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The Origins of Progressivism Teresa Esquivel! 9.1.

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1 The Origins of Progressivism Teresa Esquivel! 9.1

2 The four goals of progressivism Protection social welfare Promoting moral improvement Creating economic reform Fostering efficiency These together formed the progressive movement-aimed to restore economic opportunities and correct injustices in the american life!

3 Protecting Social welfare! The goal was to soften some of the harshness in the conditions. Churches and organizations helped build poor peoples voices and get them heard The YMCA opened libraries, sponsored classes, and built swimming pools and handball courts -Florence Kelly She became an advocate for improving lives of women and children..she was appointed chief inspector of factories for Illinois…. Illinois Factory Act 1893- this act prohibits child labor and limited womens working hours -Wich later became an influence for other states

4 Promoting Moral Improvement Some people felt that the work place was not the issue..but that morality was to blame. If morality was fixed, it would improve the lives of poor people Prohibition, the banning of alcohol beverages The Womans Christian Temperance Union- (WCTU) spearheaded the crusade of prohibition. This group became the largest women’s group in the nations history. They followed the “do everything” slogan

5 Creating Economic Reform An economic panic in 1893 promoted some americans to question the capitalist economic system. As a result some people especially workers embraced socialism Big businesses usually got favorable treatment by the government and politicians. They got the power to limit competition by using economic power. Muckrakers- journalists that wrote about the corrupt side of business and public life in big magazines and news papers were known as this! Ida

6 Fostering Efficiency Many progressive leaders started counting on experts and scientific principles to make society more efficient The Oregon law limited women to ten hours of work a day They got more things done quicker and brought down the price of goods Assembly lines were made and things got done faster.. Brought mass production

7 Power to the People Initiative-this is when people sign a petetion for the government to either pass or deny Recall- when someone from the senate or presidency is removed before their time is up

8 The Progressive Era It was meant to fix the many problems of the societies all over America. Moles in government..paid off good guys..unfair justice system..unfair favoritism (rich poor)


10 Prohibition “Great Experiment” Lasted 13 years the manufacture, transportation, import, export, and sale of alcoholic beverages were restricted or illegal Women especially wanted prohibition. Prohibitionist groups were formed to keep it the law in tact.


12 Aid organizations Impact Helped surveve plagues, wars, illnesses, natural and man made disasters, and wars New American Frontiers- revolutionary war aid group YMCA- made lots of schools, gyms, churches. Helped the poor Phinlanthropists.

13 18 th amendment It banned the manufacture, sale and transportation of alcoholic beverages Repealed December 5, 1933 They thought it would eliminate corruptions and help improve the society. Drinking rates went WAY up instead!

14 Socialism An organized political movement in the U.S. Started with utopian comunities It was influenced by European thinking.

15 Muckrakers!! A journalist who writes about the corruption in our government. Some examples: -Nellie Bly -Julius Chamers

16 What did local government do to reform itself during the Progressive Era? Enviromentalism-clean air, water, cities and land..protect the country Social justice-a society where everyone is equal.

17 Business improvement Populist movement- farmers that got together and talked about crop failure, failing prices, poor marketing, and credit facilities. Railroads Protection of private property Increased immigrants Steamboats

18 Safer work Places Lazzeis Fares-some people thought you should “let the people do as they please” They got child labor laws.. More regulations

19 Child Labor Laws The number of children working in factories was increasing dramatically! Big busnesses hired children for littler wages, little hands Some families had no choice but to send their children Keating-Owen Act in 1916- it prohibited the transportation across state lines of goods produced by children Two years later the supreme court banned child labor..and set maximun hours of labor


21 Maximum hours They could no longer use children and only had them working 9 hour days

22 Raises!! All workers for like rail roads and mines and coal and construction got 10% raises!

23 Seventeenth Amendment This allows the states to vote for their own senators.

24 Sources ml ml nates_money_to_charities nates_money_to_charities The Americans- out test book.

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