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PROVERBS 31:8-9 “Speak up for people who cannot speak for themselves

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1 PROVERBS 31:8-9 “Speak up for people who cannot speak for themselves
PROVERBS 31:8-9 “Speak up for people who cannot speak for themselves. Protect the rights of all who are helpless.  Speak for them and be a righteous judge. Protect the rights of the Some of our members - ALL VOLUNTEERS- Trushka (Administrator) is our only part –time paid staff member-started also as a volunteer. How we started- ladies group –weekly prayer-safe house End of 2008 Die Burger-article about sex syndicates moving from rural to wealthy neighbourhoods- girls for prostitution- We decided to STOP it- prayed- vision of spider web all over Africa- spider= Mammon – butterflies caught =our girls. Changed constitution of safe house to also accommodate trafficking victims. Networked with other org. sharing our passion

2 MODERN DAY SLAVERY There are more slaves today than there were when slavery was legal There are more than 27 million slaves in the world today This must matter to someone! One person can make a difference. Get close enough to the urgency so that you are forced to change the situation.

3 What is Human Trafficking?
Human Trafficking is the process of recruitment and transportation of people by means of deception or force for the purpose of exploitation for MONEY This exploitation most commonly involves: forced prostitution (biggest part) victims are also trafficked for bonded labour also child labour ( factories, coffee and cacao plantations) domestic servitude, (house servants) organs, body parts for “muti” (witchdoctors) “ukuthwala”, (the forced marriage of girls as young as 12 to adult men) million African women aged 20 to 24 in 2010 were married as young girls (UN Population Fund) drug trafficking Pornography – huge business (hand in hand with prostitution) Yesterday judge sent a witch doctor to jail for 30 years for grooming a 10 year old girl, who knew him well, for sex and for human trafficking her across the border. The TIP Bill, which is not yet implemented, states that anyone who knows of, or suspects, children under 18 being trafficked, to report it to police. Because of government delays in finalizing the Traditional Courts Bill, there was no clarity on the role of traditional leaders in reporting cases of ukuthwala. because of government delays in finalizing the Traditional Courts Bill, there was no clarity on the role of traditional leaders in reporting cases of ukuthwala.

4 GLOBAL REPORT on TRAFFICKING in PERSONS by the UNITED NATIONS OFFICE on DRUGS and CRIME (UNODOC) This Report provides new information on a crime that shames us all. Based on data gathered from 155 countries, it offers the first global assessment of the scope of human trafficking and what is being done to fight it. It includes: An overview of trafficking patterns; Legal steps taken in response; Country-specific information on reported cases of trafficking in persons, victims, and prosecutions. Every year the UN Office on Drugs and Crime brings out a global report on Human Trafficking which includes 155 countries. Where does SA stand in 2014?

5 STATISTICS GLOBALLY: Sex trafficking is the second largest source of income for organized crime worldwide (United Nations) NEXT TO DRUGS AND WEAPONS 2 to 4 Million people are victims of trafficking at any given time. (International Labour Organization) Most trafficking victims are girls between 5 to 15 years of age. (UNICEF) 1.2 Million children are trafficked each year (UNICEF). Half of those children are African (World Hope International, 2008) It is a business that makes 49 to 70 billion Rand every year (United Nations)

6 South Africa is a human trafficking hotspot.
It is a source, destination and transit country for trafficked victims.

7 SOUTH AFRICA Between Children are currently being prostituted in SA (National Centre for Justice and Rule of Law 2003) Victims are often recruited from rural areas or informal settlements and transported to the urban centers of Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria, Bloemfontein, and Durban. (IOM Report on Internal Trafficking in South Africa, 2008) Boys under eighteen are increasingly lured into sexual exploitation and used for pornography, selling drugs and pimping girls (IOM, 2008) West African crime syndicates operate in Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, and Bloemfontein. They traffic local South African females into the sex trade locally and abroad. (IOM, 2008) The Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga and Limpopo are the main “recruitment” areas (IOM, US Aids, Die Burger)

