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2 This presentation includes the creative work of others and is being used by permission or under claim of “fair use” (17 USC 107). This presentation was created pursuant to fair use guidelines and further use or distribution is prohibited. AEquitas: The Prosecutors’ Resource on Violence Against Woman

3 THIS PRESENTATION USES STREET LANGUAGE If you are bothered by raw language and behavior, I encourage you to take care of yourself. I will also suggest that if it does, then this might not be the population you want to work with.



6 1 _______GUNS_______________ 2 ___HUMAN TRAFFICKING ____ 3 _______DRUGS_______________

7 PIMP: _________________________________________ _______________________________________________ HO’: __________________________________________ _______________________________________________ TRANSLATE: “I no choose susie. Pays my taxes. But Janice peeled by that Jonas gorilla.” _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________

8 It is difficult to get accurate statistics of domestic minor sex trafficking. It is believed around 300,000 children in the United are trafficked each year. Children in all 50 States are at risk for commercial exploitation at any given time.

9 Some numbers we do know: 325,000 children are reported as being sexually exploited in the United States annually: 121,911 ran away from home 51,602 thrown out of their homes by a parent or guardian 51,602 thrown out of their homes by a parent or guardian Among runaway and homeless youth, about 30% of shelter youth and 70% of street youth engaged in trade for trade sex in order to meet daily needs 40% of the girls and 30% of the boys who “entered” into Trafficking situations were sexually abused at home.

10 161718 Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, D.C., Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, N. Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Texas Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, North Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming AGE OF CONSENT BY STATE


12 American Children under the age of 18 Exploited by an adult who controls them The victim rarely realizes they are a victim Happens differently than other forms of child abuse the abuse does not happen in secrecy the abuse does not happen in secrecy In the case of Commercial Sexual Exploitation the child may be groomed by the trafficker/pimp to act as the seducer.

13 StageAgeBasic ConflictSummary Oral SensoryBirth-12/18 mo.Trust vs. Mistrustforms a loving, trusting relationship with the caregiver, or develops a sense of mistrust. Muscular-Anal18 mo-3 yearsAutonomy vs. Shame/Doubt Development/control of physical skills. Shame/doubt if not handled well Locomotor3-6 yearsInitiative vs. GuiltBecomes more assertive & takes more initiative if not guilt feelings may develop Latency6-12 yearsIndustry vs. Inferiority Demands of learning new skills or sense of inferiority, failure and incompetence may develop Adolescence12-18 yearsIdentity vs. Role Confusion Must achieve a sense of identity (sexually, politically, religiously, etc.) or not knowing who you are results Erikson’s Stages of Child Development

14 Human trafficking does NOT require the crossing of international borders. It is about the dynamics of the relationship not the distance traveled.

15 Derogatory sexual comments Controlling reproductive choices Refusing to engage in safe sex practices Forcing to view/act out pornography to learn “how to be a good sexual partner” Rendering unconscious for the purpose of having sex Rendering unconscious for the purpose of having sex Coercion to participate in sexual activity Coercion to participate in sexual activity

16 Gratuitous Violence vs. vs. Instrumental Violence


18 Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 1.recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for labor or services 2. through the use of force, fraud, or coercion 3. for the purpose of subjection to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, slavery or forced commercial sex acts.

19 Force: Physical abuse, Kidnapping, Physical restraint Fraud: Illegitimate contracts; False promises; Fake businesses Coercion: Psychological manipulation; Spoken threats about the victim, the victim’s family, or other victims; Implied threats; “Climate of fear” (guns, lies about law enforcement and the outside world); Control

20 Domestic minor sex trafficking occurs when a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident who has not attained 18 years of age is engaged in a commercial sex act. “Commercial sex act” means any sex act on account of which anything of value is given to or received by any person. This includes: Prostitution Exotic dancing/stripping Pornography

21 Sex Trafficking is NOT prostitution. These children are not working for profit or a paycheck. They are captives to the traffickers and keepers who control their every move.

