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Web Quest. Sebastian Sobczyński, 20082 are you Sebastian Sobczyński, 20083 ? ready.

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1 Web Quest

2 Sebastian Sobczyński, 20082 are you

3 Sebastian Sobczyński, 20083 ? ready

4 4 GO........

5 5 New words are always being invented or coming into the language because of developments in the world of information technology, the media and so on. Try our quiz and word game so that you can familiarize yourself with some of the new words.

6 Sebastian Sobczyński, 20086 You may want to use these dictionaries: tionary/dictionaryhome.aspx tionary/dictionaryhome.aspx

7 Sebastian Sobczyński, 20087 New words quiz 1.Which informal British word means a large amount of something? a)Payload b)Shedload c)Download 2.Which new word means the time during which your computer is working? a)Uptime b)Downtime c)On time 3.Which informal word means very bad or ugly? a)Phat b)Busted c)Minging 4.Which of these slang words does not mean good or excellent? a)Phat b)Skanky c)Def 5.If you have a realistic attitude to life you could be described as… a)Earthed b)Grounded c)landed 6.If you wore a trendy new shirt to draw attention to yourself, how could it be described? a)As a mistake b)As a fashion statement c)As a gizmo 7.What would you take if you wanted a quick energy boost? a)Prozac b)Viagra c)A power nap 8.What phrase means that something is easy to do or understand?’s not algebra b.It’s not rocket science c.It’s not Polish parliament 9.What is a new word for a shopping mall? a.A factory shop b.A retail park c.A supermarket 10.What sport involves rolling over in a clear ball? a.BASE jumping b.Ice climbing c.zorbing

8 Sebastian Sobczyński, 20088 Changing names From the list below, choose a word or phrase to describe the following people (slide 9): Base jumper metrosexual Alpha male gamerslaphead Trophy wife Empty nester ladetteBean counter Silver surfer

9 Sebastian Sobczyński, 20089 1.An older person who uses the Internet regularly 2.A person who jumps from the tops of tall buildings and cliffs wearing a parachute 3.A man without much hair on his head 4.A straight man who lives in a city and is interested in fashion and shopping 5.A young attractive woman who is married to an older man 6.A young woman who likes drinking alcohol, watching sport or doing other activities usually considered to be typical of young men 7.A person who likes playing computer games 8.A person who works with money and who wants to keep strict control of how much a company spends 9.A powerful man or male animal 10.A parent whose childern have grown up and left home

10 Sebastian Sobczyński, 200810 Get technical! Many of the new words have evolved through the growth in technology. From the sentences on slide 11, replace the underlined expressions with new words from the box: emoticonsmorphed newbiea techie upload technobabble dot-com a webliography

11 Sebastian Sobczyński, 200811 1.At the end of my essay I listed the websites I had used for research. 2.When I upgraded my computer I had to move all the data from my old computer to my new one. 3.I can’t understand my girlfriend when she talks about computer technology. 4.If my computer goes wrong I call in an expert. 5.I find surfing the Net confusing as I’m a novice. 6.The images changed smoothly from one to another on the comuter screen. 7.I became a millionaire with my Internet business. 8.I try to add smiley faces to my emails to reveal my feelings when I am writing.

12 Sebastian Sobczyński, 200812 ARE YOU FLUENT IN TEXT MESSAGING? a text message a way to communicate with a mobile phone without making a phone call - you write a message and send it to people to read on their phone Example: Send me a text message when you get to the station. 'Text' is usually a noun Example: Did you understand the text I sent you? Nowadays 'text' is a verb as well - to text Example: Text me! The language of text messages: If you want to write a message quickly, you can send shorter words. Examples: Where r u? = Where are you? Pls = please 2 = to or too Try this address to help you with the quiz: Examples&id=534837

13 Sebastian Sobczyński, 200813 ARE YOU FLUENT IN TEXT MESSAGING? 1.You are going to be late. How do you explain this to your friend? a. my CRs bin stln b. B l8 d. Gsus luvs U 2.Which animal comes first in an English language dictionary? a. RdvRk b. PuCk@ c. Rdwolf d. M%S 3.What is QmQ@ a. A skate trick b. Fruit c. A word derived from Polish which means ‘to understand’ or ‘kumać’ d. A rare species of frog

14 Sebastian Sobczyński, 200814 4. Your anarchist friends invite you to an anti-globalisation event. What’s the word on your phone? a. Cum 2 Dmonsr8N @ 4pm b. Cum glamRS c. FanC goN dinR 2nite? d. Wan2 plA f%T? 5. Which of the following emoticons could be sent to you by a priest? a.:=8) b. +0:-> c. d:0 d. (_:_) 6. Choose the least appropriate message to send to your girlfriend a. Hav a @->-- coz I luv U b. XOXOX c. U l%k AWFL

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