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Personal Finance: Another Perspective Guidelines for Helping Others.

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1 Personal Finance: Another Perspective Guidelines for Helping Others

2 Note It takes considerable humility (or pain) for someone to be willing to ask you for help and to share with you their financial information They are opening up themselves in a way that is frightening, difficult, and challenging They come to you because they trust that you are honest, well-meaning, and that you will give them advice that is in their best interest Be careful not to violate that trust This PowerPoint is advice I give to those who desire to help others

3 Objective A. Understand the principles of helping others

4 A.Understand the Principles of Helping Others What are the principles we should be concerned about as we strive to help others? Elder M. Russell Ballard in his talk “O Be Wise” gave wise counsel that we can use as we strive to help others become more financially self-reliant. (Ensign, Nov. 2006, p. 17) This PowerPoint is based on his counsel

5 Principles of Helping Others (continued) 1. Focus on people and principles—not programs The purpose of this class is to build people. We must understand their personalities, strengths, concerns, their hopes and their dreams so that correct help and support can be given Our goal is to help lift, encourage, assist, teach, and love others “Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God.” (D&C 18:10)

6 Principles of Helping Others (continued) 2. Be innovative We need to be creative in how we help people We must seek the inspiration of the Spirit to give us guidance to solve problems in ways that will best help the people we serve. Because of the gift of agency, we can think for ourselves We may come up with ways to solve the problems put before us in new and innovative ways

7 Principles of Helping Others (continued) 3. Divide the work and delegate responsibility Understand the difference between being responsible for the work and doing it yourself Work with others to accomplish your goals Make assignments, delegate responsibility, and allow others to fulfill their stewardships Counsel, advise, persuade and motivate. But don’t do the work for them

8 Principles of Helping Others (continued) 4. Eliminate guilt Motivate with love and sincere appreciation, not by guilt Remember the prayer: “Lord, help me to be patient and loving with those who choose to sin differently than I choose to sin.” Jason Payne stated: When judgment is present, trust cannot be established. Remember to do all things “in wisdom and order.” (Mosiah 4:27) But do it without guilt

9 Principles of Helping Others (continued) 5. Thoughtfully allocate your resources of time, income, and energy There are always more things that need to be done than we possibly have time Seek the Spirit in working beyond your natural abilities Be wise in protecting your health and your spiritual well being Stay balanced in all you do Follow President Hinckley’s counsel: “Do the very best you can.” (“True to the Faith,” Ensign, Jun 1996, 2)

10 Principles of Helping Others (continued) 6. Have a pure motive If you want to help others, you must do so for the right reasons and you must have the Spirit. Elder Henry B. Eyring said: If you want to receive the gifts of the Spirit, you have to want them for the right reasons. Your purposes must be the Lord’s purposes. To the degree your motives are selfish, you will find it difficult to receive those gifts of the Spirit that have been promised to you. (“Gifts of the Spirit for Hard Times,” Ensign, Jun 2007, 18–24

11 Principles of Helping Others (continued) Our goal is to help others Brothers and sisters, may we focus on the simple ways we can serve in the kingdom of God, always striving to change lives, including our own. What is most important in our Church responsibilities is... whether or not individual people—ministered to one at a time just as the Savior did—have been lifted and encouraged and ultimately changed. Our task is to help others find the peace and the joy that only the gospel can give them. In seven words, Jesus summarized how we can accomplish this. He said, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” (John 14:15) (M. Russell Ballard, “O Be Wise,” Ensign, Nov. 2006, 17.)

12 Review of Objectives A. Do you understand the principles of helping others?

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