22 Children under the age of 18 ARE VICTIMS without requiring “force, fraud, or coercion.”

23 First step: Fraud (recruitment) False promises False promises Fake businesses Fake businesses False/Servile Marriage False/Servile Marriage Second step: Force (entrapment-first indication that something is wrong) Physical abuse Physical abuse Kidnapping Kidnapping Physical restraint (tying/chaining, locking in) Physical restraint (tying/chaining, locking in) Rape Rape Sold to another pimp Sold to another pimp Third Step: Coercion (psychological manipulation) Threats to harm others Threats to harm others Climate of Fear Climate of Fear Control Control


25 Commercial Exploited Youth are also traumatized youth

26 Repeated experiences strengthen and sensitize the neuronal pathway and become memories and “habits”. Chronic stress/abuse overdevelops the region of the brain that deals with anxiety and fear responses. Abused children often have greater difficulty “coping with” kindness, nurturing and stimulation – their brains may have underdeveloped pathways to this region of the brain. Repeated abuse and stress may cause changes in attention, impulse control, sleep patterns and fine motor control. Repeated abuse and stress may cause changes in attention, impulse control, sleep patterns and fine motor control. Perry, 2000

27 Traumatic Memory is Encoded differently Not the consequence of conscious choice or resistance Fragmented and discontinuous memories Permanently altered brain

28 Traumatic memories are stored as sensory experiences sights, smells, sounds, tactile perceptions sights, smells, sounds, tactile perceptions And NOT as And NOT as sequence, context, peripheral detail(s).

29 Fight                    Hyper-arousal Aggression, irritability and anger Aggression, irritability and anger Trouble concentrating Trouble concentrating Distrust of others Distrust of others Flee                      Withdrawal Avoidance of other people Avoidance of other people Withdrawal/seeking solitude Withdrawal/seeking solitude Freeze/                   Constriction/ Freeze/                   Constriction/ Submit Shutting down Submit Shutting down Numbing; shutting down of emotional expression Numbing; shutting down of emotional expression Ignoring/tuning-out other people Ignoring/tuning-out other people Looking dazed, “spacy”, daydreaming Looking dazed, “spacy”, daydreaming Over-compliance Over-compliance

30 Heightened amygdala and other limbic activity Not just a memory--Seeing and feeling Activation of sensory areas Inability to speak: Decreased activation of Broca’s area Emotions become more important THAN language Rauch, van der kolk, Fisler, & Alpert, 1996 Rauch, van der kolk, Fisler, & Alpert, 1996



33 WATERExerciseSingVerbalize Write it down Nutrition Adequate rest

34 “When you are working with kids who were traumatized prior to engaging in acting out behaviors, you see that they are stuck emotionally and developmentally at the age at which they were traumatized. And they have never worked through the trauma. Even though they are in a 13 or 24 year old body, there is really a 4 year old kid who is trying to get her needs met in a very primitive 4 year old way: “I’ll do whatever you want me to do so that you will love me.” Dr. Yolanda Graham Medical Director Inner Harbor and Angela’s House


36 Pimp - Pussy In My Possession Hos - Prostitutes with no monetary focus, what a Pimp owns Bottom Bitch - keeps pimp apprised of law-enforcement activity, collects money, keeps the girls in line Sister wifey/wifey - What victims call each other when have the same pimp: obligated to have each others backs. Track - Where the pimps and hos be at. The Game - underground industry that participants "play" Daddy - What hos call their pimp Turning tricks - What a prostitute does: selling sex; the job A trick - a person who patronizes a ho John – a person who uses the services of a ho A date - Euphamistic term for a turning a trick Quota - amount of money to be made before a ho can go home Turned Out - the first time a ho goes out on a date retrieved 3/28/11

37 Popcorn or wannabes – new pimps Popcorn or wannabes – new pimps Jonas – uses violence and intimidation to control Finesse – use of psychology to deceive Gorilla/Godzilla – use of violence to retaliate/get what wants Players – established pimps Peeled – losing your property to another pimp Choosy Susie - A ho who keeps switching her pimp Bounce - to exit a location/situation Pimp moving – bounce from pimp to pimp without paying the “pimp moving” tax Catcher-Someone who catches you at the right moment when you feel alone and pressured Strip- A popular street that is commonly traveled for flossin', usually at night. Flossin- showing off an object that posses great value retrieved 3/28/11

