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童年論述經典研讀會 Images of Sexualized Children in Victorian England 簡報者 : 倪明萃(國立台北教育大學藝術系)

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Presentation on theme: "童年論述經典研讀會 Images of Sexualized Children in Victorian England 簡報者 : 倪明萃(國立台北教育大學藝術系)"— Presentation transcript:

1 童年論述經典研讀會 Images of Sexualized Children in Victorian England 簡報者 : 倪明萃(國立台北教育大學藝術系)

2 Kate Greenaway, The Pied Piper of Hamelin, 1888

3 I’d give all the wealth that years have piled, The slow result of Life’s decay, To be once more a little child For one bright summer-day. Lewis Carroll, from Solitude, 1853

4 “I want always to be a little boy and have fun.”

5 William Henry Fisk, The Secret, 1858 James Tissot, The Last Evening, 1873

6 William Maw Egley, Just as the Twig Is Bent, So Is the Tree Inclined, 1861

7 “ Please don’t grow any taller, if you can help it, till I’ve had time to photograph you again. Cartes like this (it always happens if people get too tall) never look really nice as a general rule.” (Dodgson to Xie Kitchin, 1880)

8 John Millais, Cherry Ripe, 1879 James Sant, Little Red Riding Hood, 1856

9 Henry Ryland, Girl with Apple Blossom, 1893 Sophie Anderson, Turtle Dove

10 Lord Frederick Leighton Kittens Gulnihal, 1886

11 Joshua Mann, The First Earrings Frederick Morgan, Cherry Earrings

12 William Jabez Muckley, Youthful Vanity Philip Morris, The Bridesmaid

13 Maria Spartali Stillman, La Pensierosa Ford Madox Brown’s The Irish Girl, 1860

14 Dante Gabriel Rossetti La Donna Della Finestra, 1879 Fazio's Mistress,1863

15 Frederick Watts, Choosing

16 Ford Madox Brown, The Writing Lesson Frederick Burton, Day Dream, 1861

17 Thomas Cooper Gotch, Dawn of Womanhood, 1900

18 John Millais Autumn Leaves,1855-56 Spring (Apple Blossom), 1856-9

19 Lewis Carroll Alice Liddell, 1859 Alice Liddell, 1860

20 WalterBouke, 1864 Hallam Tennyson, 1857

21 The Elopement, 1862 St. George and the Dragon, 1875


23 Alice Liddell as a Beggar Girl

24 Oscar Rejlander, Night in Town, 1860 Dr. Barnardo, Florence Holder, 1870

25 Dr. Barnardo, The Williams Children, 1870s


27 Lewis Carroll, Evelyn Hatch, 1879

28 Titian, Venus of Urbino, c. 1538 Edouard Manet, Olympia, 1863

29 Oscar Rejlander Putto as Allegory of Painting, 1856 Mother’s Clothes, 1861

30 Julia Margaret Cameron, Cupid’s Pencil of Light,1870

31 Julia Margaret Cameron Cupid, Freddie Cowen 1867 Florence, Study of St. John the Baptist,1872

32 L: John Collier, A Water Baby,1890 R: William Stephen Coleman, Girl with a Basket of Coral

33 John Everett Millais, Ferdinand Lured by Ariel, 1849

34 Joseph Noel Paton, The Quarrel of Oberon andTitania, 1849

35 John Macallan Swan, Boy Piping to the Fishes

36 Henry Scott Tuke, Three Companions William Stott, A Summer’s Day, 1886

37 Walter Crane, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, the wolf accosting her in the forest

38 Lewis Carroll, Little Red Riding Hood, 1857 Gustave Dore, Little Red Riding Hood

39 L: Augustus Mulready,The Little Flower Sellers,1887 R: William Logsdail, St Martin-in-The-Fields, 1888

40 Child Prostitute, 1871

41 Dr. Barnardo’s Before and After Pictures

42 Dr. Barnardo, The Williams Children, 1870s

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