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Digital Audio Mics and connections.

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1 Digital Audio Mics and connections

2 Microphones Condenser: microphone consisting of a capacitor with one plate fixed and the other forming the diaphragm moved by sound waves 

3 Microphones Dynamic: A microphone whose sound pickup device consists of a diaphragm that is attached to a movable coil

4 Microphones Piezo electric:contain ceramic or quartz crystals linked with a diaphragm or directly exposed to acoustic waves. This arrangement reduces the electrical noise and output impedance

5 Microphones Wireless: is a microphone without a physical cable connecting it directly to the sound recording or amplifying equipment with which it is associated.

6 Digital Audio Equipment
Speakers: electroacoustic device, often housed in a cabinet, that is connected as a component in an audio system, its function being to make speech or music audible. (surround sound, mono, etc.)

7 Digital Audio Equipment
Headsets: a device consisting of one or two earphones with a headband for holding them over the ears and sometimes with a mouthpiece attached. (which kind will help you accomplish your objective?)

8 Digital Audio Equipment
CABLES AND CONNECTORS Mini Plug - 1/8 in. TRS Plug Phono Plug - 1/4 in. TRS Plug Canon XLR - Female End Canon XLR - Male end The worst audio quality. The choice of modern audio players and consumer electronics. This type of audio connection typically offers a decent signal for no-professional applications. TRS in the name stands for Tip, Ring, Sleeve. The number of rings tell the user if the plug is stereo (two rings) or mono (one ring). A better alternative to the mini plug. This type of connection is used by professionals yet isn’t the preferred connection. Widely used in the music industry to connect some microphone applications, connect speakers, amplifiers, and guitars this plug has an inherent flaw. It can easily be unplugged. The number of rings also tell how many channels the cable is capable of handling. The best audio quality. The choice of profession applications. This type of audio connection typically offers an analog signal. The best audio quality. The choice of profession applications. This type of audio connection typically offers an analog signal. The button at the top of the connector prevents the cable from accidentally being unplugged. The cable cannot be removed without pushing this button.

9 Digital Audio Equipment
CABLES AND CONNECTORS RCA Phono port Phono Plug - 1/4 in. TRS Plug Canon XLR port MIDI Port This is a RCA Phono Port. Notice that the port is color coded. The red typically is right and the white is left channel audio. In this application a red and white RCA cable was used to connect a digital signal input and output. This port connects phono plugs to a device. In this application the left and right audio monitor channels are output. This port is used to connect XLR cables to a device. In this application a Microphone is plugged into this location. This is a MIDI port. The MIDI plug allows for input of musical notes from electronic instruments into a computer.

10 Digital Audio Equipment
CABLES AND CONNECTORS RCA Plug 6 & 4 pin Firewire cable plug A & B Type USB Plug B Type USB Port This common audio and video connector has been around since the 1940’s and is still used in modern electronics. It was originally used to connect record players to amplifiers. Today it is used in many different applications but isn’t the preferred connection for high quality video and audio. The longer the cable the greater the chance of interference. The most common way to connect digital audio and video to a computer. It has been adapted to audio applications. The cable has very fast data transfer rates and is often used to connect portable hard drives. The term Firewire is a brand name from Apple Inc. and is known internationally as IEEE 1394 High Speed Serial Bus. The four pin connector is the smaller inset image. This type of connection was designed to allow universal connection between multiple devices.USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. The connection is used for cameras, audio devices, and data. It is the most commonly used computer connection in modern computers. The inset image is also a USB plug it is a B Type plug. This plug is used in an audio application. It connects an audio board to a computer. It is also used to connect a computer to many many things.

11 Microphone Pickup Patterns
Omnidirectional: Sound that pick up from all directions

12 Microphone Pickup Patterns
Unidirectional: A pick-up pattern which is more sensitive to sound arriving from one direction than from any other. Cardioid Hypercardioid

13 Microphone Pickup Patterns
Cardioid Cardioid - heart shaped pick up pattern (uni-directional with some on the side) Great for interviewing people with some pick up of background noises for “atmosphere”.

14 Microphone Pickup Patterns
Hypercardioid = Small Shotgun Mic Good for recording things from extreme distance… football games

15 Microphone PIckup Patterns
Shotgun: type of pickup pattern that is highly directional. captures sound in the direction the microphone is pointed. subject does not have to be in close proximity to the mic. Good for recording things that are very far away.

16 Microphone PIckup Patterns
Bidirectional: will capture sound from the front and back of the diaphragm. Good for stereo recording or interviewing in stereo.

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