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Store Layout and Design Nate Ramirez Sarah Wiegand.

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1 Store Layout and Design Nate Ramirez Sarah Wiegand

2 Jordan’s Furniture Located in the Boston Area Casual and formal furniture  Mattresses, home décor, and lighting Family business that was taken over by brothers Barry and Eliot Tatelman  Marketing strategies have stayed the same but store design has changed dramatically Target customer is middle to upper-middle income

3 Reading Store Store has been laid out in zones making the shopping experience easier for the consumer Access to all furniture zones first requires passage through the “indoor entertainment zone”

4 Family Entertainment New store designs have emphasized “making furniture shopping a form of family entertainment”  IMAX Theater  Trapeze School  Indoor fireworks  Colorful water and light display set in synch with music Jordans Furniture

5 Beantown “Beantown” is Boston’s nickname 16,000 sq. ft. 280,000 pounds of Jelly Belly’s 25 million jelly beans shaped into architecturally significant monuments

6 Ambiance “If the theater and Beantown are designed as sensory overload, the furniture selling floors are a restful oasis by comparison. Well lit and open, the two-story encourage a relaxing shopping environment. Stretches of fabric help soften and define the store's open ceiling on the second floor while awnings and a lowered acoustical ceiling help distinguish Main Street's avenue of shops.” Jordan’s creates not only a relaxed shopping environment but also a high energy entertainment experience

7 Store Image – overall perception the customer has of the stores environment Jordan’s has successfully combined two drastically different environments into one image.  Have done so in such a way as to preserve a sophisticated shopping experience

8 Space Productivity – How effectively the retailer uses its space Although not in a traditional manner, Jordan’s has allocated floor space successfully  Carnival yields revenue  Carnival attracts families and a diverse contingent of consumers

9 Sources isplayanddesignideas/reports _analysis/article_display.js p?vnu_content_id=1000894298

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