8 The 4 STAGES of Human Trafficking
Tricked They tell you a story that is too good to be true 2. Transported You are taken to an unknown place Trapped You are held against your will and think that you cannot escape. Debt bondage and threats force you to stay. 4. Traded they make money out of you

9 THE TRUTH. It is not like the “Pretty Woman” movie in which Julia Roberts plays the part of the privileged prostitute and Richard Gere the millionaire who treats her like a lady No prostitute does it because it was her dream since she was a young girl to become a prostitute one day. Circumstances cause them to do it. Most of them have been abused as a child and thinks her body is only good for sex. When she closes the door, she does not know whether she will be dead, maimed, HIV or pregnant. Regardless of nationality, victims are systematically stripped of their identity, battered into gruesome submission, and made to perform humiliating sexual acts on up to 30 strangers every night. Most are held in makeshift jail cells, forced to take heavy doses of illegal drugs, and monitored very closely. On average, victims are thrown into such ghastly oppression at 13-years-old. Some are abducted outright, while others are lured out of poverty, romantically seduced, or sold by their families.

10 In the world of prostitution, there are
THE REALITY!!! In the world of prostitution, there are NOT ENOUGH women and children lining up in any particular area to meet the overwhelming demand for illicit sex. This is why women are trafficked into the trade, and why Human Trafficking is on course to become the most profitable industry for organized crime. In 2010 we heard of a sex ring of businessmen in the Durban area who demanded 9 year old blond, blue eyed girls from syndicates

11 Missing Child Could be internet chat room connection, could be with older man,

12 True stories 1. Job advertised on GUMTREE 2. Girls at taxi rank offered modeling job 3. Essay writing competition in High School by famous SA singer 4. Young woman in bad marriage 5. Stranger after-school pick-up (password) 6. Soccer contract 7. Teen works as waitress- man becomes regular customer and “friend” Girl from Stellenbosch reacted on Gumtree ad. Became suspicious during interview because the place did not look like a ordinary legit massage parlour

13 GUMTREE Advertisement
Receptionist/Masseuse position available 29/12/13 (Under Health and Beauty Jobs) City Centre, Cape Town Job Type: Full time Opening for a receptionist/masseuse in the CTCB area. Must have good telephonic skills Other training is provided Salary up to and over R11,000 p m Looking for someone to start a.s.a.p. for this full time position Please send a brief CV and recent picture of yourself. Visits: 244 on 7/01/14 True ad on GUMTREE by Zandalee brothel

14 Cape Times Job advertisement
Adult Entertainment ads   The advert appeared in Career Times as follows: TRAINEE MASSEUSES  Our city studio is looking for a presentable energetic and very open minded lady to join our team. Full training provided- to start immediately. No escorting involved (a lie!). R per month. (they are never registered as employees as law requires) CV + full length recent photo to Zandalee and L’Elegance brothels – Stellenbosch girl reacted on this one

15 Pulling back the veil of the Commercial Sex Industry- 1. THE MASS MEDIA
It has dramatically transformed our world The media’s “sex sells” agenda has been used to hyper -sexualize a generation. Women are presented as sexual objects, and men as mindless, sex mongering beasts. By media standards women are beautiful based on looking a certain way, dressing a certain way, and acting a certain way. The media has redefined love, beauty, and intimacy, by glorifying and glamorizing irresponsible sex. 92 porn magazines that I could find on internet This widespread sensual influence has awakened an unprecedented demand for illicit sex. The book “Fifty shades of Grey” that just sold its 100 millionth copy, is proof that illicit sex sells. Young adult women who read 'Fifty Shades of Grey' are more likely to exhibit signs of eating disorders and have a verbally abusive partner, a new study has claimed. Women who read all three books in the erotic romance series are at increased risk of engaging in binge drinking and having multiple sex partners, the study led by a Michigan Young adult women who read 'Fifty Shades of Grey' are more likely to exhibit signs of eating disorders and have a verbally abusive partner, a new study has claimed. Women who read all three books in the erotic romance series are at increased risk of engaging in binge drinking and having multiple sex partners, the study led by a Michigan State University researcher found

