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The weather.

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1 The weather

2 It’s raining

3 It’s windy

4 It’s stormy

5 Thunder and lightening

6 It’s cloudy

7 It’s sunny

8 It’s hot

9 It’s foggy

10 It’s icy

11 It’s snowing

12 What’s the weather like?
It’s cold. It’s raining It’s foggy

13 What’s the temperature?
It’s 25 degrees. It’s minus 5 degrees

14 What’s the weather like?

15 cloudy sunny stormy windy

16 snowy / it’s snowing Rainy / it’s raining foggy icy overcast

17 hot cold cool freezing warm mild

18 lightening a rainbow thunder and lightening the weather forecast a thermometer wet dry the temperature

19 Adjective Noun Verb It’s ______ sunny _________ The sun’s ________
____________ The wind’s _________ sunshine shining It’s ______ rainy rain raining It’s ______ snowy snow snowing It’s ______ windy wind blowing

20 FOG ice Adjective Noun It’s ________ ________ It’s __________ _______
cloudy cloud stormy storm FOG foggy fog ice icy ice It’s clouding over. The roads are icing over.

21 Weather forecast Tomorrow’s weather forecast :
use ‘will’ for prediction.

22 The Weather Rain Heavy, light, persistent, showers, inches. Wind
High, light, strong, gusting. Temperature Degrees, high/low, freezing. It will feel pleasant/chilly.

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