38 goin down bukkake dirty sanchez grindin bobblehead bangin bumping uglys hit the slip n slide raw gorilla salad donkey punch train get your rock soft angry dragon violet wand six pack smurf rimming pack the fudge leather Cheerio bareback Watersports fist or fisting Danza slap


40 Pimps who were abused as children Pimps who grew up “in the life” (generational) Pimps who are mostly drug dealers (1 girl/boy) Guerrilla pimps known for their violence and brutality Sneaker, subway or Simps who are considered to be at the bottom of the food chain Girls Like Us by Rachel Loyd 2011

41 Pre-meditationPlanningManipulationDeceit Betrayal of trust Drugs and Alcohol ForceFearDisabling

42 What does a pimp look like?



45 Pimps consider pimping to be an art and a lifestyle that is lived by following specific rules, regulations, philosophy and ideology which promotes an exploitative culture among young girls and boys in the U.S.

46 The first step is getting her to totally depend on you. You’ll start to dress her, think for her, own her. Her family will become her No. 1 enemy and she’ll attack them with all she has because they are trying to keep her from that which brings her joy - You. If you and your victim are sexually active, then slow it down. Once a week is fine. After sex, take her shopping for one item. Hair and/or nails are fine. She will develop a feeling of accomplishment. The shopping after a month will be replaced with cash. The love making turns into raw sex. She’ll start to crave the intimacy and be willing to get back into your good graces: you have broken her spirit and she has no sense of self-value. Now pimp, put a price tag on the item you have manufactured.”

47 Look for victims who appear to be lost, alone, homeless or runaways, loners, depressed Hang out at transit stations, schools, malls, youth groups, after school programs, near group homes Short dating relationship which includes gifts “If you love me you’ll sleep a few of my friends,” or “you are now my bitch and will do what I say or I will kill your family &/or you” Provide basic needs Victims often branded with tattoos

48 In the first stage the girl is made to feel attractive and wanted. Drugs may be introduced and sex between them is always part of the process. In the second stage the pimp breaks her will through physical and verbal abuse preparing her for a life of prostitution. He will move her around to break her ties with family and friends. Klain, 1999

49 Street Prostitution Rings Street Prostitution Rings Residential Brothels Residential Brothels Massage Parlors Massage Parlors Internet-based Commercial Sex Internet-based Commercial Sex Hostess & Strip Clubs Hostess & Strip Clubs Escort Services Escort Services Truck Stops Truck Stops Pornography Pornography Private Homes Private Homes Where Sex Trafficking happens in the U.S?

50 Threaten Victim’s families Branded Victims Isolate Victims Isolate Victims Beat and rape Victims into subjection Tell Victims: “for your own good”, Tell Victims: “for your own good”, “daddy knows best” “daddy knows best” “you were born to be a 'ho' and that's all you’ll ever be” “you were born to be a 'ho' and that's all you’ll ever be”

51 Victim often not allowed to come home until the quota of money is met, which is handed over to the pimp. In Oakland (2002), police identified 218 minors, ages 11- 15, being prostituted by 155 pimps. Each girl had a quota of $500 a day $ 500 x 7 = $ 3,500.00/week $3,500 x 52 = $182,000/year $3,500 x 52 = $182,000/year Each sexually exploited youth = $182,000/year

52 Pimps advertise openly in newspapers, tabloids, and on the Internet. makes $22 million a year from ads for prostitution. An estimated 100,000 youth in our country are being exploited through the commercial sex industry and yet our culture glorifies pimping and turned 'pimp' into a word that now means being a playa, being fly, being a 'real' man. 3/17/11 12/1/10 retrieved 3/17/11

53 “I never met a juvenile in prostitution who didn’t have a pimp.” Sharon Marcus-Kurn, Sharon Marcus-Kurn, Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia “I have never seen a case where a child approached an adult and said ‘OK, can you be my pimp?’ A pimp is typically a man who has developed a relationship with her, claims he loves her and this child really, truly feels she loves this man.” Linda Watson Linda Watson Probation Officer Probation Officer DeKalb County Juvenile Justice Department DeKalb County Juvenile Justice Department


