choosing to work in the sex industry? Should voluntary adult prostitution be considered trafficking?

9 E FFECTS OF P ROSTITUTION 65% - 95% in prostitution sexually assaulted as children 70-95% physically assaulted in prostitution 60-75% were raped 75% have been homeless at some point 89% wanted to escape prostitution Chronic Health and Psychological Problems Melissa Farley et al. Prostitution and Trafficking in Nine Countries

10 P OLICY R ESPONSES TO S EX I NDUSTRY Criminalization and Prohibition Does making prostitution, the act of hiring a prostitute, or both illegal lead to better outcomes for would-be victims of the sex trade? Julie Legalization and Licensing Canada and Amsterdam Good Models? Patrick If all nations legalize prostitution that this would lead to a lesser amount of people being trafficked throughout the world? Nick Decriminilization

11 M ORAL C RUSADE Would you consider sex trafficking a moral crusade that is not really as bad as some make it seem? Conner If it is a moral crusade, should we be concerned about the future of sexual trafficking if the energy dies out? Sarah

12 G OVT A PPROACHES TO H UMAN T RAFFICKING As a problem of migration Good and bad border controls? - Patrick As a problem of organized crime As a problem of prostitution As a problem of human rights abuse As a problem of labor rights As a problem of modern slavery

13 Y OUR R ESPONSE What would you like to be seen doneon either thenational or the international scale to diminish the number ofpeople who are trafficked? Jenna

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