16 Pornography is a 57 billion dollar per year industry.
2. DEMAND Pornography is a 57 billion dollar per year industry. As long as there is access to pornography, there will be a demand for sex. It is the fastest growing commercial enterprise in the world. Men are demanding sex with younger and younger girls, actualizing the pictures that they've seen even as a youth themselves, even in pornography. (Google Ted Bundy’s interview –Fatal addiction- by James Dobson) So our children are being targeted by men ( sometimes women) , usually someone they know, who sell them If the men were not demanding the children, there would not be a victimized child. Children are exposed to porn-latest is the “rape Game” played at schools- even in Grade R

17 It is all about supply and demand.
3. Organized Crime The seedy business of prostitution is run by organized crime. Nigerian syndicates dominate the commercial sex trade in Hillbrow and other areas, though local criminal rings and street gangs also organize child prostitution; Russian and Bulgarian crime syndicates operate in the Cape Town sex trade, and Chinese nationals coordinate the sex trafficking of Asian nationals. Syndicates also recruit and transport South African women to Europe and the Middle East, where some are forced into prostitution or domestic service. It is all about supply and demand. This is totally the opposite of what SWEAT- the Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Taskforce is saying. They say they WANT to be “sex workers” as they want to be called because it is a job like any other job. WE say they have been forced by circumstances into prostitution. Ask those who have been there and have exited- It is a whole different, dark story. They. It is not safe at all.

18 Preventing human trafficking Exposing the Dark World of Human Trafficking
 Be wary of the following situations - Regard them as potentially dangerous: They are TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! An attractive job is offered to you that is far away from home — in another province or country It may be - A house cleaning job, a modeling contract, a waitressing job, or a contract with a soccer club These offers may appear in newspapers or via word of mouth. No qualifications are required and free housing and transport is offered with the job, plus the free processing of your visa and/or work permit.- GUMTREE or Newspaper The people you are dealing with organize for you to cross a border illegally. A friend or relative offers to send you to an expensive/good school that is far from home and offers to pay your school fees.  Travel documents that were obtained by illegal means, are given to you.

19 More examples A recruitment agent tells you that a visitor’s or tourist visa is good enough for working purposes. Someone with whom you are chatting on Mxit/internet chat room wants to meet with you face to face, (to offer you work or a free holiday) or just to go clubbing. Most trafficking rings are run by gangs and organized crime But, often it is smaller rings of people, such as brothel and strip club owners, pimps, taxi drivers and even aunties or   UNCLES!! Your boyfriend says that if you love him, you will send him a naked picture of yourself to his cell phone. Victims of trafficking are almost always introduced to the trafficker by someone they know!

20 Pimps /traffickers often exhibit the following behaviour or characteristics
Jealous, controlling and violent Significantly older than female companions (like on Missing Children ad) Promise things that seem too good to be true Encourage victims to engage in illegal activities to achieve their goals and dreams Buys expensive gifts or owns expensive items Is vague about his/her profession Pushy or demanding about sex Encourages inappropriate sexual behavior Makes the victim feel responsible for his/her financial stability. Very open about financial matters.

21 Warning signs that an individual is in the process of being trafficked:
Signs of physical abuse such as burn marks, bruises or cuts Unexplained absences from class Less appropriately dressed than before Sexualized behavior Overly tired in class Withdrawn, depressed, distracted or checked out Brags about making or having lots of money Displays expensive clothes, accessories or shoes New tattoo (tattoos are often used by pimps as a way to brand victims. Tattoos of a name, symbol of money or barcode could indicate trafficking) Older boyfriend or new friends with a different lifestyle Talks about wild parties or invites other students to attend parties Shows signs of gang affiliation? (I e: a preference for specific colors, notebook doodles of gang symbols, etc.) At clinic- older person does not leave her alone- she looks stressed-does not have cell phone or does not know address where she stays. – Separate the two