55 April 3, 9:35 pm Met this guy at the mall. Said he couldn’t believe I didn’t have a boyfriend. Met this guy at the mall. Said he couldn’t believe I didn’t have a boyfriend. April 10, 11 pm He bought me dinner and a bracelet! He bought me dinner and a bracelet! June 21, 10:30 pm My man is taking me to New York City to be in a My man is taking me to New York City to be in a video! video! July 24, 3:15 am Turned seven tricks last night. Can’t wash the smell Turned seven tricks last night. Can’t wash the smell off my skin…… off my skin…… The Home for Little Wayfarers

56 AgeDateAgencyAllegationDisposition 12/92CPSPhysical AbuseFamily Preservation 21/93 CPS Physical AbuseFamily Preservation 44/95CPSPhysical AbuseFamily Preservation 910/00CPSNeglect & Physical Abuse 1 child removed/6 months parenting classes 1110/02CPSSexual AbuseMom’s boyfriend - mother didn’t believe/attempt suicide 121- 11/03 Police13 runaway incidentsRecovered – taken home 121/04PolicePhysical AbuseNo action 124/04PoliceAggravated Assault SOCIAL AUTOPSY

57 Conflicts at home Parental neglect Physical and/or sexual abuse Homelessness/housing instability Poverty Educational failure Emotional problems Running away from home

58 Sleeps most of the day because up at night Moved from city to city Limited access to phones, computer, freedom of movements, contact with family or friends Must meet quota before they can return home to their pimp, get food or shelter Often witness violence

59 Drugs, Guns and Money 8 hours of rape and sexual assault a day 56 hrs/wk; 224 hrs/mo. and 2,688 hours in a year to self and others Assault from Johns rape, stabbings, attempted murder rape, stabbings, attempted murder Assault from Bottom Bitch Assault from other Victims

60 I was 16 when I met my first pimp -- he told me I was pretty - that he wanted me to be his girlfriend. I was just a kid, and I believed him. Soon he was selling me for sex every day: I was raped 365 days a year. I was sold to other pimps, back and forth between them like an animal. One pimp gouged my cheek with a potato peeler as a warning not to run away, but after two years I worked up the courage and ran anyway. He tracked me down and beat me and stomped on me, breaking my ribs and jaw. That’s when I went to the police.

61 AssaultedRaped Acute injuries Fractures, head injury, lacerations, bruises, abdominal trauma, burns Anogenital trauma Shock, bleeding, infection Scarring, disfigurement, loss of function STI, PID, Drug intoxication/withdrawal Pregnancy Picked up by police/ Juvenile detention intake

62 Community ED Children’s hospital ED Children’s hospital ED Urgent care Public clinics Private clinics Backroom ‘clinics’ Backroom ‘clinics’ Obstetrician, pediatrician Obstetrician, pediatrician Rape crisis center Rape crisis center School nurse School nurse

63 Age of first involvement with any system is 12. There have been girls as young as 9. U.S. Department of Justice U.S. Department of Justice Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section 2005 Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section 2005


65 Study of 113 Johns: Paid for sex because no real barriers/consequences 40% bought sex from women they knew had a pimp 32% believed most entered the sex industry before the age of 14 Johns are often not caught or prosecuted Johns are often not caught or prosecuted

66 A form of educational intervention or diversion program Some jurisdictions Johns may be sentenced men to a john school as a condition of probation. the john often pays a fee to enroll john schools often last for one day Focus -on the experiences and harms of prostitution: violence sexually transmitted diseases effects on families and communities effects on families and communities.


68 In 2012 about 21,000 calls were received at the National Human Trafficking Hotline. Around 6,575 calls were from Texas and include both International and Domestic Trafficking as well as all forms of Human Trafficking

69 When spouses and intimate partners compel their partner to engage in commercial sex, domestic servitude, or forced labor or “for the benefit of the family, the relationship” to provide financial support for the household, support an addiction, car payment, etc. “A woman feared she would never see her young child again unless she complied with her husband’s scheme to sell her sexual services….”

