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NAUVOO: The City Beautiful DOCTRINE AND COVENANTS 124-126.

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1 NAUVOO: The City Beautiful DOCTRINE AND COVENANTS 124-126

2 D&C 124  Write one sentence to be read by the entire world  D&C 124:2.  Why does the church issue proclamations?  D&C 124: 7-9  testify, warn, soften hearts, build kingdom  Read a church proclamation and find 2 phrases that you think the world should hear.

3 D&C 124:15

4 Integrity means thinking and doing what is right at all times, no matter what the consequences. When you have integrity, you are willing to live by your standards and beliefs even when no one is watching. Choose to live so that your thoughts and behavior are always in harmony with the gospel.


6 Honesty and Integrity  What scenarios do youth face that most often challenges their honesty?  Are you honest in obeying the speed limits?  Are you honest in not copying homework?  Are you honest when your parents ask ‘hard’ questions? “A lie is any communication with the intent to deceive” (Elder Marvin J Ashton)

7 Honesty and Integrity “To be honest means to be sincere, truthful, and without deceit at all times.... Being honest often requires courage and sacrifice, especially when others try to persuade you to justify dishonest behavior. If you find yourself in such a situation, remember that the lasting peace that comes from being honest is more valuable than the momentary relief of following the crowd” (True to the Faith, 84).

8 D&C 124: 27-28, 39

9 Life in Nauvoo the Beautiful  It was built between January 1841 and May 1846.  It was used for less than six weeks after it’s formal dedication.  Two men were killed while working on the temple.  One died in Wisconsin at the pineries while floating wood down the river.  Another man died in an accident in one of the stone quarries.  Men would work on the temple one day in ten as a tithe.  Each ward was assigned to work on the Temple one day in ten.  The official prayer of dedication was offered by Orson Hyde on May 1 st, 1846.

10  On the 9 th of October, 1848 the interior of the temple was burned by an arsonist.  On May 27 th, 1850, a tornado demolished three of the exterior walls.  In 1856, the last remaining wall was leveled for safety reasons.  On April 4, 1999, its rebuilding was announced  On June 27, 2002, it was rededicated on the very day and hour of the anniversary of the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Life in Nauvoo the Beautiful

11 President Hinckley said that his father, while president of the mission that included Nauvoo in 1939, suggested to the First Presidency that the Nauvoo Temple be rebuilt. But the idea wasn't accepted because of the Great Depression. "I count it something of a strange and wonderful coincidence that I've had a part in the determination of rebuilding this temple…It will occupy a special place in the belief and testimony and the conviction of this people. It will be a thing of beauty and, I hope, a joy forever." The Nauvoo Temple

12 An Original Drawing of the front

13 An Original Drawing of the Back

14 Joseph Smith taught, “God set the sun, the moon, and the stars in the heavens, and gave them their laws, conditions, and bounds, which they cannot pass, except by His commandments; they all move in perfect harmony in their sphere and order, and are as lights, wonders, and signs to us” (Teachings, 197-98, 20 March 1842).

15 Stars and Sunstones

16 An Original Sunstone

17 Five and Six Sided Stars

18 Pilasters in front of the temple

19 D&C 124:36



22 The Nauvoo Temple



25  The Book of Abraham was published in March, 1842. Life in Nauvoo the Beautiful

26 Red Brick Store

27 Relief Society “Joseph organized a female relief society according to the commandment of God. His wife Emma was president and Eliza R Snow was secretary; we had just as much to do as the brethren had and had as great labor to do and would receive just as much blessings.” Joseph Smith’s admonition led women to a path of spiritual maturity and independence in making choice for themselves and accepting responsibility for their own spiritual progression.” (Eliza R. Snow)

28 Sarah Kimball wanted to do something nice for the temple workers and decided to make them shirts. They invited other sisters to help with the project and discuss things they could do to help people in general. Eliza R. Snow drew up a Constitution for the women’s organization which included by-laws. She took the by-laws to Joseph who stated that they were written well, but not quite what he thought they should be. Joseph wanted some time to look them over and meet with the brethren before he met with the sisters again. There were 26 sisters in the original organization. Eight sisters could not be present at the meeting but were given membership. By September 1842 there were 1,189 women who had joined. Relief Society

29 Joseph Smith stated that, “The Church was never perfectly organized until the women were thus organized” (Church History in the Fullness of Times, 248-49). John Taylor wanted to call the Relief Society “the Nauvoo Female Benevolent Society.” The women present at the meeting persuaded Joseph to call it the Relief Society. Emma was the first president of the organization. She served for two years. It disbanded when the Saints went west and started up again in 1860. It was officially reinstated in 1867. Relief Society

30 The Rocky Mountain Prophecy

31 August of 1842 Anson Call said Joseph took a tumbler of water from a barrel of ice water to get a drink. Anson looked at Joseph and had seen Joseph in vision before, so he knew that Joseph was having another vision because his countenance had changed. “Joseph then said, “Brethren I am gazing at the Rocky Mountains and will tell you that the water that runs down through those mountains is as clear and cold as this ice water you are now drinking. Many of you will live to go there and help to build up the kingdom of God.”

32 VIDEO: Remembering Nauvoo (20mins) D&C Church History DVD

33 NAUVOO: The City Beautiful DOCTRINE AND COVENANTS 124-126

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