Speak up against Human Trafficking, pornography and sexual abuse Warn your children and empower them-they must trust you and speak out Empower your community on how to avoid being trafficked Always know where your children are and who their friends are Give your child a password that you alone know Report brothels and suspicious cases to the vice-squad or STOP Be informed- read newspaper and listen to the news Become a FRIEND of STOP Invite STOP to do a Traffic Proof presentation at your school or church group Join our team and share your skills Join our FB page Sign a monthly debit order for STOP at your bank Make a donation – whatever it may be- money, time, food, clothes, products The Vice Squad are a unit of the Cape Town Metro Police, tasked specifically with cracking down on the exploitative practice of prostitution

23 The TIP BILL The Prevention and Combating of Trafficking in Persons Bill was tabled in Parliament in March 2010, signed in 2013 and sent to the National Council of Provinces for concurrence. The proposed legislation seeks to give effect to South Africa’s obligations as set out in various international agreements such as the United Nations Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons. The protocol places particular emphasis on women and children. It is however is not yet implemented a year later. This means that South African law is not yet in line with international standards. The proposed legislation seeks to render human trafficking a criminal offence The bill advocates putting public awareness campaigns in place designed to prevent and combat human trafficking.

24 The TIP Bill would put in place appropriate punitive measures
Forcing people into debt bondage is also viewed as a criminal act. Clause seven will also make it an offence to use the services of victims of trafficking. Trafficking is described as an international crime. Carriers transporting people across South Africa’s borders would be guilty of an offence if the victims did not possess valid travel documentation All individuals that come into contact with people suspected of being trafficked are obliged to report it to the police. The bill will also prohibit the prosecution of victims of trafficking The hope is that victims will act against traffickers as witnesses (It seldom happens because of fear and ju-ju curses) Internet service providers are also required to take whatever measures possible to prevent their services from being used to facilitate human trafficking. Internet addresses involved in trafficking must be reported to the police. The proposed legislation also allows for those convicted of trafficking to be forced to pay compensation to a victim for damages, injuries, both physical and psychological and loss of income, amongst others

VISION: STOP aims to combat all aspects of human trafficking in SA and Africa through ADVOCACY, raising AWARENESS, VICTIM INTERVENTION and RESTORATION. In addition STOP endeavours to mobilize and empower communities to get proper structures in place and to partner with other organizations in the field to ensure optimal efficiency. MISSION: STOP is a registered, non-profit, Christian organization that exists to combat all aspects of human trafficking in SA and Africa.

We are committed to: ADVOCASY which involves: Lobbying in Parliament Media liaison Articles and publications RAISING AWARENESS through: Training in Schools and Tertiary Institutions (with): Traffic Proof Presentations and Talks of JUSTICE ACTS Valuable to Jesus (knitted Dolls) project of STRAATWERK VICTIM INTERVENTION by means of: Assisting Police wherever we can Assisting other NGO’s involved in response and Rescue

RESTORATION by: Helping to establish Emergency Crisis Centers – Immediate safe places like: Safe Houses for abused women and their children which provides: Counseling Skills Training Society and Community Re-integration COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT by providing: Resource Material-(Manuals, posters, Videos) Aid in capacity building (Training, conferences, resources) PARTNERING: Networking with other organizations and individuals involved in combatting human trafficking

28 Integration Into The Structure
Why network? Human Rights SAPS Social Development Media Passionate Individuals Government Embassies NGO’s Churches NPA Prevention Protection Prosecution Partnership Task Teams Border Control Translators This work cannot be done without a multi-disciplinary approach. We need different partners to play their different roles if we are going to have any impact on the issue of human trafficking! No one person, organisation or department can conquer this crime on their own. Coalitions Places of Safety Businesses Researchers Victim Outreach Home Affairs Immigration Survivors Integration Into The Structure

HELPLINES: Human Trafficking: POLICE: all crimes

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