70 Parents, aunts, uncles, older siblings, cousins, grandparents, or older family friend, compels the child into commercial sex acts by using the existing power dynamics and vulnerabilities of the child. This helps explain why children may not protest and often submit to parental authority. As a result, the child “submits” to their own victimization.

71 Often found among migrant and seasonal farmworkers: men, women, families, or children as young as 5 or 6, who harvest crops, raise animals, “work” at packing plants, orchards, and nurseries. Unscrupulous crew leaders often add debt along with violence and threats of violence to hold farmworkers in conditions of servitude.

72 Domestic Workers Work within employers’ households: cooking, cleaning, child-care, elder care, gardening, and other household work. May or may not live in employer’s homes and may or may not be U.S. citizens. Commonly work 10 to 16 hours a day for little to no pay, are isolated and live in fear. “When he found out that I could braid hair he also used me as a maid at one of his girlfriend's shops … I braided hair while he collected the money.”

73 Hostesses and Strip Clubs Hostesses and Strip Clubs Forced to dance, serve as hostesses, or sell drinks and/or food. May be forced to strip, dance, or entertain customers for long hours with limited to no control over their schedule, movement, and/or money. “They told me I was going to have to work at a strip club. They forced me to work six days a week for twelve hours a day. I could not refuse to go to work or I would be beaten. I had to hand over all of my money. I was often yelled at for not making enough money or had a gun put to my face. Every week I handed over around $3,000 to $4,000. I was their slave.”

74 “I was an easy target for my trafficker - a desperate mother looking for a way to provide for my three children. I was told that I would have a good job with good pay and a place to live. When I got here I was locked in the factory and forced to work 17 to 18 hours a day, seven days a week.“ Occurring mostly in the garment and food processing plants, victims (men & women) have been forced to work 10-12 hour days, 6-7 days per week with little or no break time, pay, nor freedom of movement. Occurring mostly in the garment and food processing plants, victims (men & women) have been forced to work 10-12 hour days, 6-7 days per week with little or no break time, pay, nor freedom of movement.

75 Sales crews usually recruit American youth, with promises of travel and ability to make a lot of money. A "crew" can have 3 to 40 youth. Under the “manager”, the crew moves from city to city every few weeks and receives a small daily stipend. Violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, pressure tactics, and abandonment in unfamiliar cities are common. After graduating high school, a young man was approached by a recruiter who told him he could travel around the US and make $350 a week selling skincare products. The young man joined a crew and traveled in a van around the Midwest. The crew leaders charged exorbitant fees for transportation, lodging, food, and set fines if a crew member was late or failed to meet sales quotas. If a crew member failed to make the quota for several days, they were denied food, and sometimes abandoned without any money. After being assaulted by a crew leader, the young man decided that he needed to leave. He called a friend, collect, from a pay phone.

76 Room attendants; front desk, kitchen, restaurant, server or bell staff; marketing; casinos; or any service offered by a hotel. The trafficker may be the hotel management or a labor recruiter/broker. management or a labor recruiter/broker. If not hired directly by the hotel, the hotel may or may not be aware of the abuse. While working at a hotel as a maid, a woman was offered a job at a hotel in another city,where, she was told, she could make more money. When she arrived, she work extremely long hours, was paid sporadically and in small amounts. Far from home and with little money she was afraid to leave. When she raised her concerns to the owners, she was told that they would abandon her with nothing if she complained.

77 Restaurants have been investigated in multiple states, including TX, where victims are forced to work as waiters, bussers, kitchen staff, cooks/chefs with little or no pay. cooks/chefs with little or no pay. They may experience erratic working hours or overwork, with little time off to sleep eat, seek help.

78 Trafficking can occur in any industry with a demand for cheap labor and a lack of rigorous monitoring. Victims are forced to work against their will in exploitative conditions for little or no pay.

