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“Reforms under Progressivism” Chapter 9 Section 1 Notes.

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2 “Reforms under Progressivism” Chapter 9 Section 1 Notes

3 I.) Progressivism A.Progressive Movement: reform effort aimed at restoring control of the government to the people, aiding economic opportunities and correcting injustices in American life Goals: 1. social welfare 2. moral improvement 3. economic reform 4. fostering efficiency

4 II.) Social Welfare A.Soften the harsh conditions as a result of industrialization 1. Social Gospel and Settlement House movement 2. Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) 3. The Salvation Army 4. Florence Kelly & Illinois Factory Act of 1893

5 III.) Moral Improvement A.Key to improving people’s lives (immigrants & poor) was by improving their behavior 1. Prohibition: the banning of all alcoholic beverages supported by Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) (1879 Frances Willard turns it into National organization that becomes the largest women’s group in the nation’s history) 2. Anti-Saloon League: founded in 1895 & wanted to close nation’s saloons to cure moral problems

6 IV.) Economic Reforms A.Panic of 1893 causes many to question “Capitalist System” Result: many workers embrace “socialism” 1. Socialist Party formed by Eugene V. Debs in 1901 - Big business get special treatment by govt. in turn limits competition 2. Muckrackers: journalists that write about the corrupt side of business & public life - Ida M. Tarbell criticizes Rockefeller & Standard Ohio is McClure’s Magazine

7 V.) Fostering Efficiency A.Make society and the workplace more efficient using experts and scientific principles 1. break manufacturing tasks up into smaller parts 2. Scientific Management: studies performed to see how quickly a task can be performed 3. Assembly Lines speed up production but caused high worker turnover rate - Henry Ford offers incentive (8 hrs work & $5 a day)

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