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General Pre production Production 1 Production 2 Post production 10 20 30 40 50.

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2 General Pre production Production 1 Production 2 Post production

3 Question This is a data storage device using integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data persistently.

4 Answer 1 – 10 What is a solid state memory storage?

5 Question This is a term used in television production to describe the areas of the television picture that can be seen on television screens.

6 Answer 1 – 20 What is safe area?

7 Question Any continuous signal for which the time varying feature of the signal is a representation of some other time varying quantity.

8 Answer 1 – 30 What is analog signal?

9 Question A legal concept, enacted by most governments, giving the creator of an original word exclusive rights, usually for a limited time.

10 Answer 1 – 40 What is copyright?

11 Question A technique of remote shooting that involves only one camera and is most often used in event recordings.

12 Answer 1 – 50 What is single camera production?

13 Question This position is responsible for giving instruction and direction to crew, cast and guests. This is the closest to the role as a assistant director.

14 Answer 2 – 10 What is floor manager?

15 Question The person who handles the business portion of the production by negotiating the fees for goods, services, and other contracts and by determining the staffing requirements based on the needs of each production.

16 Answer 2 – 20 What is production manager?

17 Question The area between the talent and the camera is known as…

18 Answer 2 – 30 What is foreground?

19 Question The lighting director’s assistant who often does the actual hauling of heavy instruments up and down ladders.

20 Answer 2 – 40 What is a gaffer?

21 Question Fully movable black metal laps attached to the front of a light instrument; used to block or reshape the light.

22 Answer 2 – 50 What are barndoors?

23 Question An imaginary line, parallel to the camera, that bisects a set into a foreground and a background. This is also known as a camera line.

24 Answer 3 – 10 What is a vector line?

25 Question Type of illumination used in a studio that creates sharp, distinct, and very dark shadows.

26 Answer 3 – 20 What is hard light?

27 Question A lighting instrument that is placed opposite the key light and above the talent to provide illumination on the other side of the talent’s face or object in the shot.

28 Answer 3 – 30 What is fill light?

29 Question The degree to which one aspect of the sonic spectrum is emphasized above the rest, usually described as warm, dark, bright.

30 Answer 3 – 40 What is tonal balance?

31 Question A pole that is held over the set with a microphone attached to the end of the pole.

32 Answer 3 – 50 What is a boom?

33 Question A directional microphone with an extremely narrow pickup pattern.

34 Answer 4 – 10 What is a shotgun mic?

35 Question A translucent material that is placed in front of a lighting instrument to soften and reduce the intensity of light, without altering the color temperature.

36 Answer 4 – 20 What is a diffusion screen?

37 Question A piece of equipment that takes the sound from a variety of sources, such as mics, a CD player, or tape player, and combines them into a single sound signal that is sent to the recorder.

38 Answer 4 – 30 What is Audio Mixer?

39 Question A connector for microphones that usually has 3 pins, but can have 4 pins, 5 pins, and other pin configurations. The male and female ends lock together with a hook.

40 Answer 4 – 40 What is XLR Connector?

41 Question A function on cameras that forces the camera to see an object as white, without regard to the type of light hitting it or the actual color of the object.

42 Answer 4 – 50 What is White Balance?

43 Question A shot that is not a key element in the action. It is commonly used to bridge what would otherwise be a jump cut.

44 Answer 5 – 10 What is a Cutaway?

45 Question A cut in film editing in which two sequential shot of the same subject are taken from camera position that vary only slightly.

46 Answer 5 – 20 What is a Jump Shot?

47 Question Is used extensively for synchronization, and for logging and identifying material and recorded media.

48 Answer 5 – 30 What is timecode?

49 Question These are graphics that use video footage and/or animation technology to create the illusion of motion or rotation, and are usually used to combine audio for use in multimedia projects.

50 Answer 5 – 40 What are motion graphics?

51 Question A graphic overlay on top of the regular video appearing on a television.

52 Answer 5 – 50 What is downstream keying?

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