79 When a parent (s) or family member sells the child for sex to make their car payment – it is familial sex trafficking and child abuse. makes their child work long hours at the family business under duress instead of going to school/playing with friends – it is familial labor trafficking and child abuse. When a teenage boy convinces his girlfriend to sell sexual favors to feed his drug addiction – it is intimate partner sex trafficking and teen dating violence.

80 What stops us from understanding that domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking involve the same types of power and control, cyclical violence and manipulative perpetrators? And when these dynamics collide why do see only one and not the others?

81 Domestic Violence and Interpersonal Violence and Sexual Assault and Forced Labor and Human Trafficking

82 Commercially Exploited Children do not have ONE story It is critical that the agencies designed to help children are aware of and informed by the individual victim’s experience.

83 They need to know: What Trafficking is They are a victim not a criminal It is not their fault “Pimping” is illegal They have rights and options


85 If the Pimp has sold a story to the victim that has, up to this point been true, how do you get the victim to answer questions? How do you get out of “meet the new boss, same as the old boss” mold?


87 We are here to help you Your safety is our first priority We will get you the medical attention you need We want to make sure that what has happened to you does not happen to someone else

88 Clothing Personal Hygiene items Personal Hygiene items Snacks Snacks MEDICAL ISSUES TAKE PRECEDENCE

89 Before engaging the victim in their story please give them time to shower, sleep, eat, rest and settle in. If possible limit their story with one person who is that person? who decides that? Using the right language is important

90 QUESTIONS TO ASK Can you leave if you want to? What are your working conditions like? Is someone forcing you to do anything you do not want to do? Do you like to travel? Where have you been? Did a boyfriend ever ask you to have sex with someone else? What’s your boyfriend’s name? Is that his street name? Ever exchanged sex for money, drugs, food or shelter?

91 QUESTIONS TO ASK Charged with shop lifting/petty theft? Of What? Been out of school? Last grade completed? Ever been in CPS custody? Runaway history? How long missing? Who did they stay with? Where did you go? Where did you sleep? How did you eat? Do you have a street name you would like to go by? What do you do to make quick cash? Did you go to other cities? States? What did you do? What is you daddy’s name? Is that his street name? Do you know his legal name? What kind of things does he buy you?

92 QUESTIONS TO ASK Did anyone make you do things you didn’t want to do? Tell me about the “family” you were staying with. Did you have to do anything to stay with them? What do you do during the day? How old is he? Does he know you are a minor? Does he make you turn tricks? Work on the track? Does he have a bottom bitch or a first wife? Does he tell everyone they were going to get married? Ever meet dates at hotels/people’s homes?

93 QUESTIONS TO ASK Does your daddy hit you? Afraid of him? Able to use the phone to call family or friends? How long have you been with him? Able to come and go as you please? How much money do you have to bring home? How many? How old are they? Do you have sister wifey’s? How many? How old are they? Been in trouble with the police? What did they arrest you for? How long were you locked up? Did your daddy come and get you?

94 Listen for Language used to describe people and events Talk about missing their daddy

95 Leading questions IF you know the answers “I know____ and it’s OK BECAUSE YOU ARE A VICTIM ” YOU ARE A VICTIM ” Det. Cathy de La Paz Det. Cathy de La Paz Sgt Byron Fasset Sgt Byron Fasset Dallas PD Dallas PD High Risk Unit High Risk Unit

96 “The bottom line is they do not consider themselves to be exploited. They have been having sex with adults, if not for cash then for safety and a place to call home. They are doing this day in and day out”. Nikki Marr, former DeKalb Juvenile Court Judge former DeKalb Juvenile Court Judge

97 “If they are really afraid of their pimp, they tell us ‘You’ll never catch him. I’m not going to tell you anything’, or ‘He’s been better to me than my parents have been.’ It is very hard for us to gain their trust. The main thing we are trying to stress is ‘You are a victim. We are not here to charge you. Whoever is doing this to you is wrong for doing so.’ Our main focus is to try to get her to trust us in order for us to get the pimp.” D.M. Williams, Sergeant D.M. Williams, Sergeant Atlanta (GA) PD Atlanta (GA) PD


99 Medical (well child exam) STD check & pregnancy exam DentalPsychologicalTherapy Women’s exam Transgender often need additional support Time to decide if they want to report and work with Law Enforcement A person who can advocate for them

100 Child Abuse Specialist Child Forensic Interviewers Housing – both emergency and long term Medical/Dental needs Educational Specialist System Advocate Community Advocate Transportation needs

101 Local Law Enforcement, Juvenile Justice, Mental Health, Medical Providers, Social Services and Child Protective Services are ill equipped to deal with the complex and varied services this population needs BY THEMSELVES.

