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Visual Merchandising and Display

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1 Visual Merchandising and Display
Chapter 22 Visual Merchandising and Display

2 What is Visual Merchandising?
Visual Merchandising – refers to the coordination of all physical elements in a place of business so that it projects the right image to its customers. “right image” – invites interest, encourages purchase, and makes the customer feel good. Successful businesses create distinct, clear and consistent images for their customers.

3 Display Display – Refers to the visual and artistic aspects of presenting a product to a target group of customers. Visual Merchandising – involves the visual and artistic aspects of the entire business environment.

4 Elements of Visual Merchandising
Store Front Store Layout Store Interior and, Interior Displays

5 Storefront Storefront – is the total exterior of the business. It includes entrance ways, display windows, marquee, window awnings and the building itself. Marquee – is one of the first things that customers see. The marquee is a sign that is used to display the store’s name. The typeface can be used to project a particular image.

6 Examples of Marquee’s                                                                                                               

7 1. Storefront - Entrances
Entrances are usually designed with customer convenience and store security in mind. There are several types of entrances: Revolving Push-pull (often have fancy metal or wooden push plates or bars which suggest a full-service environment) Electronic Climate controlled

8 1. Storefront – Window Displays
Displays placed in windows can begin the selling process even before the potential customer enters the store. There are two kinds of window displays: Promotional Displays Institutional Displays

9 2. Store Layout Store Layout refers to the way store floor space is allocated to facilitate sales and serve the customers. There are four different kinds of space: Selling Space (displays, transactions etc..) Merchandise Space (inventory) Personnel Space (employee space) Customer Space

10 Can all powerfully affect the store image
3. Store Interior The selection of Floor – linoleum, tile or wood floors Wall coverings Lighting – bright vs dim lighting. Colors – light or dark colors Store fixtures store furnishings, display cases, counters, shelving, racks or benches. Can all powerfully affect the store image

11 4. Interior Displays Interior Displays generate 1 out of every 4 sales. When they are done exceptionally well, they enable customers to make a selection without personal assistance. There are five types of Interior Displays: Closed Displays (customers cannot handle the merch.) Open Displays (customers can handle the merch.) Architectural Displays (Model rooms) Point of Purchase Displays (used to promote impulse buying) Store Decorations (Banners, Signs, props etc…)

12 Display Design and Preparation
A display has about three to eight seconds to attract a customer’s attention, create desire and sell a product. When selecting merchandise for display it must have sales appeal, must be appropriate for the season, and for the store’s geographic location.

13 Selecting the Display There are four types of displays:
One-Item Display – used to show a single item. A Line of Goods Display – shows one kind of product but features several brands, sizes or models. Related Merchandise Display – features items that are meant to be used together. A Variety Display – features unrelated items.

14 Choosing a Setting Type
Displays can be presented in a number of different settings: Realistic Settings depicts a room, area or locale. Details are provided with props such as tables, chairs etc…. Semi-realistic Setting when the budget does not permit the building of a realistic setting, cut outs and posters are used to create the ambiance. Abstract Setting focuses on form and color rather than reproducing actual objects.

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