102 If you don’t have one, BUILD one Advocates – do you know what questions Law Enforcement will ask? Can you explain this to the victim? Law Enforcement – do you know what the advocate’s job entails? Aware that encouraging victims to think about working with the police is part of that process? AND WHAT ABOUT ALL THE OTHER SERVICE PROVIDERS? HOW CAN THEY HELP? AND WHAT ABOUT ALL THE OTHER SERVICE PROVIDERS? HOW CAN THEY HELP?

103 NGOs NGOs Advocacy groups Advocacy groups Local/State/Federal Law Enforcement Local/State/Federal Law Enforcement Support services Support services Health Care Professionals Health Care Professionals Schools Schools CPS CPS Private Sector Private Sector Churches Churches Social Services Social Services

104 Make a Resource Tree Reasons this agency is valuable to the Coalition Celebrate small successes in a BIG way. Reflect: What did we learn from this? What did we learn from this? What will we do again? What will we do again? What was lacking and how does the Coalition address those needs? What was lacking and how does the Coalition address those needs?


106 In Texas almost all Commercially Exploited children are not identified There is a myth that it is not happening in our towns Most people in social services who work with runaway/homeless populations have probably met a victim and don’t know it The right questions are not asked Most Commercial Sex trafficked children are unidentified and in the correctional system or CPS system

107 Need to know what they feel is natural It’s OK if they want to go back Need to have information LegalEducationalPsycho-educational

108 Disentangle the definitional maze Dispel the myths Dispel the myths Give clear, “plain english” descriptors Give clear, “plain english” descriptors Describe behaviors that are sexually harmful Describe behaviors that are sexually harmful to children to children For each behavior, ask: For each behavior, ask: Who would the perpetrators be? Who would the perpetrators be? Who might protect the child? Who might protect the child? Where might this behavior occur? Where might this behavior occur? What do we need to know to prevent it? What do we need to know to prevent it?

109 Sex Trafficking Labor Trafficking Brothels, street prostitution Farming/Agricultural Pornography Landscaping/Construction Exotic Dancing/strip clubs Hotel/tourist industry Massage parlors Restaurant Escort Services Factory work Modeling studios Domestic servitude Panhandling Panhandling Selling Gangs Selling Gangs Mom & Pop Operations Mom & Pop Operations

110 These children need time Locking them up and forcing them to stay away from their pimp will NOT work They MUST want to get out of the life They will talk about going back


112 National Human Trafficking Hotline1-888-3737-888

113 Central TX Coalition Against Human Trafficking Houston Coalition Against Human Trafficking Rescue and Restore Coalition – Houston Mosaic Family Services- Dallas El Paso Human Trafficking Task Force

114 Austin Police Department Trafficking Unit 512-974-4786

115 ALLIES Against Human Slavery What’s Your Response

116 Free the Slaves National Asian American Pacific Islander Women’s Forum Health and Human Services Human Trafficking Office for Victims of Crime UN Office of Drugs & Crimes U.S. Depart of State U.S. Depart of Justice Polaris Project

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118 Det. Billy Sifuentes, retired, APD Kirsten MacDermott, Lifeworks Jordan Greenbaum, MD, Stephanie Blank Center for Safe and Healthy Children, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Kim Kotrola, Ph.D Members of the Central Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking A VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO THE SURVIVORS WHO SHARED THEIR STORIES

119 Wende Hilsenrod Human Trafficking Specialist Texas Association Against Sexual Assault 6200 La Calma suite 110 Austin, Texas 78752 512-474-7190 ext 14 512-474-7190 ext 14

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